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Argan Oil Health benefits

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By Simran on 9/4/2017 3:35:52 PM |
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Argan Oil Health benefits

It's almost the end of the monsoons and this is the chance to spend time outdoors with family, friends or with yourself. Before stepping out, we are always conscious of our skin and hair damage.
So, here I share the way to protect them : Argan Oil!! Yes, The answer is that simple; Argan Oil.
Argan Oil is processed from Argan kernels which are an aborigine of Morocco.
Let me tell you its beauty benefits :
It fades away the signs of Premature Aging :
--The presence of Triterpenoids fades away the signs of early Aging like Fine Lines, Age Spots, and Wrinkles.
--It maintains the elasticity of the skin.
--It rejuvenates the cells by penetrating deep into the skin cells. Thus, helps to clear the Scars, Burn Marks, and Stretch Marks.
Argan Oil balances the moisture levels of the skin.
This is how it prevents the formation of Acne.
--Ever got Razor bumps and burns? If yes, this oil is the remedy for you.
It can be used as a night-cream moisturizer, Skin toner, and exfoliator.
--You may not notice the after effects of Sun Damage but, the damage is there, right ? So, try to make your hair and skin damage free. Use Argan Oil as a sunscreen and as a hair Oil. It protects against harmful UV radiation coming from the sun by forming a protective layer on the skin.
--Vitamin E in the oil rejuvenates and stimulates the Hair growth. It treats Split Ends, Dry Scalp, and Frizzy Hair. It restores Hair's lost luster.
Recently, I got an Infection in the Nail Beds after playing on the beach. so, one of my friends recommended Argan Oil. I applied and it got cured. How?
The Antibacterial property protects the nail beds from Infections. It improves the Nail health. Besides, it also heals Chapped Lips and Heels.
--Topical application of this oil on the skin treats Infections. It speeds up the healing process. It is also useful in disinfecting Wounds and other Skin diseases. It reduces the Irritation due to Excoriation.
Not only it is famous for its beauty purposes, it is also used in Cooking. I came to know about this from the localized people while purchasing some other oil.
--It keeps a good care of the heart by reducing Cholesterol levels and prevents Blood Clots.
--The Antioxidants and Triterpenoids neutralize the free radicals. It inhibits the growth of Tumors.
--It increases the levels of Pepsin which stimulates the Gastric juices in the stomach. Thus, helps in better Digestion.
--It keeps a good care of the Liver.
--Flavonoids present in it are Antiinflammatory in nature.
--A massage with this oil is beneficial in relieving sore muscle and joints. It relieves the Pain and Swelling associated with Arthritis.

See, did you know that Argan Oil is so much beneficial?
But now you know it and I know you all are going to take the maximum benefit out of Argan Oil.
Keep smiling and Stay Healthy. ........ For more information : Click

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