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Chemotherapy and Cancer

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By Isha Suri on 9/13/2017 11:33:28 AM |
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Chemotherapy and Cancer

Hi Folks! Today I am not going to talk about a disease per se. The topic of discussion here is CHEMOTHERAPY.
Actually, from a last few days I have been getting so many queries on Chemotherapy that I had to pen down all that I know about Chemotherapy.

Questions posted by users.
1. Should I go for Chemotherapy or not?
2. What are the side effects of Chemotherapy?
3. What are the alternative treatments for Cancer?
4. Are Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy same?
5. Can we manage the side effects of Chemotherapy?

Do not worry; I am going to answer all these questions here. But before talking about Chemotherapy let’s take a brief note of Cancer ( As Chemotherapy is the treatment given to those suffering from Cancer ).

What is Cancer?
Cells are the main constituents of our body. Our body has a system of replication of cells in a controlled manner. The old cells are continually replaced by the new cells in the body
. However, sometimes the system gets impaired, because of behavioral and environmental changes and the cells replicate on their own. This abnormal growth of cells give rise to CANCER.
So, Cancer is nothing, but the abnormal growth of the cells, which our body is not able to control.
Many studies have already been done and are still going on to find an appropriate treatment for Cancer. And Chemotherapy is one of the treatments.

Now, let me tell you about Chemotherapy….
Chemotherapy is done worldwide to treat Cancer. It is a combination of cytotoxic and anti-neoplastic drugs.
The motto of Chemotherapy is to destroy or to control the abnormally fast growing cancer cells in the Body.
The human body also has healthy cells that replicate very fast , such as, cells in the Digestive tract or stomach lining and in Hair Follicles.
But the Chemo drugs are not able to differentiate between the healthy cells and the Cancerous cells in the body. This is the major and unfortunate drawback of Chemotherapy. So the Chemo drugs attack the healthy cells too and kill them along with the bad cells ( Cancerous cells ). As a result of which the patient loses hair or goes bald gradually with the Chemo sessions. He also suffers with digestive problems such as Diarrhea, Nausea and Vomiting.

Let me enlist the Side Effects of Chemotherapy for you :
Hair Loss
Digestive Problems
Bloody Vomit
Bloated Stomach
Kidney Problems
Cardiac Problems
Weak Immune System
Hormonal Imbalance
Urinary Problems

Are Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy same?
They are not same at all, As the Chemotherapy is done with Drugs and Radiation Therapy is done with Radiations.


So guys this is all about Chemotherapy. I know that at the advance stages of Cancer doctors recommend to go for Chemo. And unwillingly the patient has to go for chemo and go through the side effects too. I am not saying that one should not go for Chemotherapy , but I suggest you guys, to definitely take the herbs to minimize the side effects of Chemotherapy, so called Cancer treatment.

What are the alternative treatments for Cancer?
Sorry folks, I am not going to talk about the modern treatment for Cancer, as I only encourage natural treatments. Here is the list of herbs with anti-cancer properties.
1. Apricot Kernels
2. Bitter Almonds
3. Baking Soda
4. Wheat Grass
5. Turmeric
6. Soursop
7. Cancer Tree
8. Beetroot
9. Vitamin C
10. Fagonia Cretica

How can you manage the side effects of Chemotherapy ?
Here is the protocol.
1. Ginger
2. Dong Quai
3. Beetroot
4. Milk Thistle
5. Spirilina

Here are more details about This Is The Detailed Regimen. What do you think, now after reading all this, should you go for Chemotherapy or not? It is on you to decide and also depends on your condition.
Hope I have answered all the queries. Still if someone has any doubts, he or she is free to post their queries on Herbpathy.com. or here, in the Comment section of this blog…

Thank You. Stay Healthy !!!!!!!

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Isha Suri


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Ignitious M. Ruthenberg

your have said all concerning chemo and cancer. My son was diagnosed with leukemia cancer in 2015 when he was 12 year old that is when I came to know about cancer. He went through chemo and radiation it's side effects. And so he is in the 5th year; he is going through continuos headaches, dizzyness, tiredness and loss of appetite. The doctors says that he has no cancer cells in the blood. So we are worried that how we assist the boy to get healed since he went throughout the procedure of getting healed. Please do assist me to get my son healed.

22 Nov 2019

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07 Dec 2018
Mariama Raja Muniyandi

Hi. My brother has just finish just had his ladt chemotheraphy ladt week. Ihave just started giving hjm turmeric, pepper n moringa powder. Its just that im not sure whether im giving the right kind of turmeric. Pls advice n what else can i gv him to increase his energy. His feeling weak. Thk u.

21 Mar 2018

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