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Health that lasts forever

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By Anil Khanna on 5/19/2015 2:31:37 PM |
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Health that lasts forever

Immortality ! It is the inherent desire of all living organisms to live, and live forever. Yet, all lives, except man are dependent on the environment. If conditions are conducive, the organism will survive. If environment is hostile, it will perish.

Man is the only living being which has a mind, he can think. He can devise means to overcome nature when it choses to be destructive. The organism has no alternative, but to survive. Yet, the conscious brain of man choses every activity to destroy himself.

If we have become conscious that life is beautiful and can be lived superlatively. Let us strive to identify means to make it vibrant. Lets not argue, whether we can live on forever or for how long. Lets take it that the length of our life is determined by God, genes or whatever. What is in our volition is , how we live it.

Lets make it vibrant for as long as we live.

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Anil Khanna


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17 Dec 2018
Satish Sharma

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17 Dec 2018
Judy Laney

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04 May 2017

This is great website.Thanks Great work has been done by Herbpathy

03 Jan 2017
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26 Jan 2016
Rupinder Kaur Chandel

Dear Dulce Its good to see that you are quite eager to know about that herb. Lemme tell you, to achieve Vibrant Health, first, we need to set our bodies right, and then can we aim for this Vibrant or Radiant Health. And there is no specific herb for it, but a multitude of herbs,this nature has blessed us with. Some call these herbs Adaptogens, others call them SuperHerbs, and the rest call these herbs- Rasayana Herbs. To know more about such Herbs, you need to check our portal Vibrant Health, which will be introduced soon. God Bless!!

15 Jul 2015

I wonder how I can get this herb ? please need it. await response . Thank you .

24 Jun 2015

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