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Maturant Herbs


Maturant herbs are those herbs which are used to promote the formation of infective matter in the abscess and discharge of pus. They are used to cure Abscess, Boils and Tumors.

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Single Herbs

Clerodendrum for Ulcers

Grind the leaves of Clerodendrum. Apply it on the Ulcer. This remedy acts as an Maturant. It helps in the ripening of the Ulcer. It also helps in reducing Swelling.

Tree Cotton as Maturant

Apply leaf paste of Tree Cotton on the Ulcer. Use it for 1 week.

Phyla Nodiflora as Maturant

Use leaf paste of Phyla Nodiflora on the infected Skin or Ulcers. It helps in the ripening of Ulcers.
NOTE : This remedy is only for external use. Do not use it internally.

Bodhi Tree for Abscess

Fry leaves of Bodhi Tree in Clarified Butter. Apply it over Abscess when bearable hot. Its regular use will burst the Abscess and remove pus from it.

Banyan for Abscess

Heat few leaves of Banyan tree. Coat it with Sesame oil. Tie it over Boils. It helps in forming pus in them.

Jatropha as Maturant

Grind Jatropha leaves to make paste. Apply it over Abscess.

Cabbage for Abscess

Take a Cabbage leaf. Dip it in hot water after removing the ridges. Apply it as a poultice and put a loose bandage. Replace the leaf frequently.

Chayote for Abscess

Roast few leaves of Chayote. Tie them over Abscess keep it there for 10 to 15 minutes. It helps in removal of the Pus.
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