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Rosmarinic Acid

What does Rosmarinic Acid do for the body

Rosmarinic Acid is an ester of Caffeic Acid and belongs to Lamiaceae family. Rosmarinic Acid is a strong Antioxidant. It protects the body from Cancerous cells. Rosmarinic Acid is found in Sage, lemon balm and many other plants. It strengthens the Immune System of the body. It preserves the Blood Cell health and gives relief from excessive perspiration.

Requirement of Rosmarinic Acid
200 mg to 400 mg

Benefits of Rosmarinic Acid
Rosmarinic Acid gives relief from Allergy. Rosmarinic Acid kills harmful bacteria causing infection in the body. It prevents from Asthma and inhibits Lung injuries. It soothes the Eyes and reduces itching. Rosmarinic Acid inhibits the plaque formation on the Teeth and Gums. The Anti inflammatory property of Rosmarinic Acid helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

Functions of Rosmarinic Acid
Rosmarinic Acid prevents the Cell damage caused by free radicals. It protects the body from Atherosclerosis. It helps to cure Peptic Ulcers and Cataracts. Rosmarinic Acid helps to strengthen the Bones and prevents from Arthritis. Rosmarinic acid helps to enhance the Memory and protects form Alzheimer Disease.

Herbs Containing Rosmarinic Acid

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