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Bois Bande Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Bois Bande
Glycemic Index / Load
Bois Bande
Botanical Name
Roupala Montana

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Bois Bande Cures



Action of Bois Bande


Nutrients in Bois Bande

Taste of
Bois Bande

Parts Used

Whole Plant
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Bois bande is a tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical climate.
It grows up to 25 M.
Best used for Impotence.
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Materia Medica for Bois Bande

Queries on Bois Bande
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04 Apr 2015

Please l would like to have more info if you can send in Germany this product bois bande herb.

Thanks in advance
07 Apr 2015
Dear Josef,
Are you concerned about impotence? If this is your concern then so many herbal products are easily available. Maca and Tribulus are the example of some herbal products which are easily available and are considerably beneficial.
16 Jun 2015

Many men having erectile dysfunction usually have an underlying health issue in some cases Diabetes who generally take medications to control blood sugar levels

typically drugs taken are Metformin along with some other alpha blockers.

Does anyone within this forum who has Diabetes and taking medication for blood sugar control also using this product (bois Bande) for help with erectile dysfunction.

I am interested to hear comments
Augustine Martin
25 Jun 2020
please provide an email address for more details or send inquiry to: martinezekiel@protonmail.com
Robert Morey ND, St. George, Grenada rmoreynd@gmail.com
02 Mar 2019
Mugwort Tea effectively replaces Metformin to normalize Pancreatic function.
Dr Shane Lee
18 Jun 2015
Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition in men with diabetes. The long term poor blood sugar control damages the nerves and blood vessels.

I am not sure about Bois Bande, but when we talk about a Herbal solution, Panax Ginseng is the first herb that comes to my mind. Also known as Ginseng Korean.

It is one of the top herbs that deals with ED and Diabetes. You can have it in the dosage of 250 mg daily.
07 Aug 2015
can bois bande bring down my period i drank half cup and my period cane down how much shoud a person use in it
Herbpathy Research Team
07 Aug 2015
Dear Terry

We did not understand what exactly your problem is. Please explain in detail, only then we can suggest you the appropriate remedy.

Herbpahy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Yaw affah
18 Sep 2015
What would you recommend for peronei's condition and erectile dysfunctions as well.
thanks in advance
25 Sep 2015
Dear Yaw Affah,

You may use Land caltrops for the erectile dysfunction. It is available on Online or drug stores around you in powder or pill form. It is considered a great remedy for this condition.
Kendrick ( Netherlands )
13 Oct 2016
if u mix it with alcohol how many dose do u have take in like a half glass or do have to drink it every morning even though u not having sex.
14 Oct 2016
The dosage and the method to take the herb depends on the condition to be cured.So, please specify why do you wish to take this herb. As it is used to cure a number of diseases.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Akshay ( India / Chandigarh )
19 Nov 2016
Is Bois Bande Increase The Penis Size?
22 Nov 2016
It is to inform you that there is no herb or remedy which can help you to increase the size of your Penis. All the advertisements that you see in the newspapers or on the internet regarding the increase in size is a complete hoax. It is not at all true. It is only a way out to plunge out money from your pocket. So please do not get influenced by such things. However, there are herbs which can help to increase the sperm count, motility or quantity.
26 Jun 2018
What herbs help increase sperm count and quality
Lk Limbu ( India. Uttar pradesh )
19 Mar 2017
Dear sir. Which is useful product of bois bande..eg BB rum or any other product .I would like to increase my sexual activity....and if rum dose in ml please.
Gemma Hewitt ( United Kingdom )
28 Sep 2017
This herb is wow! i mean you only need a small bit...
It helps to take it every other day, as I found it helps to balance my appetite (food appetite) that is..
other than that...rock on! ;) x
Puma ( Canada / Ontario )
10 Nov 2017

Where can I find Bois band? in Canada?
Isaiah s ( Ma )
13 Jan 2018
How many cups max of bois bande tea can I have daily for ed
14 Jan 2020
One shot glass per day.
Paul Thor ( Canada )
18 Apr 2018
Does bois bande help with premature ejaculation. What is best herb for premature ejaculation.
29 Apr 2018
Can boi s bande be safely used by hypertensives?
Vicki ( Trinidad and Tobago )
20 Aug 2018
please understand that bois bande is a very powerful herb and can also cause priapism which can be dangerous. Bois bande is to be used in small amounts. Bois bande is very effective to help with erectile dysfunction
23 Apr 2019
Where can I get to buy in Trinidad (San Juan) And can you recommend a herb that increase the Dick size. Thank you
14 Jan 2020
Central market port of spain
Chiki chong
03 Dec 2020
sangre grande was the home of bois bande but they cut down all the trees now
30 Dec 2018
How many cups of bois bande to drink for sexual enjoyment
Marlene ( Trinidad and Tobago )
03 Feb 2019
I have an ovarian cyst i have been trying to get pregnant, but everytime do it feeds on it. Can this herb help me in anyway. What herb can i use to starve the cyst
D Ant
23 Aug 2019
Drink some vitamin c daily. U should also try black seed oil
05 May 2021
No use African bitter bush flush out parasites in the intestine that lay eggs this is what the call a cyst.
Pumpkin ( Tobago )
20 Aug 2019
Can bois bande harm a pregnant woman
21 Aug 2019
It is not advised to take Bios Bande in pregnancy. It may cause side effects.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
05 May 2021
Yes because it is a stimulus.
S. K. Gupta ( India, Uttar Pradesh )
29 Oct 2019
I have good night /morning erection but fail to erect when willing to intercourse. Which herb I may try? Viagra has no effect on me.
30 Oct 2019
Hey Mr.Gupta
Do you have any thoughts during morning/ evening erection or during intercourse?
How long have you been taking Viagra from? I might be a problem with it.
Shubash Deogarh
11 Nov 2019
Hello MR. Gupta. I suggest you go for Arborvitae herb. It is available in homeopathic form. Just visit a Homeopathic doctor near you for potency. I was given the mother tincture
Take care!!
Jeremy ( UK )
27 Sep 2020
For a while now, I have been unable to get an erection while standing upright. If I am lying on back or in a sitting position, I can become erected, but as long as I am standing, it seems as if my blood in incapable of flowing to give me an erection. Has anyone ever come across this strange malady?
I have taken several blood tests and they all came back normal. Like Gupta, this has also affected my ability to have sex normal as it takes me longer to warm up.
Jonathan ( Trinidad )
29 Oct 2020
Good day ,During intercourse i ejacuate really quickly i (literally 2 mins)would like to change that does bois bande help??
Chiki chong
03 Dec 2020
try using sensodyne tooth paste it really works
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