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Meaning Myth and Medication of HEPATITIS C

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By Karanbir on 8/2/2019 10:41:32 AM |
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Meaning Myth and Medication of  HEPATITIS C

Hepatitis C is the most prevalent form of viral hepatitis. It is a liver disease and is caused by the Hepatitis C virus ( HCV ). It spreads through infected blood and body fluids. It often remains undiagnosed due to lack of distinguishing features.

The consequences can be traumatic if the disease is not treated. If not treated, the virus may cause irreversible liver damage and even death. Hepatitis C can be acute or chronic.
Acute Hepatitis C: It is a short term illness and usually the body clears the virus on its own. It lasts for 6 months after the virus enters the body. Medication and herbal treatment for the same can be taken if the body is not strong enough to fight the virus. However, treatment for Hepatitis C is available now.
Chronic Hepatitis C: If the body does not clear the infection on its own, then it becomes a long term infection. It then has to be treated with medication. Any kind of ignorance of the condition may lead to serious health issues as Liver Cancer or Cirrhosis.

Not all acute infections turn to chronic, some get resolved at the initial stage only. Well, the symptoms are not shown at first, so the detection of disease is quite difficult. A physical examination is the only way to ensure the existence of the disease. Once a person is tested positive for the test, it means HCV virus is there in the blood.
Few symptoms that appear are:
1. Jaundice
2. Stomach pain
3. Dark-colored urine and stool
4. Nausea and Vomiting
5. Yellow color of skin and eyes
6. Spider-like blood vessels on your skin
Hepatitis C causes limited symptoms only, so only a few get to know about the disease. However, if reoccurrence or periodicity in the symptoms occurs, one must get checked for Hep C. Acute symptoms usually occur one to three months after exposure to the virus.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood contact. Once the C virus enters the body, it infects the whole body by multiplying and making millions and billions of copies of it circulating in the body. A healthy person may also develop Hepatitis C by coming in contact with infectious fluids and secretions of an infected person. The likelihood of becoming HCV infected is through infected needles/ syringes and injected drugs.
Half of the people don’t even know that they are infected with HCV because they have no distinctive symptoms which take decades to appear.
You are at risk of developing HCV if you:
• Have ever injected or taken banned drugs.
• Have HIV.
• Received a tattoo or piercing in an unclean environment.
• Have been exposed to an infected needle.
• Were born between the year 1945 and 1965.
• Received organ transplant or blood transfusion before 1992.
• Are born to a mother with HCV infection.
Hepatitis C cannot be cured is a myth. Now, herbal treatment of Hepatitis C is available. It can treat Acute and even Chronic Hepatitis C. Chronic Hepatitis C requires regular medication for four to six months. However, you can treat most of the diseases by herbs only and remain guarded by the side effects of allopathic drugs.
If you have developed the disease, the following herbs are best fit for you:
Milk Thistle
Sleeping Plant
Use them individually or in combination, they will bring back the Liver to its normal functioning. However, conditions like Liver failure or Cirrhosis require immediate examination and visit to a doctor is must in this case. But do not lose hope if you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, as the cure is now available. Besides these, determination and optimism can help in your faster recovery. So be hopeful and stay healthy.

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