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Dry Socket Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Dry Socket
Medical Name
Alveolar Osteitis
Dry Socket Symptoms
Continuous pain 2 to 3 days after tooth extraction
Exposed bone
Empty hole after tooth extraction
Absence and or loss of blood clot
Pain Radiates to the eye, ear, or neck on the side of the extraction
Change of taste in the mouth
Bad breath
Lymph Nodes around the jaw and neck swell

Dry Socket Cured By

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A Dry Socket is a disease of the teeth.
In dental parlance a socket is the hole left in the jaw bone after a tooth has been extracted.
A blood clot is supposed to form in the socket, after an extraction of a tooth. The purpose of the clot is to protect the wound. The nerves and the bone are raw and will get infected if exposed to air. If the clot does not form or is displaced or dissolves, the raw wound is exposed to air, food, fluids, saliva and or anything else that might enter the mouth (like tooth brush). If that case the socket pains, yes, really pains, yes, severely pains. This condition is called a dry socket. It may last for months.

Poor oral hygiene
Had wisdom teeth removed
Birth control pills
History of dry socket

No smoking.
No chewing tobacco.
Good oral hygiene
No touching the wound with fingers
Drink plenty of fluids
No sucking liquids with straw
Eat soft food
Keep head elevated even during sleep

Your best, and maybe the only bet, is herbs. Before and after extraction take Rue. For older cases try Comfrey. Take 10 drops of tincture in luke warm water. Take it once a day for 3 days BEFORE the extraction, and 3 days after the extraction.

Do not wait for the pain to start.

Differential Diagnosis : Do not get confused between Dry Socket and Tooth Extraction.
Dry Socket is followed by Tooth Extraction.
Tooth Extraction is the removal of the tooth from the socket. Whereas, Dry socket is when the there is a hole in the socket and it is not filled by the blood clot. It usually occurs three to four days after the extraction.
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Materia Medica for Dry Socket

Dry Socket General

A tooth extraction is like any other injury. The only difference being, that it is intentional. When a wound heals, the body makes a blood clot at the spot of the wound. The same is supposed to happen when a tooth is extracted. But, if, for some reason the clot gets dislodged, the bone or more precisely the raw wound, is exposed to the air and the food being eaten. The bacteria may cause infection, which the clot was trying to prevent. Even if infection does not occur the result is pain.
The generally accepted treatment is administration of Antibiotics. Though Antibiotics, (Chemical or Herbal) will offset the infection, they will not cure. The body needs a comprehensive restoration regimen. It is recommended that this regime start before the extraction procedure.
What you can do to prevent and manage pain.
Take Comfrey at least once a day for 3 days prior to the procedure.
Take Comfrey for at least 7 days after the procedure, or as long as pain lasts.
Apply Clove Oil, locally. Use an ear bud. Soak it in water first, then dip it in Clove oil. This will dilute the clove oil, which, otherwise is very strong. Repeat thrice a day. Use brain to determine when to stop.
Gargle with lukewarm salt water. Do this after eating or drinking anything, specially if it is sweet or sugary.
Eat Yogurt. It works as a natural antibiotic.
Pain unbearable ? Jaws swollen ? Apply Ice Pack.
Put a used cold Tea Bag in the mouth. Chew on it lightly. The tannic acid will relieve pain.
Turmeric is a great healer of wounds. Make a small peas size ball of Turmeric, ghee and honey. Wrap it in a sterile gauze, tie it with dental floss. Place it over the socket. Turmeric is soluble in fat only, there the ghee.
Ayurvedic Triphla is a great antiseptic and an antibiotic. Make a pea size ball of triphla and honey. Do same as you did for turmeric.
Make a paste of Dry Salt, Turmeric and Mustard Oil. Apply locally.
Chew on plain simple sterile gauze. Then push it into the socket with the tongue. This will not allow the air to touch the exposed wound. Will alleviate pain.
Spray or rinse your mouth with Peroxide Solution. This will give immediate relief. Remember, most peroxide solutions are not food grade. Please do NOT swallow.
Chew on Valerian Root. The tranquilizing property of Valerian will give relief from pain, anxiety, and stress.
Apply a paste of Lemon and Salt locally. It is a good natural antiseptic. It will prevent infection.
Drink plenty of fluids.
The above regimen was for the management of pain and local care of the wound. However, these activities will not help the body to regrow the lost bone and cartilage. During some difficult extractions, bone and cartilage are damaged. The tooth or tooth fragments have to be practically dug out of the jaw. The body metabolism has to gear up to take care of Immediate inflammation, Fighting Bacteria, Regrowing the bone and Regrowing the Cartilage. This means Inflammation has to be combated. Cells have to multiply or proliferate. Bone has to be grown and absorbed.
Immediately on extraction Inflammation will set in. A clot must form. But, precisely this clot has been lost. We have to regrow it. After this stage comes the multiplication of cartilage cells and bone cells. First a soft callus will form and then it will harden into the actual bone. The bone matrix is now ready to be reformed by the action of osteoclast (Bone breakdown) and osteoblast (Bone building) cells.

The metabolism has to realign its functioning to meet these demands. Our duty is to help the metabolism by changing our nutrition and taking a few herbs and avoiding harmful activities or foods.
Increase calories, proteins and antioxidants.
Increase intake of lysine, arginine, proline, glycine, cystine, and glutamine. Lysine increases the absorption of Calcium.
Increase mineral and vitamin intake. If you want to read more on this subject, please go to the General para of the disease 'Fracture'.
Lets translate this into action.
Take Comfrey tea three to four time a day for 3 days prior to the extraction and 7 days after.
Take Arnica tincture 5 drops in water, twice a day for two day prior to the extraction and one day after the operation.
Take Horse Tail grass tea three times a day for two days after the surgery.
Take Winged Treebine twice a day for 3 days after the extraction.
Pain relievers suitable to your body
What not to do
Stop smoking
Stop consuming Alcohol.
Please consult your dentist before taking any herbs. They may interfere with other medication.
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