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By NITIN KUNDALIA on 3/9/2015 4:58:38 PM |
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Understanding Human Bones

Bone is a connective tissue made up of calcium and other minerals. Bones provide structural support to the body. Human body is made up of 206 bones. Bones are alive and capable in varying their strength, shape and mass. How much mass and strength your bones gain, it depends on how good you take care of our bones.
Bones are in a continuous rebuilding process. The body replaces old and weak bones with new ones. The formation of new bones is quick during childhood. This is the reason the body gains maximum bone mass and length around 20 years of age. The body completes most of its bone building by age 30.

Bone loss with age

Bone loss in adults is a result of decrease in hormones that regulate the bone metabolism. Women are affected more than men. They experience a decrease in the levels of Estrogen post menopause. This increases their chances of Osteoporosis occurrence.
With growing age the body begins to lose more bones than are formed. Gradually the bone loss outpaces bone growth. This makes the bone lose mass and a decrease in strength. It is normal to lose bone with aging but a sudden or quick loss of bone may increase your chances of fractures. Bone loss cannot be prevented however, steps can be taken to increase bone strength.

Improving Bone Strength

Genetics play an important role in determining the size and mass of the skeleton. The body will develop and grow bones on its own. However, you can help the body attain optimum bone mass and strength by eating right nutrients, exercising daily and avoiding smoking/alcoholism.

1) Nutrients for Bone Health

Below given are some essential nutrients needed for Bone health. These nutrients are related to one another. Together they produce synergy and provide optimal bone health. Excluding anyone of them may reduce the effects of another. However, before consuming prior discussion with your healthcare professional is a must.

Boron, Calcium, Copper, Chromium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silica, Strontium, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2.

For information on their best sources and minimum daily intake you may visit our Nutrients section.

2) Exercises for Bone Health

Exercise strengthens the bones and muscles. The bones become less prone to fractures. Problem with exercise is that it is only site specific. It will only strengthen the bones involved. A walk may improve the strength of bones in leg but not in hands.
Weight bearing or resistance exercises make bone handle weight beyond the normal strength. When weight increased in moderate levels it helps bone grow in strength. Care should be taken when handling weights. Avoid exercising immediately if you are uncomfortable in handling the weight. Following exercise are found good for improving bone health. You may try any two to three among these.

Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Dancing, Lifting weights and Yoga

3) Say no to Caffeine

Caffeine interferes with the ability of body to absorb calcium. It quickly excretes out calcium into the urine. The body is unable to absorb calcium. A person addicted to caffeine may develop low bone density and even increase his chances of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

4) Preventing falls

If you have weak bones or suffering from a disease like Osteoporosis. A simple fall while walking or climbing stairs may cause a Bone fracture. Be careful while walking, avoid running or sudden jerks. Prevent falls.

5) Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Here is one more reason to quit smoking and alcohol. They reduce bone density. They affect the calcium absorption by the body. Lack of calcium means weak bones. Increased chances of fracture, even healing a fracture takes longer than normal.

In a nutshell: Eat nutritional food, exercise daily, quit caffeine, stop smoking and alcohol.

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