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Vitamin B 9

What does Vitamin B 9 do for the body

Vitamin B 9 is a water soluble Vitamin. It is also known as Folic Acid. It prevents Heart Disorders and Cancer. Vitamin B 9 is helpful in building muscles and strengthen the body. It is responsible for the enhancement of the Cells and formation of Red Blood Cells. It soothes the nervous system and cures Mental Disorders.

Requirement of Vitamin B 9 per day

300 mcg to 600 mcg

Benefits of Vitamin B 9

Vitamin B 9 controls the level of deposition of Cholesterol in the Heart. This prevents Heart Diseases. It protects and strengthens the cardiovascular system of the body. Vitamin B 9 supports the growth of Fetus and helps to prevent Birth Defects. It is essential for the growth and maintenance of the Muscle tissues. Vitamin B 9 boosts the energy level and increases the metabolism of the body.

Functions of Vitamin B 9

Vitamin B 9 helps to remove Homocysteine. This helps to reduce the risk of Heart Attack and Strokes. Vitamin B 9 repair and supports the regeneration of new Skin cells. It effectively works with the enzymes to perform important activities of the body. It protects the DNA and body cells from oxidative stress. It is helpful in treating Anxiety and Depression.

Effects of Vitamin B 9 deficiency in the body

Loss of Memory
Sore tongue
Dull Skin

Effects of excess Vitamin B 9 in the body

Stomach disorders

Herbs Containing Vitamin B 9

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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