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Folliculitis Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Folliculitis Symptoms
Red Skin
Burning Skin
Small red bumps
Skin Inflammation
Pus filled blisters
White headed Pimples
Pain in the affected area

Folliculitis Cured By

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Folliculitis is a problem of the Hair follicles.
The inflammation of the Hair follicles which causes red spots or sores on the Skin is called Folliculitis.
Folliculitis is a result of a bacterial or fungal infection. Initially, a small red bump appears around the Hair follicles. Gradually, the infection spreads and red sores appear on the Skin. The sores are itchy and cause embarrassment.
Folliculitis may occur where there are Hair on the body. The commonly affected areas are Beard, Arms, Legs, Chest, Back and Buttocks.

Types of Folliculitis
The problem may be deep inside or over the Skin. When the problem is just over the Skin it is called Superficial Folliculitis. When the condition is deep within the Skin and the entire Hair follicle is affected it is called Deep Folliculitis.

Types of Superficial Folliculitis
Bacterial Folliculitis
Pseudomonas Folliculitis
Barber's Itch
Pityrosporum Folliculitis

Types of Deep Folliculitis
Sycosis Barbae
Gram negative Folliculitis
Boils and Carbuncles
Eosinophilic Folliculitis

Causes of Folliculitis
Injury to the Skin
Friction from tight clothing
Rubber or plastic containing dresses

If not treated properly, Folliculitis may cause
Scars on the Skin
Permanent Hair loss

Body Part(s)

Whole Body Hair

Whole Body Hair Diseases

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Materia Medica for Folliculitis

Single Herb

Lavender Essential Oil for Folliculitis

Lavender Essential Oil has Antibacterial property which soothes the inflamed skin. Apply Lavender Essential Oil over the affected areas. Repeat the process two times a day.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Folliculitis

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has Antiseborrheic and Antiseptic property which helps to eliminate bacterial infection. Apply Ylang Ylang Essential Oil over the affected areas. Repeat the process two times a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Folliculitis

Take 1 Kg sesame oil.
100 gm of 4 years old orange Peel.
100 gm of Aamla powder.
Heat them all in a pan at very low flame. Please make sure that oil should not be heated to such extant that it starts smoke. Heat it on a low flame so that you may put finger into it.
Now strain it. Add 250 ml of Bhringraj Oil, 250 ml of Neem Oil, 10 ml of Babchi oil ( Please be careful, add only 10 ml of babchi oil ). Now massage your head with this oil.
Queries on Folliculitis
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Kavita joshi
22 Jan 2016
Hello, I am suffering from recurrent bacterial folliculitis on scalp from past 10 years, I have tried all kinds of treatment but it doesn't seem to go away. Please help me.i take turmeric tablet which help in relieving the pain but the problem still persists.if you can advise some natural herb it will be great which I can use daily.i am 31 yr old mother of 2 yr old child. And I am done eating so much of antibiotics please help.
Sahej Khanna
29 Mar 2016
The only cure is desi cow distilled urine wash ur hair With it for 2 weeks and it will be vanished Sahej Khanna 9911414198
Herbpathy Research Team
25 Jan 2016
Dear Kavita joshi
Please scroll up and follow the method given in Multiple Herbs. Apart from this take Saw Palmetto internal. Study the results for one month and write us back. Always consult a doctor before taking any kind of medication.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Vikas jangid
12 Apr 2020
Hello kavita i have too same problem. How it is knw u cured or still going. If cured than please tell me how. My email is vikasjangid896@gmail.com. you can send message. Thank you.
27 Aug 2020
Im also on the same situation....if anyone found an solutions..plz reply in this ..or plz send a mail to gokulraj3094@gmail.com
Karthikeyan ( India/Tamilnadu )
09 Apr 2018
Hello I have severe stage folliculitis in head... taken antibiotics and it's cured for that time and again and again coming... now it's very severe and having multiple swollen lymph nodes in neck also... Doctor says it may be due to infection... plz suggest internal hwrbal medicine to increase my immunity. And to cure folliculitis completely
07 Jun 2018
Dear Sir
In your case physical diagnosis is very important. I suggest you to consult an ayurvedic doctor and get your test done. He will examine your condition and will recommend you the medicine accord to the condition. Nobody can suggest you the remedy without seeing your condition.
Rose ( New York )
15 Jun 2020
Hello, I have follicitus on my bottocks and I keep getting large under the skin cysts. I've tried everything and nothing helps, is there something I can take to reduce my tendency to these sore cysts like spots?!
Mrs. Terry
04 Aug 2020
The problem is internal. You have to cleanse/detox your body. Lointo green smoothie cleanse and water fasting. I like to ease into a water fast starting off with a green smoothie cleanser then water fast. Water fast is a fast and very effective way of allowing your body to heal itself. Your body stops focusing on digesting due to you not eating and focus more on healing itself wherever the body needs healing. Trust me I've healed myself of health problems the doctors didn't have answers to. Also try applying tea tree oil to your cysts. You can dilute if you don't feel comfortable using it undiluted, but it works better undiluted. And I'm not sure what you are bathing/ showing with but peppermint Castile soap is an all purpose soap and I recommend it especially for having any skin issues. God bless.
Vishwa Shah
16 Jul 2020
I ve recurrent folliculities on both of my legs. It has been due to waxing. Previously, i didn't ve n e problem after waxing but since 1 year i ve ingrown hairs on my whole legs which don't look good.I consulted many Skin specialist but there is no outcome.
Sanchez Maquina ( Hackney )
02 Sep 2020
i didn;t treat it for two years and now i have hair loss. tell me it's reversible please? there's hair sprouting out but there is what looks like bald spots or thinning. how do i regrow hair out?
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