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Benefits of Mint

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By Karanbir on 8/28/2019 6:31:41 AM |
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Benefits of Mint

Mint in your garden, but don’t know what to do with it!
Well, know the benefits here; learn how to use it and then this plant won’t be acquiring any more of your garden space. The self-growing capacity of this plant makes it grow immensely. While growing it in your garden make sure you give this plant a considerable pot or seed it in soil. It grows on its own seasonally and grows real huge.
Mint, as you know, is used in beverages and foods. The leaves are rich in antioxidants. It is a calming and soothing herb. It is known to impart cooling. But, are you aware of the other health benefits of mint? It promotes good health even on inhaling its aroma. It can be taken as fresh and dried form. It is widely used in inhalers, balms, toothpaste, ointments, etc.

Apart from its aroma and flavor, it imparts numerous health benefits as:
• It is rich in nutrients as Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese, and Folate.
• It cures Heartburn, Bloating, Stomach pain, Gas, Indigestion, and changes in Bowel movements.
• It decreases the breastfeeding pain and treats sore, cracked nipples in nursing mothers.
• It helps in the treatment of Asthma. It relieves the congestion caused in the nasal pipe.
• It improves mental clarity or awareness and focus.
• It combats Cold and Flu symptoms.
• It masks bad breath.
• Mint tea prevents Nausea.
• It is almost a 0 calorie drink.
With the numerous health benefits of mint, there are scores of ways to use the herb in daily meals.
1. Fresh or dried form:
• Fresh mint leaves are used to treat bad breath.
• Putting fresh mint leaves in water bottle aids Headache, Indigestion, Bloating, and symptoms of Cold.
• Dried mint leaves can be used as dressing or seasoning on meals and beverages.
2. Essential oils:
• As an essential oil, it improves brain functions.
3. Local application:
• It is used to reduce nipple pain caused by breastfeeding.
• It also treats sore, cracked nipples because of breastfeeding.
4. In meals:
• It can be used as a garnish on salads and even on your pizza.
• Mint tea helps in Digestion, Nausea, improves immunity and reduces aches and pains.
Limit the Mint:
• For those having problem of Acid reflux should avoid the use of mint or have a monitored use.
• Pregnant women should also take a limited mint or as per the recommendation by a physician.
• Do not use the Mint essential oil if you have or ever had Liver disease, Gall stone, and bile problems.
• The Mint tea can interact with medications for Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Acid reflux. So you better ask for a regulated intake from your doctor.
With only a few limitations, the herb holds benefits that make it worth sowing in your garden. So if you have it in your garden space, now you know how, when and where to use it. So, plant it now if you don’t have and make your health glint with mint! For more details on Mint, its use, contradictions, other names of the herb, and its side effects, visit the link Health benefits of Mint.

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