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Chamomile Herb For All Seasons and Reasons

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By Inder on 7/2/2014 4:41:56 PM |
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Chamomile Herb For All Seasons and Reasons

Did you know? There are two types of Chamomile used as traditional remedies for health conditions.
1. German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita)
2. Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum Nobile)
The German Chamomile is commonly used in the United States.
Chamomile is popularly termed as Relaxing herb. To relax, you can have a cup of Chamomile tea, take it as a Tincture, use it in a bath or as my personal favorite; do foot bath!
This herb also lends itself nicely to soothing irritated skin conditions. An infused oil of the plant and/or the tea/infusion poured into the bath, or applied via a washcloth are some of the ways I like to apply Chamomile topically. Damp tea bags can also be used as a soothing compress for irritated eyes.
Chamomile also is a wonderful bitter digestive herb. It can calm an upset stomach, increase appetite and soothe the stomach of a colicky baby.
Chamomile plant is easy to grow and easy to find, even in conventional grocery stores. It is one of the herbs that most people have access to quickly and easily.
So next time you enjoy a relaxing cup of Chamomile tea, perhaps you will see a lot of possibilities! Enjoy!

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Rajni kumari

Wonderful block written by Inder, i really appreciate your work. Thanks inder

02 May 2018
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22 Aug 2014

Well, this is a wonderful block written by Inder. I really appreciate his work. Thanku so much Inder for this Blog.

03 Jul 2014

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