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Snoring Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Khrate Marna, Khrate
Snoring Symptoms
Harsh sound during breathing at night
Sleeping Problems

Snoring Cured By

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Snoring is a disease of the Throat. It is a harsh sound produced by vibration in the Respiratory structure.
Vibration is caused by narrowing of the airways when a person breaths during sleep.
It is a harsh sound and causes disturbance to your bedroom partner.

Causes of Snoring
Tonsils present in the mouth trap and fight germs, viruses and bacteria. Tonsils may remain enlarged after fighting infection. Enlarged tonsils may obstruct airway and cause snoring.
Tongue is a flexible muscle of the Mouth. It can move in all directions. It may slip backwards into the throat and block the air flow causing snoring.
Soft Palate is a tissue present in the back of mouth. Having a long or loose Soft Palate may block airway and cause snoring.
Uvula is a structure that hangs in the Throat. It is responsible for speaking and snoring. When something causes disruption in the flow of air, the Uvula touches other structures. It creates a harsh sound.

Other factors like Obesity, Alcohol, Nasal Congestion, weak throat muscles contribute to Snoring.

If not treated properly, Snoring may cause
Disturbance to other people

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Snoring

Single Herb

Olive Oil ( Jaitun ) for Snoring

Put 1-1 drop of Olive Oil in both the nostrils before going ot bed

Sage for Snoring

Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Sage. Strain. Gargle with this liquid daily before going to bed.

Common Salt ( Namak ) for Snoring

Add 5 g Common Salt in 50 ml water. Use it as Nasal drops.

Almond ( Badam ) for Snoring

Chew 5 Almond ( Badam ) with a cup of lukewarm milk at night.
OR : Add 2 drops of Almond ( Badam ) oil in a cup of lukewarm milk. Have it at bed time.

Black Cumin ( Kalonji ) for Snoring

Add 2 ml Black Cumin ( Kalonji ) oil in a cup of lukewarm milk. Drink it an hour before going to bed daily.

Poppy ( Afeem ) Seeds for Snoring

Dip one teaspoon of Poppy ( Afeem ) Seeds in water for 5 hours. Chew them with lukewarm milk at night.

Coriander ( Dhaniya ) Leaves for Snoring

Take 50 gram fresh Coriander ( Dhaniya ) Leaves. Boil in 100 ml of water until it remains one-forth. Have a teaspoon at bed time daily.

Cherry ( Gilas ) for Snoring

Have 10 ml of Cherry ( Gilas ) juice at bed time daily.

Tomato ( Tamatar ) for Snoring

Take half cup of Tomato ( Tamatar ) juice. Add a teaspoon of Honey ( Shehad ) in it. Have it once a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Snoring 1

Take 2 pinches of Black Cumin ( Kalonji ) and 2 pinches of crushed dried Golden Bamboo ( Baans ) leaves. Put them in a cup of water. Boil. Strain. Add a teaspoon of Honey ( Shehad ). Drink it at bed time.

Herbal Treatment For Snoring 2

Take a Walnut ( Akhrot ) and 2 Cardamom ( Choti Ilaichi ). Chew them today in day time daily.
Queries on Snoring
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Anil ( Uae )
02 Feb 2019
I am 50 year old and I have one issued during sleeping I am snoring too much .
Livhuwani Mavhungu ( Limpopo )
30 Mar 2020
I am 58 year old and I have one problem of bad snoring
30 Mar 2020
Hey Livhuwani. Try few exercises for this. There can be multiple reasons for Snoring. To stop Snoring
* Lose weight, if you are overweight.
* Uplift the head side of your bed
* Change your sleeping position or Sleep on your side.
* Avoid or limit your alcohol and Smoke intake.
* Do you have any Nasal and sinus problem? Try some Nasal breathing exercises to improve your breathing as Snoring is basically a Respiratory problem and can be settled through exercises. Also, try any of the above Materia Medica that suits you. You have to try which procedure suits you better.
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