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What does Tyramine do for the body

Tyramine is an Amino Acid derived from Tyrosine. It helps to reduce weight and treats Obesity. Tyramine helps in the proper functioning of the Brain and the Central Nervous System. Tyramine helps to maintain the Blood Pressure. It provides energy to the body and boosts the metabolism.

Benefits of Tyramine

Tyramine increases the secretion of Adrenaline which helps to decrease the fat deposition. It increases the uptake of glucose and strengthens the Bones. Tyramine helps to reduce the Insulin level. This helps to keep the body fit and prevents Cardiovascular Diseases. It increases the level of Dopamine and helps in the transmission of signal between the neurons.

Functions of Tyramine

Tyramine helps to maintain th hormone level in the body. It helps to uplift the mood and treats Depression. Tyramine increases the neurotransmitter in the Brain and increases the memory. It helps to strengthen the Immune system and regulates the Blood Circulation.

Effects of Tyramine deficiency in the body

Low Blood Pressure

Effects of excess Tyramine in the body

Heart Attack
High Blood Pressure
Increased Heart Rate

Herbs Containing Tyramine

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Acacia Greggii
Cordyline Fruticosa
Desmodium Triflorum
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