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Plica Polonica Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Plica Polonica
Medical Name
Plica Polonica
Plica Polonica Symptoms
Tangled Hair
Matted Hair
Frizzy Hair
Dry Scalp

Plica Polonica Cured By

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Plica Polonica is a disease of the Hair.
When the mass of Hair strand becomes twisted, tangled and matted, it is called Plica Polonica.
It may be accompanied by lice infestation. It leads to inflammation of the Scalp. Hair becomes sticky and moist.

The structure and growth of hair include the following parts.
Hair Follicle : The root of the hair from where they grow.
Papilla : It contains blood capillaries. It supplies the nutrients to the hair and the surrounding areas. This helps in hair growth.
The hair fiber is divided into three parts.
The outer layer of the hair shaft is known as Cuticle.
The second layer comes after cuticle is the Cortex.
The central hollow part of the hair is known as Medulla. The function of medulla is not known yet. It is often present in Thick hair. It is absent in thin and fine hair.
The growth of the hair is regulated by Keratin. It is a kind of protein that builds the shape and structure.
Hair are a beautiful part of the body. Healthy hair need a good care. The normal shape, structure and color of hair depends upon the genetic factors. The melanin pigment also helps to give natural color to hair. But some environmental factors may damage your hair.

Causes of Plica Polonica
Skin Problem
Genetic Factors
Environmental Factors
Use of different kind of Shampoos

If not treated properly, Plica Polonica may cause

Note : The lack of melanin pigment may cause Albinism. It is dealt with separately on this portal.

Common Names

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Plica Polonica

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Lateefah ( USA California )
19 May 2018
Is plica polonica and sign of aids. And how can a person find out if they have police polonica.
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