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Inheritance by Birth

Heredity is the combination of biological processes by which the characteristics of the parents are passed down to the children.  It has three components :

First, is the consistency of the species; the passing down of the general characteristics from generation to generation; man will be a man and a cow will be a cow. 

Second, is the development of a person with individual characteristics; a combination of specific peculiarities drawn from the mother and the father.  This ensures that each one of us is a unique entity.  Even twins have some differences.

Third, is the passing down of latent disease from parents to progeny. 

Inheritance by Evolution

First.  A living organism is made up of cells.  A cell is made up of one nucleus, vacuoles, and mitochondria.  The human nucleus consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes.  Chromosomes are composed of genes.  And we know that genes are composed of a chemical known as DNA.  It is an acid. There are two types of DNAs. 
The DNA that forms the Genes is called the coding DNA.  It resides within the Gene.  This is responsible for passing on traits within a species from generation to generation.  This is the one that makes us a man or a cow. 

Second.  The other DNA is called the non coding DNA.  It is on the chromosome string between the genes. This DNA is responsible for our uniqueness. 

Half the chromosomes come from the fatheChinese Herbsr and the other half come from the mother.  Each pair has one chromosome from father and mother.  So, we inherit traits, characteristics, dispositions and predispositions from the father and the mother.  We also inherit tendencies and susceptibilities towards particular diseases. 

We inherit:
Physical features like the color of our eyes and hair, the shape of our limbs. 
Mental and psychological attributes like intelligence and a disposition to happiness or sadness.
Unfortunately, we also inherit diseases or tendencies towards a disease like diabetes.

Sometimes the susceptibility is not manifested at birth and may lie dormant.  Then, it gets triggered by an event in later life, like a prolonged exposure to cold or excessive smoking.  Examples of genetically inherited diseases are Cystic Fibrosis, Tuberous Sclerosis  and Huntington's disease.  The best example of genetic inheritance is our metabolism; the way we digest our food and burn it to get energy.

Third.  The Latent Scrouge.   Some time before man began to document events, we, the human race,  acquired a disease called Leprosy.  Various cures and treatments were resorted to.  They were all suppressive, not curative.  The suppression caused the bacteria to mutate.  It changed its form but insidious symptoms developed.  Man passed on this suppressed disease to his children.  Successive,  suppressive treatment drove the observable symptoms within.  The disease remained. It is not clear whether DNA has any part to play in the development of congenital symptoms in the offspring.  But, it is clear, that the disease was transferred to the child.  The form may be modified or diluted, but it did affect the child.  As the intensity of the disease decreased over the ages, (Probably due to cross breeding) the child was born seemingly healthy, without disease.  But a predisposition remained.  Whenever the immunity of the individual was compromised, or a trigger, like a sudden environmental change, occured, the individual would become sick; the latent disease would surface.  Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, called it Psora.  Today, 80% of all idiopathic disease can be attributed to Psora.  The other 20% are a result of 'suppressed' Syphlis and Sycosis.  These two are sexually transmitted diseases acquired by man.  If not eradicated internally, an individual will pass it on to his descendants in the form of a latent predisposition.  Hahnemann propounded the theory of Miasma.  Miasma is that latent predisposition inherted by a child which is the result of a suppressed disease, mainly Psora, Syphlis and Sycosis.  It is not the disease per se, but the predisposition.

A miasm is an inherited or an acquired predisposition towards chronic illness. It is triggered by adverse environmental conditions or detremental life style.  A Miasm is a dormant disease predisposition.  Miasm defines susceptibility.  Miasm may remain dormant through out the life of a generation and surface in the third generation.  It might change form, from generation to generation.  

The conditions that would modify a miasm in your body:

Management Of  Hereditary Diseases

Diseases acquired due to sudden changes in weather or lifestyle are easy to cure.  Inherited diseases are difficult to manage. Diseases acquired by an individual and then passed on to the progeny (Miasms) are very difficult to manage and extremely rare to cure.  In most cases, the doctor settles for a life-long treatment,  (Not cure).

Managing Heredity By Marriage. 

Husband and wife should not be from the same blood stream.  When two blood relatives marry to produce a child, that child is likely to be more prone to disease than if they were from different regions and different cultures.  Example:  If one parent is from Siberia and the other from the equator, the child is likely to be robust enough to bear cold and heat.  This may happen.  But when same blood stream people marry and they both have a diabetic disposition, the child is at a far greater risk to develop the disease with a very slight provocation, either by lifestyle or environment.

Treating Emergencies created due to Heredity.  The best thing to do is to go to a hospital.

Managing Chronic diseases grafted by Heredity and triggered by an adverse incident.  Death of a loved one may activate a latent miasm.

Where Lies The Answer ?

The genetic variations do add to the development of a disease, but, do not directly cause it. 

The modern existing system of medicines have been talking, studying and researching on this subject called Hereditary Diseases. 

But, has not come with an effective way to modify or reduce the existing disposition of a Disease.

Humans are vulnerable to the forces of nature, like

- The dynamic environment; you can do nothing about it. You gotta adapt yourself to.

the ever changing surroundings. The one who is fit, survives and the other who's not, gets eliminated. This is an ongoing law of nature.

- The impure air and water, you have been breathing in. You can not do anything about it.

Can you ?

- And Lifestyle. Ahaa!! Here you can do a lot. Remember, your lifestyle determines your quality of Health. If you are responsible

  enough you will strive for a better lifestyle and a healthy life.  This is what the portal Vibrant Health is all about.

Homeopathy Is The Answer. Most systems of medicine give up on the face of these unchangeable situations.

Of all other medical systems, Homeopathy alleges that it can counteract the effects. It can prevent the predisposition from

turning into a disease. It helps in wiping out the inherited traits, and thus the predisposition. 


So, the treatment should start immediately after the mother has conceived. To prevent genetic and hereditary disorders in a child

( genetic and hereditary are not synonyms to each other ),the health of the mother is of cardinal importance.

Managing Heredity By Focussing On Mothers

Health of the mother is an eminent factor in this process. So, its preservation and betterment should start immediately after the conception.

Congratulations on conceiving !!

Isn't it amazing ? You'd be getting company inside your own skin. From a single cell, you would be creating a new human being!!

So, ladies , once you have got the good news, this voyage, contributes to the objective of ensuring your health and your baby's health as well. Make him/her resistant to any disease.ou know, you are about to embark on a sublime journey. Brace yourself.

Do not forget that each step you take now, during this phase, fosters the development of your to be born and give him/her a healthy life.

We have designed a protocol to be followed, which will ensure that the child to be born does not inherit any strains of diseases from his fathers or forefathers :  Mother Care is crucial For A Healthy Motherhood.

The protocol  aims at immunizing the pregnant mother and the infant against the diseases and  Miasmas.

Managing By Curing the Miasmas is the Third Step Against Hereditary Disorders.

Once, the mother has been immunized, the focus shifts on the Child Care, this is the Fourth Step Against Hereditary Disorders :

Can a child be born with a disease to the parent without any trace of it ?

Even if you are healthy, your child can be born with a disease because of gene impairment. We will tell you how.
There are two copies of genes. If one gene gets defected, then the other can make up for the defected one.

This will not cause any illness. Since, one gene out of the two is strong enough to compensate the defected one........

But, if a child inherits two genes with a defect, then he/she will be diseased. If both the egg and sperm carried the defective(bad, mutant) gene, then the child will have no working (good/normal) copies, and will manifest the disorder. 



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05 Nov 2018
Hi, I have hirsutism. Both of my parents are hairy, can hirsutism be inherited?
Is there a permanent cure for it? As a lady I'm stuck with wearing long cloths because of the excess hair on my legs and thighs.
Also my legs swells when i sit for as little as 10 minutes. My hip joint makes noise when I walk and I feel pain my hip joint when stand up after lying down for a while.

Thanks for the great job you are doing on this site.
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