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By NITIN KUNDALIA on 12/23/2014 5:07:33 PM |
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Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Alcohol, initially you may feel the euphoria. Hours later the euphoria gets replaced with depression and confusion. Alcohol gets quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and is rapidly carried throughout the body. It affects Brain and Nervous System of the body. Reaction time is affected, it slows down the Brain and Body functions. Alcohol effects may vary from a person to person and generally depend upon the quantity being consumed. Regular and excessive drinking may lead to severe and long term effects on the health of a person like High Blood Pressure, Anemia, Cancer, Dementia, Depression, Cardiovascular Diseases and Automobile accident.

Alcohol and Blood Pressure

Heavy and regular drinking of alcohol may raise the Blood Pressure to unhealthy levels. Daily consumption of four or more drinks may harm the Liver, Heart, Brain and even lead to death. Reducing the amount of alcohol consumption may reduce the levels of Blood Pressure in a person. However, the fall in Blood Pressure may vary upon age, current level of Blood Pressure and previous drinking history. If a Heavy drinker reduces alcohol consumption to moderate quantities, his Blood Pressure may reduce between 2 to 4 mm Hg.

Normal levels of Alcohol Consumption

If you already have High Blood Pressure avoiding alcohol is best for you. If avoiding is not possible then drinking alcohol in moderate levels is the best you can do. Generally, one or two drinks in a day is considered normal, anything more than this may harm your body. Below given are the normal levels of alcohol consumption.

One drink per day is normal for a Man above 65 years

Having two drinks a day is normal for a Man below 65 years

One drink a day is normal for a Woman of any age

One Drink is equal to following

Beer: 12 ounce or 355 milliliters

Wine: 5 ounce or 148 milliliters

Brandy: 1.5 ounce or 44 milliliters

Normal values of alcohol does not mean one can consume alcohol freely. Avoiding alcohol is the best you can do for your health.

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07 Dec 2018

Best article has been given here. Thank you , very informative.

02 May 2018
Sam Mann

Very nice information has been given. Thank you herbpathy for this great help to commoners.

01 May 2018
Vikas kumar

How to manage the blood pressue. will any body help me on this.

24 Oct 2016

Vikas/Mohit.. Alcohol or beer were never or will be good for health. Did our grand grand grandest fathers ever drank alcohol, still they were health. alcohol, beer, wine, etc may give you initial euphoria .... but ultimately they will only compromise your health.

10 Sep 2016
Vikas kumar

Dear Sir, Is Alcohol help the patient who suffering from mentally tress. please suggest.

17 Mar 2016


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