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Low Back Pain Underlying Cause and Treatment

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By Karanbir on 8/7/2019 12:56:34 PM |
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Low Back Pain  Underlying Cause and Treatment

Low back pain is a problem which is often considered a concomitant, but the fact is that it is a disease in itself.
Human back is made of complex structure of tendons, muscles, ligaments, disks and bones. All these work together to support the functioning of body. It enables the body to stand and move around. Any problem in these components can lead to back pain. At times, the reason may remain uncertain. Back pain can be extremely exhausting. Sometimes sitting, moving, standing and even lying down does not comfort the person in pain.

Have you ever analyzed for how long have you been suffering from Back Pain? When was the last time you helped yourself to treat the problem? Well, Back pain is not just a pain in the back. It may be a cause or effect of any other body symptom. Back pain is related to physical as well as emotional wellbeing. The pain can vary from dull ache to a sharp, severe pain. Fortunately, 90% of the back pains can be treated by medication and exercises, while others require surgery.
However if the pain is not related to any other symptom, then exercise can be your treatment. But, if it is due to an underlying condition, then you need to treat the condition to get relief from pain.

Many researchers consider psychological factors to be responsible for back pain. It may make the pain better or worse. It mostly occurs in individuals in the age group 30-50. Aging causes various changes in the body. It leads to reduction of fluid content between the vertebrae in the spine. Muscle tone is also degraded. This makes a person more prone to Low back pain issue. Strengthening the muscles is very important to avoid such a situation. Herbal treatment ( natural herbs ) alleviates pain to a great extent.
Types of Back pain:
1. Acute pain: The pain is related to tissue damage. It will last for less than 3 to 6 months.
2. Chronic pain: Pain that continues from three to six months is termed as chronic pain. It can also occur because of unidentifiable cause. Sometimes there is no sign of actual problem or injury. The body will show symptoms of pain although there is no sign of injury. This kind of pain is called Neuropathic pain.

After a time the acute pain becomes chronic if the problem is not treated at that time. And as the chronic pain grows, if not treated seeing the little symptoms, it can turn as a major problem than just being a symptom.

Symptoms of Low back pain:
The body shows signs for back pain as:
• Muscle ache
• Shooting or stabbing pain
• Urinary incontinence, difficult urination
• Numbness around genitals, anus, and buttocks
• Pain that goes down to leg
• Inflammation or swelling on the back
• Pain down the legs
• Pain that goes down the knees
• Pain ameliorates on lying back
• Pain that aggravates with bending, lifting, standing or walking

There can be multiple reasons behind your back pain.
1. Injury/Fracture: It is possible to get back pain after you fell accidentally while you were driving or playing a sport. Well, this reason may give you lifelong sickness but at times it may lead to a lifelong illness.
2. Routine: Our fitness depends a lot on our routine. Students and office goers usually face the problem of back and neck pain. The hours spent making notes, working on laptops, playing video games and being on the phone develops back pain over time.
3. Posture and movement: Postures as sitting or standing for a long time, extensive driving, sleeping on the mattress not suitable for the spine.
4. Muscle Sprain or strain: Sometimes one often gets a sprain or strain while lifting heavy objects. It may occur because of sudden body movement or weak body coordination while carrying heavy objects.
5. Sleep disorders: Person experiencing inadequate sleep is more prone to back pain in comparison to others.
6. Shingles: It is a condition that affects the nerves and may lead to back pain. However, it depends on which nerve is affected.
7. Premenstrual syndrome

Medical conditions can also lead to back pain as:
1. Cancer of Spine: A tumor on the spine may get pressed against a nerve. This may result in back pain.
2. Cauda Equina Syndrome: A bundle of nerves below the end of spinal cord is known as Cauda equina. When these nerves are damaged, it is called Cauda equina syndrome.
3. Bulging and ruptured disks: Disks act as cushions between the bones in the spine. The soft material inside a disk may rupture or bulge and press any nerve.
4. Abnormal Spine curvatures: The abnormality in the spine can be congenital. The spine curves in an unusual way and results in back pain. It is first diagnosed in childhood or adolescence. It may give constant pain and bad posture to the person. Example in Scoliosis.
5. Kidney problem: Infection in kidney can also be a reason for back pain.

Low back pain can be a result of any underlying disease too :
• Sciatica
• Spinal stenosis
• Kidney infection
• Infection of spine
• Spondylitis
• Spondylosis
• Osteoarthritis
• Ovarian cysts
• Uterine Fibroids
• Pregnancy
• Cancer of spinal cord
• Degenerative disc disease
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Fibromyalgia
• Cancer

Usually, back pain goes within a few weeks and can be treated at home by exercise, rest and diet. There are very few chances that back pain is associated with any serious medical condition. Well, if it doesn’t go on its own, you need to seek a doctor for a diagnosis.

Following aspects lead to a higher risk of Low back pain:
• Old age
• Obesity or excessive weight
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Bad physical fitness
• Occupational activities
• Genetic reasons
• Smoking
• Pregnancy

Low back pain is prevalent in women than in men. It is possibly because of hormonal factors. Anxiety, stress and frequent mood swings are also related to back pain. Physical diagnosis in many cases is required through X-Ray, MRI Scan, etc. However, taking allopathic drugs to alleviate just pain is not the appropriate step to take. To free yourself from pain it is required for you to strengthen your muscles and bones and treat the problem and not just the symptom-PAIN.
Herbal procedures are available since medieval times. They do not cause any side effects to your body. Moreover, they strengthen your body along with treating the disease.
Most effective herbs for low back pain are:
Bastard teak
Drynaria Rosii

All these herbs are prescribed keeping in view the associated symptom. Don’t worry if your cause or symptom of back pain is not listed here. They are numerous and listing all is not possible. Visit the link Low Back Pain to get the cures and procedure to take them.
If your problem or underlying cause is not listed, write in the query box and you may get yourself treated in an herbal way and without any side issues.

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