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By Rupinder Kaur Chandel on 9/15/2015 6:47:00 PM |
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You might have learned various lessons throughout your life. Each impacting the way you think, act or live. Experiences do change the way you think. No matter what the lesson is, it is said it's always good to learn it the hard way, as then only , it sticks with you for a lifetime. So, they consider the learning pains indispensable, for the learning to stay there with you.
But I get prompted by a few questions popping up my head Can't this lesson be learned without having to be the sufferer ?
Can lessons of others not be applied to you ?
Why can't you learn from seeing or observing others' mistakes?
Why do you have to repeat that very mistake to learn a lesson out of it. ? Makes sense. doesn't it?
In fact I would say, the one who learns from others' mistakes is wiser and learned.
And if you think , it is all lame, lessons of others don't apply to you. You are excused from reading this piece any further. You may feel free to stop reading it now...........

People all around you are falling sick. Some are severely diseased, a few are partially healthy, and the rest have grown accustomed to live with the nagging pain and suffering.
But no one tends not to do what your fellow friends have been doing. Nobody is learning from their surroundings.

Do you know that every organ, tissue or cell is interlinked with each other. They work together in harmony. All these elements together combine to form an individual, the whole organism, the whole man.
So what dominates this whole ? The Vital energy is the answer.
It is due to the presence of this Vital energy that we recognize an organism as ALIVE, as LIVING. The vital energy flows continually throughout the body.
Without vital energy, the body becomes inert and insensate like a dead body.
So, this vital energy is the cardinal force driving every organism.
If vital energy is in order, you are said to be healthy. If the vital force is not in order, is altered, you are said to be diseased. That's when you suffer, you start to whine about your life and think of doing something about it.
Vital energy varies from one individual to the other. It is present in everyone in one form or the other. Each individual possesses a special biological make up and psychological construction depending upon factors like Genes, environment.

And to make sure that the flow of this vital force does not get altered, it is continual , you need to incline your senses towards observation,you should be mindful of your surroundings.

And come on!! if not surroundings at least you should be aware of your own body, should give it proper attention.
I mean, when any normal functioning of the body gets changed, instead of ignoring it or taking it casually, take a breath and observe the changes.
You should know where are those changes leading you to, are they a set of warnings of onset of a disease.
If yes, the The disease can be well diagnosed by YOU alone, you are the first one to feel it, even before you visit a doctor. So observe everything.
Do not try to act smart by meddling with the symptoms and consequently suppressing them... Please, don't.

Develop an understanding of your body, its normal functioning and the symptoms, as they work as an alarm to make you aware of anything going wrong with the body.
You see, apprehension has a great prospective to teach us how to stay happy and what all is required to cope up with the illness.

Keep your senses open.
By senses here, I do not intend to say just vision--- I mean all 5 of them.
Everyday, a multitude of things heard, felt, touched, glanced or smelled , may be briefly, all these do get registered in our consciousness. And, this affects our minds and play quite an important role in our decisions.
But, what do you do ? For most part, you do not pay attention and fail to realize what it is that is guiding you at any given moment.

I do not intend to involve you into any heavy talks. I simply mean that your insights, your intelligence will enable you to take futuristic steps to experience a state of Euphoria and optimum Health.
You hold the key to your Health in your own hands. You are the one who can actively upgrade your self-healing.

It is simple - give your body , the care and attention it deserves. Be decisive, make healthy choices and make life Healthy. After all, we all have an innate desire of what we need. Right!!

To turn your life any better, learn to choose, be wise to choose, for Health is only a choice.

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Rupinder Kaur Chandel


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07 Dec 2018

Please don't use bold font sir, the article is nice but reading is sucking my eyes. Plz. Regards, http://tinymy.link/eSz1h

01 Sep 2018
Manoj Kumar Gupta

My elder son is suffering from epilepsy from 17 years. At the time of birth he was suffered from hypoglycaemia and had a seizure that time. After 12 years he was also suffered from seizure. From 12 years till now he is suffering from seizure. I regularly continued his alppathy diagnose. But there is no improvement. Could you suggest me what to I do?

27 Jun 2017

Dear Author, I appreciate what you have writte, but these bold & unbold style,,, its producing stress on my eys

10 Sep 2016

Dear William, I am giving you this advice based on my personal experience. Boil 1 cup of Parsley leaves in 2 Liters of water and drink it. Continue this for 2 weeks and then check your Uric acid count. All the best

21 Dec 2015

My, my, my! Indeed health is by choice. I had and have chosen to be healthy. I am conscious of it. I liver very carefully. I do not smoke, drink or drug. I sleep at 9 PM. I wake at 5 AM I go for a walk. I do yoga. I breathe deep. I am still sick. My prostate is enlarged, My uric acid is high (8). I tried Allopathy. For uric acid I took Fabutaz 40 for 10 days. I lost 30% of my hearing. I tried Homeopathy. I prove every remedy, but do not get cured. Now I have come to you. Please do something. I love life and I love myself. Tell me what to do.

15 Sep 2015


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