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What does Taurine do for the body

Taurine is a sulphonic amino acid. It is the major building block of Protein in the Body. In humans, it is richly found in the Heart, Retina, Spleen and Bone Marrow. The Kidneys play a major role in regulating Taurine level in the Body.
It can be obtained from Meat, Fish and Seafood.

What are the functions of Taurine in the Body
Taurine is abundantly found in the Brain, Retina, Muscle tissues and organs throughout the Body. It acts as a Immunomodulator, Neurotransmitter and Antioxidant. It is involved in performing biological processes within the Body. It aids Bile production in the Body. It acts as a membrane stabilizer and substrate for bile salts. Infants require Taurine regularly. Post pregnancy, Colostrum contains high amount of it.
Taurine is essential for healthy Heart, Brain, Vision, Hearing and more. It also metabolizes the fat in the Body. Diet rich in Taurine promotes longevity.

Benefits of Taurine
Promotes Longevity
Promotes Eye Health
Aids in maintaining Osmoregulation
Reduces Cramping caused by fat burners
Reverses Hearing Loss and cures Tinnitus
Modulates Intra and Extracellular Calcium levels in the Body
Benefits Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes and Athletic performance
Treats Alcoholism, Epilepsy, Obsession and manic phase of Bipolar disorders

Deficiency of Taurine may cause
Renal Dysfunction
Developmental Abnormalities
Pancreatic cell malfunction
Damage to Retinal Neurons

Herbs Containing Taurine

Most Effective

Highly Effective



Bovis Calculus
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