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Achalasia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Achalasia Symptoms
Chest Pain
Gastroesophageal Acid Reflux
Obstruction of Food in the Esophagus
Lower Sphincter of the Oesophagus fails to relax, preventing the food from passing into the Stomach

Achalasia Cured By

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Achalasia is a disease of the Esophagus.
When the Muscles of the Esophagus do not function properly, the food fails to move to the Stomach. It is called Achalasia.
When we swallow food, it directly goes to the Throat and then to the Esophagus. The opening that separates the Throat from the Esophagus, is the Sphincter. The lower Sphincter separates the Stomach from the Esophagus. The food moves to the Stomach and the Sphincter closes immediately to prevent the back flow of the Food. But if the Sphincter does not function properly, the food fails to move into the Stomach.

Normally, there is contraction and relaxation of the Muscles in the Esophagus. This action is known as Peristalsis. It pushes the food into the Stomach. But if the Parystalsic action does not take place, it gives rise to Achalasia.

Causes of Achalasia
Muscle disorder
Autoimmune Disease
Neurological Disorder

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Achalasia

Single Herb

Have two tablespoon of Coconut oil daily after dinner. Repeat the process for two weeks.
Queries on Achalasia
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Deb ( USA/WA )
03 Feb 2020
What about raspberry leaf tea? it specifically targets smooth muscle.
Tarun ( India )
30 Jul 2020
Does peppermint oil help in relaxing the oesophagus?
30 Jul 2020
Yes Tarun, it is helpful in managing the Esophagus troubles. Take it before meals. Use food grade oil extract and mix a few drops in a glass of water.
28 Dec 2020
The doctors has ruled that I am suffering from achalasia what are the best treatment to help with this disorder.
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