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Bitter Almond Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Bitter Almond
Glycemic Index / Load
Bitter Almond
Botanical Name
Bitter Almond
Hindi Name
Karwa Badam

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Bitter Almond Cures

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Nutrients in Bitter Almond

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Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Bitter Almond

Do not eat more than 2 kernels at any one time. For more details see Bitter Almond on this site.
Do not consume during pregnancy.
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Bitter Almonds are seed kernels inside the pips of fruits like Almonds, Apricot , Plums and Peeches.
Bitter almonds encompass all kernels that have Cyanide and or Benzaldyhide, which are actually poisons in chemical form.
They are a good herbal remedy for any type of Cancer.
If two poisons are present in Bitter Almonds, then how do they cure cancer ?
Basic remedy is Vitamin B 17 or Laetrile.
In natural form it is a part of a compound called Amagdylin
Amagdylin with its enzymes is found in the kernels of fruits like Apricot, Plums, Peeches and Almonds.
The highest concentration is in the seed kernels of Apricot.
Amagdylin is a Nitrioloside.
Nitriolisides are found in foods but are not part of the foods themselves.
The structure of a Nitrioloside, resembles the structure of a B complex. Hence termed as Vitamin B 17.
Amagdylin contains four substances.
Two Glucose,
Benzaldyhide, a poison,
Cyanide, a poison.
Cyanide and Benzaldyhide are poisons if they are released or freed as free molecules by themselves.
For them to become safe they have to be bound to other molecules like sulphur. Or they have to form part of another molecular formation. Many foods having Cyanide are safe because the cyanide remains bound as part of another molecule and therefore cannot cause harm.

Normal cells have an enzyme called Rhodanese. The task of this enzyme is to combine the poisons with sulphur and create a cyanate which is safe for the human body. The poison did no harm to the normal cells and was excreted normally through urine.

Cancer cells have a different enzyme called Beta Glucosidase. This enzyme frees Amagdylin molecules. Amagdylin frees Benzaldyhide and Cyanide molecules. The synergy of the combination of Benzaldyhide and Cyanide is greater than the sum of the two individual poisons. The cell cannot bear the onslaught. The cell has destroyed itself.

Healthy cells are untouched by the poisons. Cancer cells are destroyed by the same poisons. Mission accomplished. Cancer eliminated.

For Prevention of Cancer: 3 to 5 kernels a day.
For a patient suffering from Cancer: 15 to 20 kernels a day.
Do not consume all at the same time. It may cause unwanted effects like nausea. Spread the intake throughout the day.
Maintenance Dose after Cancer has been cured: 7 to 10 kernels a day, spread over the whole day.

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Materia Medica for Bitter Almond

Queries on Bitter Almond
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KH Cheah
06 Feb 2016
where or how can I purchase bitter almond kernels in capsule form?
Herbpathy Admin
08 Feb 2016
Dear KH Cheah
Sorry, We can not suggest that from where will you get this Herb. You will have to do some research on your own. You will find many vendors dealing with this Herb and selling it online. Please contact them over the internet and get the desired Herb in whatever form you like. Ours is only an informative website. We do not deal with buying or selling of Herbs. You may check Buy/Sell Herbs portal on this website. Different vendors post in , their details and contact number. You may check that out. Regards
Herbpathy Admin
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
22 Jan 2019
Get it easily from Chandhni chowk Delhi , khari bawari dry fruit market
22 Oct 2016
My son just bought one 2 lb bag from amazon. The vender said that it is seasonal and we have to wait. We were lucky we got our order in a month. It was for my mom she has diabetes and cancer. Can't say anything about results yet. She is using it for a week now.
Payal Jain
21 Dec 2016
Hi this is Payal Jain here my dad is diagnosed with cancer.
Can you please share your experience of bitter almond treatment for your mother andany other suggestions would be helpful...
14 Jun 2017
Buy bitter almonds on line. I think I purchased mine from ebay, but you can always do a web search. I've used bitter almonds when I had Hep. "C".
09 Dec 2017
You can get it Khari Baoli dry fruit and spice market in Delhi -06
200 rupee a kg
Sunita Chhabra ( India/New Delhi )
06 Sep 2016
i am 55 years old diabetic patient. can i eat it ? or when on a day
07 Sep 2016
Dear Sunita
Yes you may take this Herbs and also the given remedies.
1. Gymnema sylvestre tincture. Buy form a homeopathy shop and take 10 drops before every major meal.
2. Land Caltrops capsule, take 1 every day for 1 month.
Take these herbs and also keep a check on your blood sugar. Once the level goes down reduce the doses too.
R A Gupta ( India )
01 Nov 2016
how to eat bitter almonds
Sunil kumar ( U.p.india )
26 Nov 2016
I m 46 year old diabetes patient can i use bitter almod
29 Nov 2016
Sunil Yes, you may use the herb for curing Diabetes. However, before that I would suggest you please read the Genesis page , given in the Vibrant Health portal of this website.
Drink Green Leaf Juice for 15 days. A visit to that page is one of the steps to provide you with a cure.
23 Jan 2019
Jayant Mankad ( INDIA -GUJARAT )
07 Feb 2017
Is black almond potential enough to replace medicines in case of Diabetes type 2
09 Feb 2017
I have never heard of Black Almonds. What do you mean ? Is there a herb by that name ?
Sankara ( India )
14 Mar 2017
My mother aged 75 has Liver cancer in advanced stage (Adino carcinomatous). How to administer her this medicine. Are there qualified doctors practising in India this?

If so is Bitter almond could be her lifesaver. Pls, inbox me with your suggestions.
Janak Behl
17 Mar 2017
The best herb for her is soursop. Give her soursop juice everyday 100 ml for one month. She should drink 3 glasses of fresh carrot juice every day for 3 months. This is known to reverse any form of Cancer. Also, sprinkle one tea spoon of Hemp oil on her salad daily.
She can take 30 ml of Wheatgrass juice everyday for a month.
Mistletoe capsules are a must for her, one capsule daily for one month
Abhishek sanghai ( India/gujarat )
06 Apr 2017
dear sir
i am 37 years and mother is 60 years... both are diabetic
can we take half a glass 2pcs bitter almond soaked seed water soaked previous night and taken every morning empty stomach for diabetes.
is there any side effect on kidneys.
my mother is also having a fatty liver diseaset too

please suggest sir
Manoj rana ( India )
10 Apr 2017
Sir My wife is having colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. What do u suggest for her to maintain her platelets count and what to give her to ensure that it doesn't reoccur in future again. She is 35 yrs
24 Feb 2019
Has anyone tried essiac mix herb tea? Check with Indian customs if it can be imported to India. The herbs in the tea include: burdock root, sheep sorrel (with root), slippery elm inner bark, turkey rhubarb root. For more information: https://store.renecaissetea.com/products/blue-moon-herbs-essiac
Manoj rana ( India )
10 Apr 2017
God eve sir
My mother is diagnosed with RCC.. Right Kidney cancer and she has to be operated on 22 Apr.
Kindly suggest if there is any assured alternate therapy for it
Samved ( India )
17 Apr 2017
See, if she is to be operated, then i do not think I can suggest anything.
For Cancer, the best herbs are Soursop, Wheatgrass, but, then they are not assured.
Mukund Surana ( India )
14 Apr 2017
I am diabitic patient can i take 2-3 bitter almond daily suggestions required
Randeep Chaddha
17 Apr 2017
Start taking Gymnema Sylvestre tincture. 5 drops with a glass of water every day for 15 days.
Please let me know your sugar readings.
DO you take Metformin tablets ? If not, start taking 250 mg every day for a month.
But, keep a check on your sugar readings while you take all these remedies.
Awatar ( India )
18 Apr 2017
suggession to diabetic patient
take babul phali churan regularly, or best is babul panchang churan.
it will take care all short of problem you are facing
bassan vaidhya please only you can ask for suggestion
Raj ( India )
04 Jun 2017
I'm am a patient of liver cirrhosis, can I consume it? I am also on some neuromuscular medicines
28 Jun 2017
Dear Raj
Have you tried Milk Thistle and Kutki? These are very good herbs for Liver.
They are available in tablet form. Have 2 tablets every day of Kutki as well as Milk Thistle.
Also have 1 capsule of Sprulina every day.
Take these tablets for 1 month.
Try to detoxify your body on regular basis. have green leaf juice every day for 15 days.
Try the regimen and see the results after a month.
Charanjit Kaur ( Australia/ NSW )
23 Jul 2017
I am recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am also diabetic and also have high bp. In addition to that I am on depression medicine with obese body structure. Please give suggestions.
Arun ( India/UP )
24 Sep 2017
My wife (53) is diagnosed with sugar having pp148 and fasting 129. Can she take bitter almond? Suggestions required.
20 Oct 2017
The best seed for DM (diabetes-stage-2) is in fact the seed of the mango along with moss (I use Spanish moss)
U P Sinha ( India )
24 Nov 2017
Does this bitter almond or kadve badam have advers effect on kidney ?we are taking 2 pcs per day
MA Yezdani ( India/Delhi )
09 Dec 2017
My brother in law , who is 53 years old had nasal and paranasal cancer .
He got it operated at Safderjung hospital in Delhi, India a month ago
Now doctor said him to undergo through both chaemotherepy and radiotherepy
Which is yet to take in a fortnight
Can he take this herb , i mean bitter almond or sea almond
Or is there any effective treatment in Ayurveda
Please suggest ...
i will be very grateful to you...

16 Jan 2018
You may give him, Soursop juice, 30 ml every day for a month. A shot of Wheatgrass juice, 30 ml every morning on an empty stomach. A bowl of ripe Jackfruit every day for a month.
Hemp oil on salads, every day. you may use 3 to 4 drops.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Lalit Kothari ( India Haryana )
03 Jan 2018
How effective is the Kadwa badam for type2 diabetes? What is the recommended dosage &what time to be taken? Do I stop all alloepathic medicines?
Kalki narayana
16 Jan 2018
Kadwa badam is effective for Diabetes, but high dosage may cause poisoning. So I will suggest that you take Metformin tablets, one every day after meal for a month. And Gudmar capsules, one every day for a month or you may take Gudmar herb in the form of decoction.
Vanda ( Lebanon )
24 Feb 2018
Hi,my mom is 77,she is diabetic,she has coronary artery disease,osteoporosis,neuropathy and now acute myeloid Leukemia.Is there any effective treatment?
07 Mar 2018
Oh vanda. Do not worry !!
You can give Hawthorn tea to your mother. One cup every day. For Leukemia, you may try Wheatgrass juice, 30 ml every morning on an empty stomach. Garlic, 2 pods every day. This will help to cure her other problems.
2 glasses of Carrot juice, every day, for 3 months.
Dhara Jain ( Maharashtra )
11 Apr 2018
I am type 2 diabetes (dianogised 6 months agO), I am planning to get pregnant. Pls hlep me whether kadwa badam can be taken during pregnancy or any other herb through which I can delivery healthy baby. I already lost 1 month pregnancy 4 months ago due to diabetes. Pls help
Aarora ( India )
18 Jun 2018
My son is 17 yr old.he has spasticity since birth.his hamstrings are tight and tightness at the right ankle.his left hip joint has suffered subluxation .please suggest some relaxant and medicine for improving the muscle tone.
Thank you.

Vickram ( India )
24 Jun 2018
After 15 days when to use bitter almond?
Pamela D'souza ( India, Maharashtra )
03 Sep 2018
I hv given dis kadwa badam to my uncle who's wbc count is high(40.2?10). The hospital is still diagnosing whether it is leukaemia. As u said patient diagnosed with cancer should take 10 to 15 per day. He is taking 14 per day and 2day is his 2nd day. Am i going d right way or should i tell him to take something more. Plz i need ur advice urgent.
A K GUPTA ( India )
07 Apr 2019
Is bitter almond good for treating diabetes? How it is to be taken?
Dr lubna sarwath ( India/Telangana )
30 Apr 2019
Kindly tell medicine for my sister who is suffering from very advanced stage of breast cancer. even her lungs are effected. a part of brain also effected. eagerly await your reply.
Tushar Kant ( India Rajasthan )
28 May 2019
Does this control high blood sugar and how when to take.
I am a chronic liver patient.
Carla A Fort
13 Sep 2019
Can you grind the bitter almonds into a powder and put in like a smoothie drink. That would make it easier for people having problems eating them. My husband has brain cancer.
16 Sep 2019
Dear Carla A Fort,
It is sad to know about your Husband's state. Bitter Almonds are an effective treatment for Cancer. But they are known to cause poisoning in many cases. So be cautious while using it.
He can have 6-7 almonds daily. Do not take them together at once. It may cause Nausea or poisoning. You may try the following Herbs.
1. Have a fresh shot of Wheat Grass juice daily. It kills the abnormal growth of cells.
2. Have 3 glasses of Carrot juice daily and add 1 beetroot also.
3. Have 1 tablespoon of Turmeric powder with a pinch of Black Pepper.
4. Have Hemp oil every day. Add it your salads and snacks.
5. Have massive doses of Vitamin C.
Take these herbs on regular for 2 months and get your test done and send us the results after 2 months
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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