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Spur Heels Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Spur Heels
Medical Name
Calcaneal Spur
Spur Heels Symptoms
Chronic Pain in the Heels while walking, running or may be when resting.

Spur Heels Cured By

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Spur Heels is a disease of the Heels.
The excessive growth of the heel bone ( Calcaneus Bone ) is termed as Spur Heels. The bony growth may occur underside or on the back side of the heel. It is a result of deposition of calcium on the affected area.

Causes Of Spur Heels
There is a thick band of tissues that runs across the bottom of the feet, called Plantar Fascia. It provides a connection between the heel bone and the toes. If something goes wrong with this band like inflammation or injury, it causes pain. The condition is termed as Plantar Fascitis.

Normally, the Plantar Fascitis is healed by the natural process known as fibroblastic process. In this the body will heal the injured part by making collagen. The recovery may take three to four months. However, in some cases if the problem is still there in the plantar fascia, then the body will start the other mechanism. In this process, osteoblast will reach the Plantar Fascia. These cells help in making bones. As a result, the whole process will give rise to Spur Heels.

Note : The best remedy is Calcarea Fluorica 3x. It is a homeopathic medicine. The beauty of this remedy is, it only works on the enlarged bone. It has no affect on the other bones.

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Materia Medica for Spur Heels

Queries on Spur Heels
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27 Feb 2020
Hi, I have bone spurs on my heel and metatarsal how much Calcarea Floura should I take?
Thank you,
02 Apr 2020
Dear Mara
You can take 1 bottle of Calcarea Flourica 3x tablet. Please write back for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Sep 2020
I have heel spurs for a long time, but now it hurts a lot. How much & for how long should I take Calcarea Flourica? I've been taking it for about 5 weeks. I do see the improvement but the pain is not totally gone. Would it harm if I take it for a longer period?
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