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Ayurveda for your Healthy Life

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By Rupinder Kaur Chandel on 12/29/2015 1:04:38 PM |
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Ayurveda for your Healthy Life

The modern era haughtily displays a lifestyle where the technology has made traveling, working and interacting an extremely easy task for man.
Various gadgets and technological advancement have made life far more comfortable as compared to the previous times. Even all these comforts have failed to provide man; a Stress free life.
Life has become hectic, complex and burdensome. Since, more is the advancement in the technology, more is demanded of man, more is expected of him.
Sparing out time for one's own family has become a rarity. This leads to Stress, aggressiveness and gives way to other diseases . Besides this, there are other factors contributing to a diseased body,i.e. bad lifestyle, changing environment- polluted air water and food., etc.
In this rut of life, each one is left to cater to one's own needs, causing more and more stress and distress, menacing one's very existence, disturbing peace and harmony in one's life.
To set this imbalance right, our ancestors formulated a plan, a system of medicine. It was devised thousand of years ago, yet , is as useful to the mankind today as it was then. In this blog I will not explain the definition of Ayurveda or Herbs, for that you may refer the Glossary. In this write up , you will be informed about other aspects of Ayurveda, its precise significance to the mankind.

Ayurveda is not a mere medicine system. It is not limited to medicine, but is very vast. Ayurveda is a healthy lifestyle... It teaches the practical details of balancing body, mind and emotions.
It teaches the lifestyle which includes holistic system, ranging from diet, to rest periods, to work and to live, the way you are supposed to. It includes exercise, dietary changes, meditation, yoga, baths,acupuncture treatment and herbal tonics.

Ayurveda is the part of heritage of ancient India. It aims at curing an existing disease and fixing the imbalance, if any, and aims to prevent it from getting converted into a disease. So, why are you still skeptic about this medicine system ? Ayurveda has also been recognized by WHO as an effective health care system.
Do you know ?
Even in prevalent medicine system, medications commonly used by us today come from plants.
At least one of the basic ingredients of plant material forms part of several prescription drugs available in the world. Prevalent medicine system is sort of dependent on Ayurveda for its scientific research and clinical trials.

Hence, Proved!!
Probably, Ayurveda is the only science where deadly diseases like blood cancer or leukemia is cured, without side effects.. For ex: Marijuana is a Herb which is widely being used to cure Cancer. Nations are spending billions on the research for a cure.
Scientists are researching ; how ayurvedic treatments acts selectively for Cancer treatment, inducing cell death of malignant cells only and not affecting the neighboring healthy cells, unlike Chemotherapy.
The herbal cure is getting worldwide acceptance and thus emphasizing modern scientific evaluation and extraction of medicines from plants.

So, now you know;
Ayurveda is the science of healthy and disease free life. It is the knowledge which is infinitely vast , it is abundantly supplied with guidelines which, if followed rigorously and regularly, would avoid all the fuss of visiting doctors and would spare the agony of diseases.
The health pattern carved out by Ayurveda is based on Nature and only Nature. It is not disease specific, but, acts as both curative and preventive medicine system.
It helps in rejuvenation of the entire immune system of the body; we have Rasayanas for it. The entire body system is enhanced with abundant energy and harmony.
Ayurvedic Science helps in treating certain chronic conditions, and is also known to cure auto immune disorders.
Ayurveda deals not merely with medical science, but also with the social, ethical, intellectual & spiritual life of man.
The Ayurvedic medicine system is known to provide side effect- free treatment. Since, Rasayanas are the Herbs which do not cause any side effects, so they can be used for the lifetime.
TheAyurvedic Science is not limited to Herbs, other aspects of this system starting from Herbs to Yoga, to daily routine, will be discussed in the coming write ups...............
Ayurveda is thus, the ultimate answer to all the hassle, the man is going through now, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. or may face in near future. Nature has bestowed us with abundant and precious treasure, Herbs.
Why do you still wish to go for the system, which does treat the present problem, but at the cost of giving rise to a new one............

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Rupinder Kaur Chandel


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Hailey Garcia

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11 Jun 2024
Veronica Hadidh

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10 Feb 2023
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13 Jun 2022

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Caillo Lisa

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28 Jun 2021

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07 Dec 2018
Yemsy Salako

I want to find out if you have the herbs combination for Rasayana? The blood pressure in my mum is high, I am looking for herbs and that can cure this condition that might be affecting her kidney.. Thanks I am a follower of your website and I like what you are doing. Thanks for your help.

14 Nov 2018

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13 Jun 2018
Vijay kumar verma

Ayurveda have great history in india. I like the ayurvedic product most. Nice blog.

02 May 2018
Vikas Malhotra

Ayurveda for your Healthy Life is the best blog i have seen. All the mandatory things are covered. Great Rupinder

02 May 2018

Yes, i agree. You guys must update it frequently

26 Sep 2016

Hi sir, i am frequent reader of your website. First i must say, you have done a tremendous work in bulding this website. Info on herb, diseases, organs under one roof is a marvelous effort. Only one issue that i felt, Since i am a blogger myself. I felt your blogs are not getting updated frequently. I have read them all. They are good but old.

25 Sep 2016

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