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Cancer of Reproductive Organs Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Cancer Of Reproductive Organs
Medical Name
Cancer Of Reproductive Organs
Cancer of Reproductive Organs Symptoms
Development of Cancer Cells in the reproductive organs

Cancer of Reproductive Organs Cured By

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The Cancerous growth in the reproductive organs of Male or Female is called Cancer of Reproductive Organs.
Human Body is designed in such a manner that the cells replicate on their own. The old cells die and the new cells are formed. When something goes wrong in the body it affects the cell replication process. The cells begin to replicate at a rate much quicker than normal. This gives rise to Cancer. It may occur at any part of the Body.
When the cancer cells develop at the reproductive organs it is termed as Cancer of Reproductive Organs.
These Organs are located below the belly that is in the Pelvis.

The types of Cancer affecting female reproductive organs are :
Uterine Cancer : Uterus is the Womb where the fetus grows. When the Cancer cells develop in the Uterus it is known as Uterine Cancer.
Ovarian Cancer : Ovaries are present in the pelvis and are of almond size. They are responsible for producing eggs and Hormones. If the Cancer Cells develop in the Ovaries it is called Ovarian Cancer.
Cervical Cancer : Cervix is the lower part of the Uterus which opens into the Vagina. When the Cancer cells develop in the Cervix it is termed as Cervical Cancer.
Vulvar Cancer : Vagina Vulva is the reproductive tract or the external genital of the Vagina. The cancerous growth in the Vagina Vulva is called Vulvar Cancer.
Fallopian Tube Cancer : The tubes connecting the the Ovaries and the Uterus are called the Fallopian Tubes. It is the path from which the egg travels and reaches the Uterus. If the Cancer Cells develop in Fallopian tubes it is known as Fallopian Tube Cancer.

The types of Cancer affecting Male reproductive organs are :
Penile Cancer : The external genital of the Males is the Penis. It is the opening of the Urethra and involves in intercourse also. The cancerous growth in and on the penis is called Penile Cancer.
Testicular Cancer : Testes is a pair of round balls present below the Penis. It produces sperms and male hormones like testosterone. When the cancer cells develop in the testes it is called Testicular Cancer.
Prostrate Cancer : Prostate is a gland located below the urinary bladder. It secrets the fluid which provides nourishment to the Sperms. The Cancer of the Prostate gland is called Prostate Cancer.

Causes of Cancer of Reproductive Organs
Acidic Metabolism
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Bacterial or Viral Infection

If not treated properly, Cancer of Reproductive Organs may cause
Cancer of other Organs

Alkalize or Suffer

Note: Eat a healthy Diet : If you want to reduce the risk of Cancer adapt a healthy diet. Eat Green leafy Vegetables, Vitamin A, B, C, E and antioxidant foods inhibits the growth of Cancer cells.

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Reproductive Organs

Reproductive Organs Diseases

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Materia Medica for Cancer of Reproductive Organs

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