The Human body is a marvel in structural engineering.  It is intricate.  It is delicate and is balanced.  It is a spectacular machine ---- definite and well ordered.

It is efficient.  It knows how to protect itself against physical dangers.  It is self regulating and adaptive to the changing environment. But, sometimes, due to internal (hereditary) or external factors the body and or the mind may fall sick.  The Immune system kicks in.  To some extent the body reacts to protect itself by an altered functioning, which we recognize as Symptoms. We dismiss them.  We suppress them.  We get sick.  Symptoms get worse.  We visit a doctor. We take medicine.  We get well.  Problem solved. 

What if we don't allow the problem to arise in the first place.  Call it prevention.  It takes a little effort, but is far better than bearing the agony and trouble of being sick.  We are still living an average life.  No sickness, yes.  But not a state of euphoria.  Not a state of Vibrant health.



The aim of this section is to guide you towards Vibrant Health and a Longer life.  

 Opt for  the alternative.  A healthy mind in a healthy body. Do not fall sick.  Experience an energetic, vivid, balanced, happy and healthy life. Fortify your body and mind against extremes of weather and extremes of self abuse.  You may even be able to reduce the effect of genetic disorder.

The portal is dedicated to the one, who loves his happiness and cares for his well being. For someone who's thirst for a happy and healthy life is not quenched by mere existence.  Who loves his life intensely and is ready to work for it.


Herbpathy embarks on a new and a fresh start in our continued journey towards the ultimate health possible and longer lives.

The ultimate goal of this journey is, to achieve the highest degree of health attainable, i.e. THE VIBRANT HEALTH, which in turn will lead to a long and disease free life. 

Here, on this portal, it is assumed that you are healthy.   You will have to make notes and interpret them.  We can only provide general guidelines.

The portal  is not meant for the sick.  If you are severely sick, please visit a doctor, get yourself cured.

For mild sickness or diseases , like Fever, Diarrhea, etc, refer to   

 Our fellow primates, like whales and dolphins have demonstrated  extraordinary levels of intelligence. 



What an Irony!! Humans,  being the most dominant and intelligent species, have managed to rule over the  ferocious species like dinosaurs , lions, crocodiles, but lost the battle of life to micro organisms and viruses.

e With no scientific tools, man fought  the microbes with Herbs.  Then humanity as a whole became scientific.  We, then, isolated antibiotics from the herbs and managed to kill the microbes. 

The microbes had their own defense systems.  They mutated.  They became smarter.   They developed shields against specific antibiotics.  Antibiotics became useless.  New strains were developed.  The microbes again beat the newly developed antibiotics. 


Like  every living organism, microbes too evolve for survival; and with time gain what  is called acquired resistance.  The mutation period is reducing.  New strains have to be developed much faster.  We are losing the battle.  And our bodies have become passive victims.

Can we beat them?  Yes we can.  By making our Immune System impregnable.  By going back to the Herbs as a whole.

By fighting the microbes with the synergistic power of a herb as a whole, and the synergy of combined herbal formulae.  Some herbs are curative.  They cure a diseased state.  After that,  they become counter productive.  Some herbs are preventive.  They can protect you against an impending epidemic, or a change in weather. If taken for a prolonged periods they will cause a disease.  

There are  herbs that can be consumed by the healthy to prolong life and improve the quality of life. These Herbs are known by different names in different parts of the world.  Some call them Adaptogens.  The Chinese call them Super herbs.  The Indian nomenclature is Rasayana Herbs. Names being different; action remains the same. Overall impact remains the same. To provide - Healthy, long, exuberant, vivid, and happy life.  These herbs can be taken for long periods without adverse effects.

Please consult your Health Care provider for advice regarding the use and non use of specific Herbs; whether to be combined with other drugs or used individually.



At the bottom of the spectrum of health , is a Diseased state of the mind and body.  A state where human mind and body are not in harmony with nature.  The functioning of the metabolism is impaired. It gets altered due to one reason or the other.  It needs to be cured. The medicines used for such cures have side effects and should be used temporarily. 

In the middle of the spectrum is , the so called Healthy state, which can be termed as Apparent Health.  We think we are healthy , only because we are not hospitalized or are not under medication.  We live !  Yes !  but  exist in a state of ennui.  There is no enthusiasm.   Due to the vagaries of  modern life, we exist, but are not fully energetic.  There is no  sense of euphoria.

Hereditary, Bad habits, shallow judgments, rancid food, stimulants are the cause of this state.  We wake up  in a state of mental and physical lethargy.  We drag ourselves out of bed because,  we have to.  We go through life like a Zombie.  We are lethargic in  Physique, sluggish in  Mind and hollow in our Spirit;  a picture of fatigue.

At the apex of the spectrum of health is Vibrant Health, and the aim of this Portal is to guide you towards the achievement of the same.

Lets transform this, so called pseudo Health into a state of super abundance of Energy, a highly charged Mind and a herculean Physique.  But before that, you ought to identify the platform on which you stand at present.  Are you on diseased platform, on Apparent Health or already Vibrant State.

 IF's to identify your platform : D is for a diseased stateA is Apparent Health.  V indicates Vibrant Health.

If you have a specific disease, then you are on D

Most of us think we are healthy just because we are not in a hospital or vising a doctor.  Therefore, your perception of Apparent health is hereby accepted, but, with  reservations.  We will assume , that you are on platform A even if any or all of the following are applicable to you.

If your girth is more than half your height.

If your belly measures more than you hips.

If you are a woman and your hips have become abnormally heavy( high estrogen levels is the reason, usually).  Do not ignore this, it means you are getting inclined towards sickness. The sickness might be mild.  So we will place you not on platform D, but A. Ignoring this signal might make you land at D.

Similarly, a potbelly in men is a harbinger of serious illness.

If you are apple shaped ( extra weight around girth and belly ). Pear shaped( extra weight around butts and thighs)

If you always feel tired

If you are getting shorter

If you snore 

If  you can't sleep properly

If there is a thin whitish coating on your tongue

If you are always anxious

If you catch cold and fever often

If you are constipated

If you belch often

Elasticity of Skin- time taken by the skin to regain its original shape , when pinched.

Lay one hand flat on a table, palm down.  With the other thumb and forefinger,pinch the skin of the back of your flat hand for 5 seconds.  It should return to its original shape within a few seconds, according to your age.  If you are 25 years or less : immediately,  25-50: 5 seconds, 50 and above : about 10 to 15 seconds. This is good, therefore you are on V.  If it takes longer, you are on A, and if it takes inordinately longer, you are on D.

If you are already in a state of Physical,mental, spiritual, emotional exuberance , then Congratulations!!  You are on V. This is the state what this portal is all about, what health is all about. This is the state we wish to achieve.



 What is Vibrant Health ?  The highest degree of health attainable by an individual. Not the standard form of health. A state where we actually feel vivid, euphoric, alive and full of energy.

 Where do we get it ?  We do not need to go anywhere.  You have to work for it, yourself.  No one can help you.  We can only guide you. 

 When can we start ?  The time is NOW.  If

In the quest for Vibrant health and Longevity,  you cannot turn the clock back.   For example, the eyes start to weaken at age 40.  If they are already weak at age 50 and you are wearing spectacles, you cannot consume herbs and get back your sight to age 30.  However, if you take the herbs at age 30, you can delay the weakening to age 60.  This is true for the entire body and its organs.  The good part about taking the herbs is that, if you start at age 50, further weakening can be delayed.  The aim should be to start as early as possible, or when ever you become aware of this regimen.  We suggest you start at age 20.

 Who can be Vibrantly Healthy ?  This regimen is beneficial for all human beings; male and female, young and old.   

 Why Vibrant Health? 

The suggested course of action, given below, will prolong life. It will improve the quality of life.  It will give you Vibrant health.  Younger looks.  Better eye sight.  No visits to the doctors or hospitals. No joint pains.  No osteoporosis.  No hearing aids.

Many cultures of the world have attempted for millions of years to achieve this state. They succeeded.  They lived well beyond a 100 years and remained healthy throughout.  Some of the cultures who succeeded in achieving Vibrant health are the Chinese, Indians and the Greeks.  The Indians developed an intricate science to live their life.  They call it Ayurveda. 

Unfortunately, it takes a life time to study any of them.  This portal attempts to distill that knowledge, sublimate it into a concise practical exercise and deliver a Path of Action ( POA).  We have attempted to take out the guess work from the intended activity.       

 Herbs can be divided into three categories. 

  • Medicines or Remedies.  These are herbs that are used to cure specific diseases.  They affect specific organs.  They are used only as long as they are required.  Once the disease has been cured, their use must be stopped.  They have adverse affects, commonly known as side effects.  They must be used on the advice of a doctor.  Do not attempt self medication. 
  • Assistant Herbs.  These herbs assist other herbs to enhance their effects.  They are the force multipliers.  Licorice is one of them.  They also must be used sparingly and on the advice of a doctor only.
  • Super Herbs or Rasayans.  In TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine)  they are called Super herbs.  In India, in the  Ayurveda system of medicine, they are called Rasayans. These herbs are normally Adaptogens.   Adaptogens are those herbs that affect the body as a whole.  They will affect the metabolism, the pathology, the physiology, the mind and the spirit.  Their action on the human body is bipolar.  If the blood pressure is high, they will bring it down to normal.  If it is low they will bring it up to normal.  They optimize the functions of the body.  They have no side effects.  They can be used for long periods without detriment to the body and mind.  This is the general rule.  However, they affect different people differently.  They may be hot or cold in nature.  Some are good for winters and some for summers.  A herb may not be suitable for an individual because of the peculiarity of the latent genetic nature.  With so many variables,  it is best to experiment with a very small dose first.  If it suits you, increase the dose.  However, take advice of a professional health care doctor.

Medicines have adverse effects. Normally known as side effects.  They must be used temporarily. Adaptogens have no side effects.  They can be used for a long span of time. Adaptogens bring about a gradual change in the body, where your own immune system takes over and cures minor ailments.  Even if you are suffering from a disease, the use of Adaptogens will so fire the metabolism, that the body tends to correct itself and consequently cure the specific organ. Therefore, it might be in order to attempt a cure through the use of Adaptogens first. If, however,  the cure does not come about, then we can try the specific remedy.

 We have identified 12 highly efficient  Adaptogens. However, the variables due to genetics, climate, weather, geographical location can affect different human beings differently. Therefore, a little experimentation by the user is necessary.

 Most of us want a cut and dried solution. However, there is no readymade solution here.  Experiments with your specific body and specific Adaptogens are mandatory.

 The portal attempts to advise you , to experiment for  6 months, and, use the Herbs that are suitable for you and then, you may continue to take them for the rest of your life.

This regimen is beneficial for all human beings; male and female, young and old.   The sooner you start, the better.  It is recommended that you start at age 20.  In this quest for Vibrant health and Longevity,  you cannot turn the clock back.   For example, the eyes start to weaken at age 40.  If they are already weak at age 50 and you are wearing spectacles, you cannot consume these herbs and get back your sight to age 30.  However, if you take these herbs at age 30, you can delay the weakening to age 60.  This is true for the entire body and its organs.  The good part about taking these herbs is that, if you start at age 50, further weakening can be delayed.  The aim should be to start as early as possible, or when ever you become aware of this regimen.

 Suitable :  The word suitable has been used to connote a remedy that is beneficial for you.  It means that the consumption of the remedy must not create adverse or negative side effects. 

However, when something new is introduced to your body, it is bound to create an upheaval.  Most of us who feel healthy, actually have toxic livers and our kidneys are really not an epitome of efficiency.  Most of our organs are functioning below par, but we feel healthy because we are not aware of anything better; we have not yet experienced Vibrant Health. 

Sometimes the reaction is violent.  In its endeavor to rid the body of toxins the herb may do so, by establishing a discharge.  You may experience loose stools, diarrhea, expectoration from the lungs, discharge of phlegm from the nose and throat, excessive sweating or discharges from the reproductive organs.  This may last for a day or two.  If it persists, please discontinue the remedy.  Then it is NOT suitable.  The acid test of suitability is when the person as a whole feels better, mentally.  The individual symptoms may become worse, temporarily.  Eventually the whole person must feel euphoric, should be  exuding energy and must display a radiant body. Yes, it should be a MUST.

How to achieve Vibrant Health ?

 Equipments required :

  • Blood Pressure measuring equipment
  • Apparatus to measure Sugar level.
  • A Stopwatch.

 Method :   

  • Measure your BP and Pulse, thrice a day.
  • Blood Sugar, once after every 7 days.
  • Uric Acid and  Creatanine, every 15 days.
  • Note down the date, and these parameters.
  • Make a chart.
  • Start with the first Herb.

 Readings and their Meaning.  It is assumed that you know the normal readings.  If not, please get them from a pathology lab.  It is immaterial what your initial readings are.  The aim is to get them to  normal after 6 months.  Just note them.  Each herb may or may not affect the readings.  However, it must not affect  them adversely.  If they are normal, they must remain normal.  If they are abnormal they must remain as such or become better, not worse.  If they do become worse, discontinue the remedy, go to the next one.

 Blood Pressure readings as per the age

Upto age 30 -   110/70 +-10  (40 pulse pressure)

30 to 60 -        120/80  +-10 (40 pulse pressure)

After 60 -        130/80  +-10 (50 pulse pressure)

The difference between the upper and lower pressure is called Pulse Pressure.   The acceptable reading of pulse pressure is 40.   As you advance in age, this pulse pressure keeps on increasing.  This is what is happening to you now a days. Our aim is to keep that pulse pressure at a constant value, i.e 40.  No matter what age you reach, pulse pressure should be  40.

 The normalcy of the digital parameters alone does not constitute Vibrant Health.  The aim of this exercise is the overall well being of a person.  There must be exuberance in all aspects; Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.



 If you have read so far, it means you are ready to take the plunge into active participation.  You are ready to take the bull by the horns.  You are ready to attack the enemy from within.  But, first, lets consider the state of your health.  If you are predominantly on platform D, it is advised that you take action to bring yourself up to A.  The leap from D to V is not advised.   A diseased body and mind is vulnerable to any and all influences, including otherwise beneficial herbs.  Herbs may act strongly and produce unwanted side effects. It is advised that if you are on platform D, you visit a doctor, get cured and reach at least platform A.  From there, the protocol given below will take you to the heights of healthy living. 

Let us presume that you are on platform A. i.e. Apparent Health.  Role out the carpet.  Raise the flags.  Blow the trumpets.  Let the contest begin.  For some, its the battle of the bulge.  For others, its the fight against the cellulite on the hips.  The rest of us will try to beat old age, improve our vision and smooth out wrinkles. 

Hereditary has a strong influence on our lives.  When we are young and our defense mechanisms are in order, we tend to overcome the negative aspects of hereditary.  If, at any stage our immunity is compromised, hereditary will kick in and allow hithertofore dormant diseases to attack us from within.  Some strains or elements of  Cancer and or Tuberculosis. are present in all of us.  Our immediate ancestors may not manifest any signs of these diseases, they are there none the less.  To fortify ourselves against the possibility of these diseases overpowering our immune system we advise taking 4 doses of homeopathic dilutions given below. This is only a suggestion, please consult your doctor before consuming any remedy.  No matter how harmless a remedy or system is, it might affect you in a manner peculiar to you.  It might harm you.

Part 1.  Care of the Metabolism.  the body and mind as a whole.

 D day is the day on which you start the course.

D day.  Take Carcinosin 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only. Protects you against cancer for life.  Kills the fear of Cancer.  

D day plus 30.  Take Tuberculinum Bovinum 10M( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only. To correct the tendency of the body to develop phlegm.  

D day plus 60.  Take Carcinosin 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only.

D day plus 90.  Take Tuberculinum Bovinum 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only. 

Since the economy of the body is being set right, there may be some discomfort.  If it is not alarming, just let it pass.

Having protected ourselves, lets proceed towards vibrant health and longevity.

 There are two ways to tackle the problem.  One is the Indian way, the other, is universal.

 The Indian path is based on Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is a way of life based on the concept of balance in mental, spiritual and physical systems.  Its tools are proper food, herbs and yogic breathing.  We will be using Rasayan herbs for this protocol.  They are usually adaptogens.  It is alleged that they do not have side effects.   But we will proceed with caution.  We will try out each herb singly and only if it suits our particular body and mind, we will proceed to use it for prolonged periods.



Concurrently with the above homeopathic remedies the following herbs need to be proved by your body before you can take them for long periods.

D day.  Triphala .  Start taking it daily for a week  to establish its suitability.  According to the Indian system of medicine ( Ayurveda ), Constipation is the root cause of most diseases.  Then lets get it out of the way.

Most of us feel we are not constipated.  That is not true.  Most of us are constipated to some extent.  Only after taking Triphala for some time you will experience  the feeling of complete evacuation.  There is a difference between other medicines/remedies/herbs for constipation and Triphala.   Other medicines are either laxative or purgative.  They, either irritate the intestines or increase the peristaltic action.  Their action is local and temporary.  Triphala affects the metabolism and optimizes the functioning of the body as a whole.  The effect starts with a better Digestion.

Dissolve one heapful teaspoons of Triphala powder in 400 ml of water.  Bring it to one boil, and remove from the flame.  Let it cool and stay over night.  Do not refrigerate.    Keep it overnight.  Drink this the next morning.  Observe the effects for a week. if good, continue for a month.  If bad, STOP , discontinue.  

Dosage and Timing.  Our guidance ends where your  particular system starts.  From here on you have to experiment with the amount and timing.  It may suit you first thing in the morning or it may be best for you as the last thing at night.

Form.  You can experiment with dry power with water or milk.  You can make a decoctions as given above. You may opt for capsules or tincture.  You could even make your own tincture.

Indication that its working.  Within a day or two, you will start having gas in the abdomen.  You won't feel bloated but you will pass it easily.  It may be smelly.  this only indicates thet the system is reacting favourably.  The condition will pass off in a bout a week.

D day plus 8.  Amla : Great Indian Health tonic.  Amla is an ingredient of Triphala too.  This herb tonifies the entire system.  It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C.  Cures Diarrhea, Dysentery, and boosts the Immunity. Take it for one week.  If it suits you continue for life time,  otherwise stop.

D day plus 16.  Isabgol ( 1 month ) :  A powerful Cholestrol scavanger.  It also roots out Constipation by its laxative action.  Take 50 gms of Isabgol .  Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.  Grind them, not too fine.  Take one heapful teaspoon full.  Add it to a glass of warm water.  Drink every morning.  Drink immediately, do not keep.  It will suit you.  You do not have to check for side effects.  Stop after one month.

D day plus 31.  Punarnava ( one month ) :  The very name means Rejuvenation in India.  The Herb is known to rejuvenate and vitalize the body.  It will optimize the functioning of the metabolism.  It is bipolar.  If something is higher than normal, it will bring it down.  If something is lower than normal, it will bring it up.  It is an adaptogen.  It can only benefit, and keep on benefiting.  It cannot harm.  But, we will not accept what is written in the vedas, nor accept any research on mice, animals or humans.  Each of us is different, and all herbs act differently on each of us.  So, we mus try it on our own body and mind.  Buy the Kwath of this Heb (  Kwath means water extract.  in case of Punarnava, it is better than other preparations ) .  Take 10 ml a day with a little water.  Measure your parameters as outlined above.  This herb is going to affect everywhere.  It will help you against diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and everywhere else.  First try it for a week.  If it suits you continue for a month.

Stop Triphala 

 D plus 60.  Ashwagandha for men :   The Indian Ginseng.  If you are a male, it will make you a man.  Start taking Ashwagandha in addition to Indian Gooseberry.  Capsules/tablets would be a good form.  Take with luke warm milk.  Experiment with the dose.  Test it for a week.  If it suits you take it for a month.  It is best used for Anxiety, Fatigue and Depression.  It enhances Strength and Stamina. The herb is predominantly a male Herb, but is beneficial for females in regards to the Blood Pressure and improves the health of female Reproductive organs.   It is a great tonic for the kidneys and the male reproductive organs.  Combats impotence and delays ejaculation.  

D plus 60.  Shatavari  for women :  Start Shatawari for the next one week, for testing.  A superb Herb for the female Reproductive System.  Also beneficial for treating female and male infertility.  It nourishes and tonifies the reproductive organs. It is an excellent herb for regulation of the menses.  This Herb has a cold  potency.  If it suits you take it for one month, otherwise stop.

D plus 90.  Tulsi :  ( One Month )  ake  Basil for a week.  If it suits you take it for a month.  It regulates Blood Pressure, Combats Stress, prevents Hair loss and Dandruff.  Also, relieves the symptoms of Common cold and Flu.

Every Winter.  Shilajeet :  Asphaltum is the ultimate weapon in our fight against aging.  If Ashwagandha is rated equal to Ginseng, then Shilajeet, has to be put on a pedestal higher than both of them.  It is hot in nature and suits most people in winters.  It is a superlative remedy to speed up convalesense.  Its a cure all.  It specially suits people who are always cold and or have low blood pressure.  However, the dose must be controlled by you and you alone.  First, procure the real thing.  There is too much fake going around.  Start with the equivalent of a rice grain.  Dissolve it in hot milk.  Take it for one week just before the onset of winters.  Give break of one week.  Now double the does.  Take it for a week.  Now triple the dose but take it every alternate day.  Stop when winter wanes.  Repeat every winter.

 By now you should be feeling energetic and full of life.

Life Style.  Sickness reduces life.  Sickness can be avoided by some simple rules.  Here are some.

In winter, keep yourself warm.  In summer, keep even warmer.  The Ac must never be set below 24 degrees centigrade ( 75 Deg F ).  No relaxation.

Do not drink iced water.

Do not eat white bread or nay kind of fine flour.  If fact, eat no bread at all. 

Do not eat white sugar.  Never consume sweeteners.  Always use raw cane sugar ( Jaggary or Gur ).

Do not stay damp.  If you get wet, dry out as soon as possible.

Part 2.  Care of the individual organs

Now that we have taken care of the body as a whole, let us devote our study to the care of individual organs.  The body and the mind give us many indications that things are going wrong.  If we pick up the clues and act , we can save ourselves a lot of trouble.  Rather than going through a series of tests and diagnostic calesthenics, let us embark on an error free course to fortify our organs.  Most serious diseases start by upsetting the Pancreas.  With excess sugar in the blood to be filetered, the liver and the kidneys are taxed and have to work overtime.  They get damaged or 'worn out'.  Kidneys affect the heart and the heart affects the brain.



This protocol incorporates the thinking of the Chinese, Greeks, Unani and other systems of medical treatments around the world. No culture in the world has a standardised format or sequence for the administration of antiaging herbs.  All cultures have herbs that are antiaging, adaptogens and or bipolar.  There are herbs that affect the metabolism as a whole, like Ginseng and Aswagandha.  There are herbs that benefit specific organs, like Goji berry is good for the eyes.  Each of them affect each individual differently.  It is therefore,advised that the experiment with small doses must be done on your person.  We should not rely wholly on research papers.  Literature available around the world is general in nature and not specific in relation to your body and mind.  The suitability of any herb can only be determined by your doctor.

A suggested sequence of herbs is given below, starting with the herb least likely to affect a human being adversely. 





Siberian Ginseng

American Ginseng



 Note : All Herbs should be taken in capsule form, except Gojiberry, which should be taken as fresh or dried berries.

The experiment has been divided into 2 parts



  Part 1

 1. Goji Berry :  Start with this Herb. It really has no side effects. It promotes good health and takes care of your Eyes. Buy good quality Gojiberry. Take 20 gm everyday. If it is too hard, you may soak it in water for 15 minutes.

 If it is suitable to you, continue using it. If it does not – STOP. 

 2. Ganoderma, commonly known as Rieshi : Top herb for longevity.  Also known as  “Fairy Herb”. The herb is known to have exceptional Health benefits. The herb which ensures Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional wellbeing. Repeat the procedure as in case of Gojiberry. Continue taking Goji Berry along with this Herb. They complement each other.

 If it is suitable to you, continue using it. If it does not – STOP.  

3. Gynostemma : The optimum Herb which ensures to provide you an  overall health.  provides relief from Stress and Fatigue, relaxes mind and nerves.  Deals with Depression, Obesity, Anxiety, Constipation and Diabetes.  The herb has great Anti Cancer action and strengthens the Immune System.

 4. Notoginseng :  This is an all weather longevity Herb. Acts as an excellent Blood tonic, increases Blood flow to the Heart, improves the consumption of Oxygen, lowers Blood Pressure and takes care of any bleeding, internal or external. If Notoginseng is suitable to you, make a note of this fact.

 5.  End of Part 1. Stop taking the above mentioned Herbs.

Part 2

6. Now, again take Goji Berry and Ganoderma together.

 7. Add Siberian Ginseng after 15 days.

Siberian Ginseng : This Herb is perfect to revitalize your mind and to get rid of Stress. It is a great Immunity booster and an amazing Health agent. So, if you are constantly pestered by Stress, this Herb is the best bet.  It is beneficial for every organ of the body.  It has a hot potency, so prefer it for winters.

Stop taking it after 15 days.  Note its suitability.

 8. Now experiment with American Ginseng.  Take for the next 15 days.  If Goji Berry and Rieshi had suited you, continue taking them.

 American Ginseng : It is cold in nature, so prefer consuming it during summers. Thats the general guide line.  However, you may consume it in winter as well. Best used to cure Diabetes, Stress and Immune System. The Herb also combats Sexual Debility.

Stop taking after 15 days.  Note which is better for you, Siberian of American.

9. Add Shisandra to Goji Berry and Rieshi. Take for the next 15 days.

 Schisandra :  The herb is known to delay Aging. It is a rare herb, in that it is an all rounder.  Tastes determine the action of a herb on the body.  Most herbs have on one or two tasks.  Schisandra is the  only adaptogen which has 5 tastes.   5 tastes means it will take care of all the parts of the body.  It is good for mental health and promotes a healthy Nervous System.

Stop after 15 days.

 10. Add Cordyceps.  Take for next 15 days.

Cordyceps :   The herb takes care of the Cardiovascular System. Is an amazing Lung Tonic.  It balances the anabolic and catabolic activity of the metabolism.  It is a potent herb to prevent and combat Cancer.  It also combats Sexual Dysfunction and Stress.

This ends the experiment, Now look at your Chart and determine for yourself, which herbs  suit  you. 

 Send us this list and we will guide you regarding a course of action for the rest of your life.

Some guide lines

 Regimen to be followed for life.  It is assumed that you will discard the herbs that were not suitable for  you.  Please apply the following rules according to your convenience.

 For one month in every three months take Goji Berry, Rieshi and Indian Goose Berry.

If Notoginseng agrees with you, it is the best of the Ginsengs.  Take it for one month in every three months in addition to the above. 

Take Ashwagandha and Shatavari for one month in every 6 months.

Prefer Ashwaganda in winter and Shatavari in summer.

Siberian Ginseng is for winter and American Ginseng is for summer.

If your body has heat, opt for American Ginseng.  If you are cold then take Siberian Ginseng.

If you are a male, prefer Ashwagandha.  If you are a female take Shatavari.

Take Schizandra, Cordyceps, Basil,  for 1 month in every 6 months.

 If you are in doubt regarding the action of any herb, please refer to            


The regimen mentioned above was meant to optimize the functioning of your metabolism.  however, the start of every disease is from the  Pancreas.  First the Pancreas malfunction, Diabetes develops.  When glucose level increases in the blood and body, Liver and Kidney have to work overtime to filter the same.  The Kidneys are a strong organ, and do not complain or malfunction till the time they are damaged upto 80%, and by that time, it is too late. If they get bad, it then affects other intricate organs like Heart and  Brain.

Therefore, the answer lies in taking action before anything goes wrong with these vital organs.

A detailed description of that ACTION to be  taken , so as to prevent  the malfunctioning of our imperative organs -------- coming soon                                 

 Motivation.  If you think the task outlined above is arduous,  think of the alternative. It should make you shudder !!!!!





Reviews on Vibrant Health
Col. Sukhija
19 Nov 2015
Thank you so much Herbpathy. I have read your Vibrant Health. I find the thought process really rejuvenating and different than the rest. Now feedback---
I am 72. Have an enlarged Prostrate. Due to which I have to go for urination very often. My urination becomes difficult when my colon is full of shit. It becomes easier and smoother after I have passed out my stool. My BP was 140/70. My uric acid was high- 8.5. Triglycerides were 220.
I started your INDIAN REGIMEN one month ago, Started with TRIPHALA-- For the first few days, it worked wonders and I was relieved of constipation. but, after a few days, again constipation . Have been continually takin AMLA. Not seen any effects yet. Took Ashwagandha and Arjuna together ( as mentioned on your website). After 15 days, got my tests done. My uric acid increased by 1 point. My cystolic increased to 145 and dystolic decreased to 62. Though, my Headache has been cured now. Tgl increased from 220 to 246. After 15 days, i stopped the Indian method. On 15th , I shifted to the universal method. Started with American Ginseng and Gojiberry. I will report to you after 5 to 6 days. okay!!. Will keep you guys updated. Advise me then :)
Neelam Bangia w/o col Jp Bangia
19 Nov 2015
Vibrant Health--Very educative
My wife,Neelam Bangia started taking Triphla Water
as explained and suggested in Vibrant Health,first thing
in the morning.She has to vomit after 5 to 10 minutes.
There no appreciable difference in Constipation .However,she
is feeling more energetic than before. Should she continue the
regime with Amla as suggested in VH.
Dr. Aashok Trihan
19 Nov 2015
Dear Neelam Bangia,
I am an ayurvedic doctor in Nagpur. I know the action of triphala very well. Any purging, discharges or vomiting must be considered as cleaning actions of the herbs. All you have to do is to reduce the amount to one fourth. Let the herbs draw out the toxins slowly. Once the body gets used to triphala then you can increase the does. the fact that you are feeling more active is an indication that the herbs are acting beneficially. Lucky you. Thank the Lord for what is happening.

Herbpathy guys. I appreciate the simplicity with which you have explained everything. You are really helping the common man by giving him a protocol to follow.

Herbpathy Team
20 Nov 2015
Dr. Aashok Trihan, Thank you for sharing such an informative piece.
Dear Mrs. Neelam Bangia
We do confirm with whatever Dr. Aashok Trihan wrote. Your body needs time to get used to Triphala. This vomiting is the indication of removal of toxins from the body.
You should try with minimum possible dose, initially and then with time, when your body gets adapted to it, you may increase the dosage.
Do not worry. These are not the side effects. Just elimination of toxins.

Herbpathy Team
( Make Health Healthy
G.A. Qureshi
09 Dec 2015
Dear Herbpathy Team,

In this portal against CARCINOSIN 10M AND TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM 10 M you have mentioned one dose only. Kindly explain what is the measure of on dose.

Herbpathy Team
30 Dec 2015
Dear G.A. Qureshi

Yes, its been mentioned that you are supposed to take only one dose. Carcinosin 10 m or Tuberculinum 10m, here 10 M indicates the potency of the medicine.
By one dose we mean- 4 globules. That's it !!

Remember, only one dose .

Herbpathy Team
( Make Life Healthy )
21 Jan 2016
Dear Herbpathy Team,

In this portal against CARCINOSIN 10M AND TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM 10 M you have mentioned one dose only. Kindly explain what is the measure of on dose.
27 May 2016
Hello sir, I am amazed to find the reassure of information in this website. I delivered 2 years ago and since then I have been worried about everything. I fear every possible disease including cancer. I am keen to start the protocol mentioned by you but I do not have any doctor that can guide me. You mentioned follow your doctors advice , is here anyone from your team who can guide me.

I have severe digestive issues and been visiting doctors. Some call my problem as candida , some say psychological. My personal and professional life is affected since I am always worried about my health. I am a vegan and I worry about eating enough calcium and protein too.. As a breastfeeding mom I am always in pain as I have too much dryness all the time. Please advise how I can start the routine for my health.I HAD VISITED A DOCTOR EARLIER AND HE HAD GIVEN ME ONE DOSE OF SOME MEDICINE , I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME. IF ITS THE SAME AS YOU MENTIONED, SHOULD I NOT TAKE THUS MEDICNE.

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