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Vaginismus Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Vaginismus Symptoms
Painful intercourse
Pain on inserting a Tampon
Pain during gynecological examine

Vaginismus Cured By

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Vaginismus is a disease of the Vagina.

The recurrent involuntary contractions of vaginal Muscles is known as Vaginismus. It causes painful intercourse and is associated with both Psychological and Physiological factors. It causes stress and effects one's sexual life.

Types of Vaginismus:
Primary Vaginismus : When a guy is not able to insert his penis in the Vagina. In this condition a girl may not even insert a tampon in her vagina.

Secondary Vaginismus : In this case the female is able to do sex at first time but she fails at second attempt. It may associated with some other psychological or Physical disorders.

Causes of Vaginismus
As the actual cause not known yet. However, the following factors may be one of the reasons.
Fear of getting Pregnant
Bad past experiences of Sex
Negative thoughts about Sex
Psychological Damage like Rape or Sexual harassment in past

Physiological factors
Vaginal Atrophy
Urinary Tract Infection
Some other Vaginal Problems
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If not treated properly, Vaginismus may
Affect one's Sexual life

Common Names

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Vaginismus

Single Herb

Olive Oil for Vaginismus

In case of Dry Vagina, Olive oil helps to lubricate the vagina. Apply it before going to bed.
Queries on Vaginismus
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Jenny ( Georgia )
28 Jan 2020
I would like to know which herbs to use if you have vaginismus?
28 Jan 2020
Sad to know your condition, Jenny. Try lubricating the Vagina with Olive oil. Try exercises or Yoga that pertain to reproductive parts. I hope it will help. Yoga is very helpful in certain problems, one like yours.
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