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By NITIN KUNDALIA on 12/8/2014 11:14:17 AM |
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Common Cold: Are we really aware

We all are well aware of Common cold. It is a disease of the upper respiratory tract. Almost everyone of us would have been through this condition at least once. We know a lot about it but still lot more is there to be known. It is a well known fact that cold is caused by Virus but it can be caused by more than 200 virus may be a lesser known fact.

The causes, Symptoms & medicine are undoubtedly the points of discussion in its case. But, It is also of prime importance to know how it spreads from one person to another. What all are the medium through which it spreads? What helps in its easy transmission?

How Cold Spreads

Once you have caught cold because of any virus or change in temperature or any other reason, it is quite possible that you will spread it to your surroundings. People in your surroundings can be infected by this in following ways.

Cold spreads Through Air

Cold is an Airborne infection. It can spread through air very easily. The virus may sustain for long time in the environment. When the infected person sneezes or coughs the virus containing fluid spreads in the air. This virus can be inhaled while breathing by other people and it can infect them.

Touching Infected Objects spread cold

Cold virus can survive on the objects like Table, books, door handle, computer keyboards or other objects. When other people touch these objects and they touch their mouth, eye or nose they may get infected by the virus.

Direct contact may spread cold

When you come in close contact with an infected person, you may catch cold. It may be a hand to hand contact like hand shake, you are at the risk of getting infected.

With the knowledge of these factors it is quite possible to assume the preventive measures to avoid the infection.

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