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Pyrogenium Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Homeopathic Name
Pyrogenium   -   Mother Tincture

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Pyrogenium Cures

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Action of Pyrogenium

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Nutrients in Pyrogenium

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Pyrogenium

Avoid its use during Pregnancy and Breast feeding.
Excessive Dosages may cause Blood Damage.
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Pyrogenium is a Homeopathic medicine which is prepared from meat.
Beef is mixed with water and allowed to remain as it is for around three weeks. This mixture is then filtered and the liquid left behind is blended with Glycerine to obtain the medicine.

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Pyrogenium

Queries on Pyrogenium
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Nauzer D. Pesikaka ( India )
13 Jun 2017
My mother is 90 yrs old she suffers from Urine infection constantly. Started her on PYROGENIUM 1M
4 TABLETS 3 TIMES A DAY. But the infection still persist. In a span of 10 minutes she passes urine 2-3 times. as soon as she stands up the urine comes out.
She has no Diabetes. At the age of 80 she had gone through a Bypass. She has grown immune to most allopathy medicines. She is allergic to Sulfur drugs
15 Oct 2020
Has she had a root canal that locked in an infection. If so check a "teeth corresponding to body organs" chart.
Jane Sosa
25 Jun 2017
Have you tried Pygeum. I heard it's also beneficial.
Tahir pervaiz ( Pakistan Islamabad )
12 Feb 2018
I m 58 years old having mouth cancer please advise
Jayesh V. Vaghela
06 May 2018
Dear Tahir, -Use kali cynesium 1m 4 pills in morning and 4 in evening 2 hour befor or after meals. do not eat or drink anything for 1 hr after taking medice. Strictly Avoid onions, garlic and non-veg foods for life. dring 2 to 3 glasses of lukewarm water early in morning before brushing teeth.
Do pranayam, sit in shidhasan and meditate for atleast 1/2 hr.
13 Sep 2018
Hydrastis 30. Calc flour 30 .five phos tab work well
P y Deshmukh ( Maharashtra )
09 Mar 2018
My daughter is suffering from pimples & acne problem. She is around 15 year old. Whether Pyrogenium can help her in treatment of pimples & acne problem
Rohini Virk ( Mohali )
12 Mar 2018
https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Pimples-Cid73 I have shared the Herbpathy link with you, please read and see, there you will get a number of herbs for your daughter.
Maria astrin ( Greece )
13 Mar 2018
i am 48 female and i was diagnosed with anal fistula before 2 months is there a hope with homeopath to treat myself thank you.
16 Mar 2018
Take one dose of Silicea 200. I repeat to take one dose only. In the mean time, please let us know if you have ever take any other Homeopathy remedy. Or if you have already taken Silicea 200, then please don't take, other wise fistula may reoccur. Write us back after 15 days.
Make sure that you take one and only one dose.
Maria astrin
18 Mar 2018
exackly i had took one dosage silicea 200c for five days.only .idint continiou. my homeopathy had told me to take it for four weeks one dosage every week. but wihout to see me he told me that fistulas in ano need only sergery.i disapointed And my mistake is without to ask i continiou with miristica sebifera 200c for two days three times a day and took one last dosage before six days .actually i saw improovment .All that hapen before to comiunicate with you . i hope its not too late.thak you .
Shaswat Kumar ( Bihar )
24 Apr 2018
I am a parents I have a son her age 9 month so he has suffering from loose motion he has tootheq problem so plz advice me homeopathy medicine
Zeba ( India )
16 May 2018
Sir, I am suffering from constipation. That's why acne which never goes away. Is it Ok to take pyrogenium 200ch. Thanks
Tim and Linda Schilreff ( United States )
21 May 2018
Does using 3 pills a day raise blood pressure?
Archana ( India )
08 Jul 2018
Hi I'm suffering from problem of chyle .Having baby she is on breastfeeding..

Please suggest me medicine
Dr percribe me pyrogenium is it safe in breastfeeding.
Bob dunn ( USA / PA )
17 Jul 2018
Cat has draining abscess - No smell as I've been treating it with Tea Tree Oil and a Homeopathic Anti Bacterial & Fungal Spray. Used the Tea Tree oil to help Draw it in. QUESTION: I just received Pyrogenium 30c. Is it okay to use on Cats and if so How Many Pellets and their Frequency?
Bob Dunn
17 Jul 2018
UPDATE: I gave her (2) Pellets yesterday and noticed Immediate Results - Abscess drying up and much less touch sensitivity to the affected areas - Gave her (2) more last night - She was still restless and went back outside for the night - This morning she came in and ate well again and seems quite normal now - Is staying in and very calm just like her old self - Did manage to get (1) more Pellet in her, but I think that she's pretty much better. The skin itch that she had for several months prior also seems to be gone!
Bob Dunn
25 Jul 2018
LAST UPDATE: Ended up continuing the (2) Pellet Strategy in the am for a Total of (5) days - ALL Better Now!
Dinesh ( Gujarat )
22 Aug 2018
I’m 38 year male having complain of indigestion with left side lower chest and let abdominal pain with diarrhoea, urgency for 2-3times in morning. Can’t digest fatty meal and spicy food. Burning pain in left side abdomen with pain .
USG abdomen: normal and
Microscopic stool: normal

Pain and diarrhoea aggravating after thinking or after anxious about cancer disease.
Qasim ( Pakistan )
26 Aug 2018
kindly suggets .

Medicin 8 yrs back been through fumer bone multi time operate no implant remain inside ecepct the bulit. decently feel pain in operated area and fever webt to doc gave antibiotoc and csr test which much higher that the range. doc said u possess throth infection which came to this place . will this happen??? and he prescribe me heavy antibiotoc i hate eating it .
Subhendu jana ( West Bengal )
11 Oct 2018
Age 29 female ,fistulla present and drain white pus about 3 months ,also present anemia with weight 28 kg .all other deases are not found in this time. Normal eating and stool. Sometimes arives pain .pus culture report- present STAPHYLOCOCCUS.what do i do?
Pavithra.. ( Tamilnadu )
17 Nov 2018
I am suffering from bad breath.. that is bad smell in my mouth when am speaking.. plz suggest some medicine in homeopathy...
21 Jan 2019
I am having tooth gum abscess from last three weeks. I have taken antibiotic for two weeks but not still pus is there and when I press my gum white pus comes out. What should I do
Khairul Midda ( India , WB )
10 Feb 2019
My mother (65 ) has been suffering from infection at wound (at surgery portion , few drops of liquid coming out) one year after undergoing hip replacement surgery .
SEPMAX ds (800 mg) is being used.
Can Pyrogenum 1m be given to mother alongwith SEPMAX ds (800mg) for better result ?
Anee ( India/u.p )
12 Feb 2019
Hii. I take thyroxine daily and Kali Brom 30. Radium Brom in Sunday and pyrogenium in Wednesday. Bcoz I have pimples for last 10yrs after a week of these three medicine I have very small pimples with redness and rashes. Plz tell what's wrong with this prescription.
Suman ( U P )
08 Apr 2019
Sir I am suffering from typhoid repeated from one year again and again with anorexia and protein disharge in urine also
Sandra Hoover ( USA )
30 Oct 2019
I am suffering with reoccurring cellulitis. I have a chronic leg/ankle wound from a break years ago that will not heal and I have itching which unfortunately I scratch even at night. I have been hospitalized a few months ago for it also where they pumped me full of very strong antibiotics. I have kidney issues where doctor monitors blood work every 6 months. I am desperately trying to find a holistic method to treat this cellulitis. Can you help me?
31 Oct 2019
Dear Sandra,

Try the following:
Echinacea ( Homeopathic medicine ). It will strengthen your Immune system. You can use Tea tree oil and apply it to the region. Use it in a diluted form.

Start having a healthy diet including:
Vitamin C: To strengthen the immune system.
Vitamin E, Zinc, and Probiotic diet.
Please confirm with your health care provider before taking the medication.

Read about Echinacea on this website if you are taking any medication.

Read in 'Side effects and risks' for drug interactions with Echinacea. Also, please answer the following:

1. What was the reason for which you were hospitalized?
2. Please explain your Kidney problem.

Write back for further assistance.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Soni ( India )
05 Nov 2020
Suffering from covid 19
Carmen ( Canada )
17 Jan 2021
I have 3 failing root canals. I am getting one of them extracted this week and am wondering if there is a recommendation for the other 2 remaining teeth. I plan to have another pulled once the first extraction heals.
Anna ( United States )
08 Feb 2021
I have, what I feel, is a chipped tooth, there is some pain and I don't want to go to the dentist, what would you recommend I take for the pain? I will need to go into my dentist to take care of the chipped tooth (probably a crown) but I am nervous that he will say I need a root canal.
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