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Suppressed Lochia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Suppressed Lochia
Medical Name
Suppressed Lochia
Suppressed Lochia Symptoms
Lochia Remains inside the Uterus

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Suppressed Lochia is a disease of the

The vaginal discharge that comes out after child birth is termed as Lochia. It contains Blood, Uterine Tissues and Mucus. It remains for 15 to 20 days but may extend to more than a month. The color of Lochia should be checked at regular intervals. Change in color like green or yellow is an indication of an Infection. Normally the Lochia smells like menstrual discharge, but if it has an offensive smell then it is a diseased stage.
The Lochia Discharge begins immediately after delivery. In any case, if it remains inside the Body, it may create a life threatening situation or may even cause death.

Stages of Lochia:
At initial stage that is in first 4 days the Lochia is red in color as it contains blood. In second stage, the color of Lochia will become brownish. It contains Cervical Mucus, Red Blood cells, Lymph ( White Fluid ) and Microorganisms. This stage will remain up to 10th day. The last stage may remain for 6 weeks. It contains a few Red Blood Cells, Mucus, White Blood Cells in large amount and Microorganisms.

If the discharge may exceed more than 6 weeks, then a visit to the doctor is must.

If the Lochia remains inside the female's body, it may cause serious health issues.

Common Names

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Materia Medica for Suppressed Lochia

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