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Talcum Powder Pros and cons

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By Karanbir on 4/23/2018 5:15:09 PM |
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Talcum Powder Pros and cons

Are you aware about Talcum Powders ? Do you know the pros and cons?
The Talcum powder in your bathroom and your child’s nursery is not just a fragrance! Well, it is a perilous powder that is adding life threatening illness into your life. You often use Talcum Powder to nourish your child or to make yourself bloom amongst the crowd. It’s not bad to groom yourself as aromatic, but you will surely stop using those artificial and dangerous Talcum Powders, once you know their side effects.
Talcum powders are accused of gambling with the life of people using it. They are held accountable for causing menacing diseases that include Cancer as the foremost one. Before going further on its severe aftereffects and few uses, let’s check what Talcum Powder is and what is that, that makes it dangerous for use.
What is Talcum Powder?
Talcum powders are made of a natural ingredient – Talc. Talc is a mineral found in large deposits around the world. Talc is made up of several elements as magnesium, silicon, hydrogen and oxygen. Talcum Powder is the main ingredient in baby Powders.
Different types of Talcum Powders are available for different uses.
Cool Talcum Powders are provided in summers to give a coolness effect to the Body. It gives immediate relief from heat.
Prickly Heat Powders are another type of Talcum. It gives relief from prickles that develop on the body because of excessive heat and exposure to sun.
The goodness of Talcum Powder
Markets today are flooded with fragrances of Talcum Powders as Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood and many others. Different fragrances are added to counter the smell of sweat. Apart from its use on Skin, these are also used in Pesticides, Deodorants, Crayons, Chalks, Textiles, Soaps, Paints, Paper and Insulating materials. A small quantity of it is also added in food processing.
Talcum powder sustains a range of benefits.
Absorbs Moisture: Talcum Powders absorb moisture from the Skin. It keeps the body dry and fresh. It is applied to babies before changing diapers to avoid rash. It is also used by adults in inner thigh portion and under arms to protect the Skin from moisture and friction.
Good for Athletes: The use of Talcum Powder prevents chafing and reduces excessive sweat in Athletes. It gives relief from discomfort caused by excessive heat.
Bedsores: It is used to prevent Skin irritations and Bed Sores. The thick skin nurtures moisture and germs. Talcum powder absorbs moisture and keeps skin dry.
Why is it harmful?
Talcum Powders were thought to be safe earlier. But now it’s not! Not all the Talcum’s are good. Talcum powders today are held responsible for promoting Cancer. It has been shown as result in various studies that constant use and inhalation of Talcum Powders can cause Lung Cancer, Ovary Cancer and Skin diseases. Talcum powders contain harmful carcinogenic ingredients like asbestos.
The talc in Talcum Powder is obtained by crushing, drying and milling of mined Talc rock. It easily gets inhaled while you’re pouring it on you. It even travels through the Vagina, into the Uterus and into the fallopian tubes to the ovaries. It may increase the risk of Endometrial Cancer in women post menopause.
Keeping in view the merits and demerits, limit your use of Talcum Powder and products that contain Talc as an ingredient. Avoid applying it to undergarments or sanitary towels to avoid the risks involved.

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