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Deviated Nasal Septum Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Deviated Nasal Septum
Medical Name
Deviated Nasal Septum
Hindi Name
Naak ki Hadi Tedhi,
Deviated Nasal Septum Symptoms
Nose Bleed
Facial Pain
Difficulty in Breathing
Noisy Breathing during sleep
Obstruction of one or both Nostrils
Bent or Deviated Nasal Septum

Deviated Nasal Septum Cured By

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Deviated Nasal Septum is a disease of the Nose.
When the Nasal Septum is displaced from the center line it is Deviated Nasal Septum.

Nasal Septum is a thin wall between the two Nostrils. It is made up of a thin Bone and the Hayline Cartilage. It divides the air passages of the Nose. In a normal nose the Hayline Cartilage is straight and a person breathes through both nostrils.
When the Nasal septum is misaligned or Deviated, it causes obstruction of one or both nostrils. In either case it makes breathing difficult.

Causes of Deviated Nasal Septum
By Birth
Injury to the Nose

If not treated properly, Deviated Nasal Septum may cause
Chronic Nasal Congestion

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Deviated Nasal Septum

Queries on Deviated Nasal Septum
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29 Dec 2015
Kindly let me know how to apply turmeric or apple cidar vinegar to treat deviated nasal septum. I am suffering with this , breathing with only one nostril for the past 20 years. I am now 64 years old male. I will be obliged for your reply at the earliest
Herbpathy Research Team
30 Dec 2015
Dear Ramachandran,J You might not have noticed it, but it might have been there since your birth. So it is recommended you should get it operated, there is no other solution for it. As per as surgery is concerned, it would be a minor one. So don't worry. Regards
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Jan 2016
Thank you so much for your kind and prompt reply. I will take action soon
27 Jul 2018
Sir my septum is mildly deviated to left side, can I fix it by yoga
Biswajit Mohapatra ( Odisha )
05 Aug 2016
Please could you tell me,this tissue will grow by your age? Because now I am 24 years but this disease has before 10 years...is it any problem if I can't go for surgery on this.
05 Aug 2016
Dear Biswajit
I suggest you to try Yoga. try some breathing exercises. They may help you to deal with this problem.
16 Apr 2018
Right answer Once I had this problem.
My doctor sugest me to do yoga and now there is no allegy
Sumeet menezes ( India )
11 Aug 2017
Nasal septum deviation and nasal polyps both and nose are blocked and now age is 24 I have a migration and breathing problem bleeding so any
Sumeet Menezes ( India )
11 Aug 2017
So pls tell me any home made treatment like ayurvedic for some time because I am staying outdoor and I have a trouble so plss help me to get out of this disease name nasal septum deviation and nasal polyps bleeding and migration too
04 Sep 2017
Dear Sumeet Menezes
We have forwarded your query to our expert. We will get back to you in a day or two.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
13 Sep 2017
Dear Sumeet Menezea
Buy Calcarea Carb 0/15 LM Potency from a Homeopathy shop. Dissolve 2 granules in half a liter of water. Do succussion every day before taking the medicine. Take 1 tablespoon every day. Take it for 2 weeks. Wait for at least 2 months to see the actions.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Liya ( Kerala )
16 Aug 2017
My nasal bone that divides the nostril isn't straight.how to make it straight? It have bend towards the left direction that makes the left nostril block.I am 14years old and so can't do surgery hope you will help me out.
05 Sep 2017
Dear Liya
Your case needs physical examination. We suggest you to please visit a doctor and go as per his suggestion. We would not be able to suggest you anything remotely.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Tejasvi ( India/Telangana )
17 Nov 2017
Hi, my nasal septum is deviated towards left side, due to which i am suffering from frequent severe headaches, facial pain, it feels a kind of unease around da nose area, & also snoring while sleeping. My age is 31 now & i m suffering frm this from da past 10yrs. Can u suggest me any remedy or medicine.
13 Dec 2017
Dear Tejasvi
Please answer the following questions and we will recommend you accordingly.
Do you have blocked nose block and nasal polyps?
Do you have nose block at night?
Do you feel dryness of nostrils and difficulty in breathing?
Do you have watery discharge from your nostrils?
Do you have headache?
Is there any injury and nose bleed?
Do you have congestion of nostrils with headache?
Do you feel like passive blood flow with feeling of tightness in bridge of nose?
These questions will help us to recommend you the right medicine.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Altaf ( Mumbai )
14 Jan 2018
I have DNS and because of that there is less gap in my right nostril and hence I get frequent sinus infection. I do not want to do surgery as the solution is not permanent. Can you prescribe any herbal medicine to prevent the nasal blockage and have the sinus flow. Thanks.
16 Jan 2018
Dear Altaf
You may try Medorrhinum 10 M 1 dose only. Get it from a Homeopathy shop. Do not repeat the dose. Wait for 2 weeks and see the symptoms.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Praveen Sharma ( INDIA )
23 Jul 2018
please i need urgent reply ,
i had my medical test for airforce in amla on 18th july 2018 . there medical doctor has unfitted me for dns i.e deviated nasal septum . i have my remedical on 9th august 2018 to get it clear .
but i want to describe that personally i never felt any difficulty in breathing or any nose problem and nor now but still i have been given dns point .
then i consulted ent specialist he also recommended me for septoplasty and agreed that i am suffering from dns .
i dont have much time to operate and correct it because it would take 4 weeks to completely heel after surgery .
so i am googling for any ayurvedic treatment that could somehow improve my dns at some extent .
please guide me comprehensively to get green card in airforce remedical exam to be held on 9th of august.
27 Jul 2018
Sir my septum is mildly deviated to left side. Can I fix it by using yoga. I do not want operation, I have nasal polyps and am taking lemna minor 30 and kali bichromicum 30, can it can fix my septum
Sajjan.k.roy ( Karnataka )
20 Sep 2018
Hi sir my left nostril is deviated septum,from this my face appearing ugly so please give me home remedies or Ayurvedic solution.in won't operation so please kindly give proper solution
Kailas ( India )
28 Sep 2018
Suffering from dryness in nose, pulling behind eyes, Pain in head/Ear at left side.
Dr. said it is due to deviated septum & given me only 01 medicine i.e for good sleeping, Is there any ayurveda treatment for this.
Bilal hussain ( India /jammu and kashmir )
25 Jan 2019
I have a problem of dns with bony spur.....i have mamory problems also ....allergy.and cough
Dipu Kumar Singh ( India )
30 Jun 2019
Sir, I had my medicals yesterday , and the doctor said I am a " Nasal Airway Patient". Does it mean I am suffering from DNS?.If yes, can you please suggest me the natural remedies for it as soon as possible
Dr. Piyush
05 Jul 2019
You may try yoga and breathing exercises. You will get relief from your respiration problem. For Nasal airway problem, visiting a doctor is the solution.
Biswajit Mahapatra ( Odisha )
03 Jul 2019
I have DNS problem..a small spetum in my left nose.in night I used otrivn nasal drops for smooth sleep..It has been last 9 Years..How to resolve it
05 Jul 2019
Herbally it may be difficult to fully cure the problem. I suggest you doing yoga and breathing exercises. It will help you deal with the problems.
However, you may consult a homeopath instead of any allopathic treatment. Homeopathy requires complete detailing of mind and body symptoms.
My husband had DNS and we went for the same. It helps.
Sona ( United arab emirates )
07 Dec 2019
My daughter is suffering with deviated septum. Please let me know the treatment details to cure the disease completely without surgery.

10 Dec 2019
Hello Sona. Try going to a homeopathic treatment for this to avoid surgery in the future. I have heard it be cured by Homeopathic medicine. Visit a homeopathic doctor or store near you for medicine.
Pallavi ( India telangana )
10 Jul 2020
Sir i have deviated spectum left side and right nose is blocked and iam feeling shortness of breath please suggest me sir i dont want to do surgery
KK ( India )
01 Sep 2020
Hello Doctor, I was facing breathing issues and post nasal drips.Upon Sinus X ray, it came out that I have deviated Nasal Septum and Hypertrophy of left interior turbinate. I have taken Anti Allergic for a month or so, but it is not getting treatment. Please advise, what should be done.
Vidya ( Karnataka )
12 Oct 2020
Sir , I have a deviated spectum on left side and my life side nose is blocked and I could breathe little from left side .and I feel my left side of my body is kind of blocked . I feel my heart will get effect because of this I'm 30 now have this problem from 20 years .but from 2 Months have noticed this breathing issue. 3 years back doctor told me for surgery and I was not willing to go for surgery.. please suggest me if any other possibilities.i could try. Thanks
Rajeshwari Sonawane ( INDIA - MAHARASHTRA )
20 Jan 2021
My age is 22. I am suffering from deviated nasal septum to left side of my nose. Can it be cured without surgery?
I don't want surgery at all. I have this deviation from past few year but from past few weeks I have difficulty in breathing.
Please help me with the exercise or yoga because I can't take surgery at all.
Please let me know the answer as soon as possible.
Tell me any solution other than surgery pleaseeeeeeeeeee.
Rajeshwari Sonawane ( INDIA - MAHARASHTRA )
20 Jan 2021
I also wan't to ask are there any nasal sprays that help to cure deviated septum?
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