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Healthy Motherhood
Your Right And Responsibility

Dear Women

Pregnancy is a bliss !! For those who choose to experience it. Some have it easy, while others have to be a bit more cautious with their condition.  If you are pregnant,  Celebrate the fact that you are a woman and you have the power to make the world go on. Congratulations!

The word " Motherhood " definitely lights up the faces of all you women.  It is a bond too incredible and eternal.
Only a woman can experience that playful kick of the baby inside her womb.  It is an experience that falls short of words, can not be explained and so is the mother-child bond. The nine months journey of bearing a child in the womb rewards a woman, with a bond that is connected to her inner self.  Her soul.  Beginning from the conception to the decision of continuing the pregnancy, a woman makes a deep-rooted commitment to another being.  Who will be dependent upon her for his/her physical safety, emotional and mental health.

This page is to ensure that this special phase of your life called Motherhood, passes without a problem, to your child and or to your body.  

A healthy Motherhood is all about preventing your young one from a disease and tackling pregnancy related problems so that the experience becomes a memorable one.  

We will describe how Homeopathy and Herbalism ensure the safe journey from conception to the birth or even post birth of your child. 

 Necessity Of Preventive Measures : To Prevent Hereditary Disorders

As the baby develops in the womb, any problem in his/her organ formation or development then it will stick to the child for the entire lifetime.

The disease may be either structural : defect in the organ, it's malfunctioning.
Or metabolic : Baby born with the problem in the chemistry of the body.

These disorders are later termed as Hereditary Disorders and only the homeopathy alleges to cure or reverse them. 

So , those who are about to become parents. should know that these birth defects can be somewhat prevented.
The Care shall begin, right after the mother has conceived.  How to go about it?

Step 1.  Soothing Solution

Homeopathy provides a soothing solution to the problems associated during this journey. The entire phase has been divided into 3.  The First is, After conception, once you have conceived.  You may suffer from the symptoms like, Acidity, Vomiting, Heart Burn, Anemia, Constipation, Indigestion, Anxiety, and Fears. 

During Pregnancy : Ante-Natal

 Below are the sets of symptoms.  If you experience these, you may take the remedy given, only under the care of an expert.     

A Set Of Symptoms 1: 

Vomiting immediately after eating
Burning in stomach  (along a sensation of heaviness )
Frequent Thirst for a little amount of water.

These symptoms are more prominent and common during the first three months ( 1st trimester )

Cure is : one dose of Arsenic Album  30 

A Set Of Symptoms 2 :        

Nausea after breakfast
Feels better after Vomiting
Bitter taste in mouth in morning,after breakfast
Indigestion after taking heavy food
Constipation and frequent desire to pass stool ( Unsatisfactory Stools, passage of only small amounts )
Irritable mood, short tempered

Cure : one dose of  Nux Vomica  30


Symptoms 3  :    

Bitter Taste in the mouth
Burning pain in Chest, accompanied with nausea and belching
No thirst. Dry tongue
Aversion to curd, butter, milk and bread

Symptoms become worse towards evening .

Cure : Pulsatilla Nigricans 30 


Symptoms 4 :

Belching, Heaviness and Sleepiness
Slow Digestion,even simplest foods cause Nausea and Burning in the chest 
Contractive Pain moving towards Chest with abdominal distension due to excessive Gas.
Temporary relief from Belching

Cure : Carbo Vegetablis 30

 Symptoms 5 :

Constant Nausea
Clean tongue.  No thirst
Vomiting green in color.
Profuse Saliva
Spasmodic pain in stomach

Cure : Ipecacuanha 30


Symptoms 6 :

Anxiety and  restelessness
Fear of labor pains and child birth.

Cure : Aconite Napellus 30


If you suffer from Anemia( only during Pregnancy ), it is cured by Ferrum Phos 3x and Calcarea Phos 3x.

Let us now categorize the remedies as per the months, starting from the 2nd month to the 9th.

Month 2.   One dose of Rubella 30C  per week, for 4 weeks.  It will prevent you and the child from German Fever.

Month 3.   Calcarea Sulph 12x for 20 days. It will prevent harelip in children. 

Month 4.   Medorrhinum 200C  one dose per week, for 2 weeks.

                   Phos 200 C  one dose per week, for 2 weeks.

Month 5.   Pulsatilla 30 C , one dose in a week. Take it for 4 weeks. It facilitates proper positioning of the baby prior to birth. If you get an abandoned feeling, take this remedy.

Month 6.   Kali Phos 6x for 20 days. Helps to keep you calm and improves sleep and excessive emotionality. Prevents abortion. It will also ensure an easy delivery.

Month 7.   Calcarea Phos 30x for 20 days. It helps to maintain calcium in the mother.  Thus, it facilitates bone formation.

Month 8.  Sulphur 200 c for nausea. One dose only. 

Month 9. Pulsatilla 200c one dose only. Will ensure a smooth delivery.


During Labor : Natal 

This is a challenging stage.  It just begins when the womb begins to contract.   It contracts strongly to squeeze the baby out.  The contraction depends on : the baby's size and position in your pelvis. The baby moves through the birth canal. This is the reason behind the Pains.  

You need to know the Causes :

Contractions of the muscles of the uterus.

By pressure on the cervix.  Some women experience pain in their sides or thighs as well.
Pressure on the bladder and bowels by the baby's head.
Stretching of the birth canal and vagina.

Every woman's appreciation of pain is different.  Some find it okay and easy while others may find it extremely painful, example.

Some Women goes through irritating pain, but, bearable. This pain can be felt as strong cramping in the abdomen, groin, and back, as well as an achy feeling.

Some suffer from an excruciating pain.

For some, The contractions feel like muscle spasms and are not very painful.

For a few, the pain is all-encompassing.

We have even come across women, who  felt like they were being run over by a train.

You may even experience periods like cramps.  So, it varies.
A combination of genetics and life experiences determines your pain threshold, or ability to withstand pain.  And , this pain changes during each labor stage.


Symptoms 1 :

Severe pain radiating in all directions. Spasms

False labor pains in the 9th month. These pains are characterized by a bearing-down sensation in the lower part of the abdomen.

Weak Uterine muscles. Lack of tonicity. 

Cure : Caulophyllum 30


Symptoms 2 :

Delayed start of labor pains.

Prolonged labor with strong exhaustion.

Cure : Gelsemium 30


Exerecise :  

Regular and reasonable exercise  can help strengthen your muscles and prepare your body for the stress of labor. Exercise also can increase your endurance, which will come in handy if you have a long labor. The important thing to remember with any exercise is not to overdo it.

Breathing Techniques : 

 Slowly inhale through mouth and exhale from your mouth.

When you feel that contraction has begun, take as big sighs as possible. 

The focus should be on relaxing your body. So, you can repeat the word " Relax " to yourself. This really helps. 

Do not hold your breath for a long time.


After child Birth : Post - Natal 

Trauma and injuries to uterus after childbirth are a comon thing.  The first few days after delivery can be very difficult for the mother.  She must try to take as much rest as possible. The mother might face problems like feeding, urination, exhaustion, etc.  We have created different set of sympoms and have mentioned te cure along.

Symptoms 1:

Trauma or injuries to the Uterus.
Bruised feeling after childbirth.

Cure : Arnica Montana 200

Symptoms 2 :

Severe exhaustion after childbirth along with drowsiness.
Heavy bleedig after delivery.

Cure : Gelsemium 30

The two sets of symptoms given above are immediately after the childbirth. 

Symptoms 3 :

Scanty and watery milk.
Sudden milk suppression in feeding mothers.
Swollen Breasts.
Breasts pain while feeding the baby. 

Cure : Pulsatilla Nigricans 30

Symptoms 4.

Inflammed Breasts accompanied with decreased milk secretion. 
High Body temperature on third or fourth day after delivery.
Pain in Breasts while feeding the baby.

Cure :  Nux Vomica 200

Symptoms 5.

Nipples cracked and hardened. Breasts engorged.
Enlarged lymph nodes in arm pits.
Nipples red, hard and very tender to touch.

Cure : Phytolacca Decandra 30

Symptoms 6. 

Cracks in nipple that bleed easly and frequently.

Stinging pain in nipples with suppression of milk. 

Cure : Graphites 30

Symptoms 7.

Urine retention post labor.
Burning sensation in the urinary tract.
Extreme thirst.
You feel like washing the genitals with cold water.
Urine comes in drops, even after straining hard. 

Cure : Cantharis 30

** To increase the quantity of milk in feeding mothers,  the remedy is Ricinus  Communis 1x or 3x


Step 2. Nurture Your Newly Born

This one is a smoother process. This is the time when you pay attention to your baby's expression, The bonding with your baby, your health and his/her health should be your priority.  The period that begins after delivery of the baby is postpartum.  It ends when the mother's body almost returns to its pre-pregnant state. This period usually lasts from six to eight weeks.

The postpartum period involves the mother undergoing many changes, be it emotional or physical.
This period also involves the parents learning how to  take care of the newborn.  It is now that the parents learn how to function as a changed family unit. 
As a mother, you will need to take good care of yourself to rebuild her strength. You will need plenty of rest, good nutrition, and help during the first few weeks.

Also, not to be overlooked, the following for the child











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