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Varicocele Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Varicocele Symptoms
Enlarged Veins in Scrotum ( Holds Testes )
Lump in either one or both Testes
Enlarged Veins are easily visible by naked eyes
Mild or Sharp Pain in the Scrotum
Bulge in Scrotum

Varicocele Cured By

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Varicocele is a disease of the Veins present in the Testicles.

The Scrotum is a loose bag that carries Testes, which are of the males reproductive organ. It consists of a network of Veins, Arteries, Blood Vessels and Nerves. They supply blood to a male's reproductive organs.
Normally, the Veins carry blood from testes to the Scrotum. But when some thing goes wrong with the valves in the Veins, the blood gets pooled within the Veins. As a result, the Veins in the Scrotum becomes enlarged and elongated which are easily visible by the naked Eyes. It may cause a bad effect on testosterone level in a male, which decreases the sperm production. This may lead to infertility in a male.
It is similar to Varicose Veins that occurs in the Legs.

Causes of Varicocele
The actual cause of Varicocele is not clear. But it is believed that it occurs due to malfunctioning of the on way valves present in the veins that prevent the back flow of blood.

If it is not treated properly, Varicocele may cause

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Varicocele

Queries on Varicocele
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28 Aug 2016
Dear Doctor my name is Ahmad my age is 30 I have mild pain in left side scrotum I consulted doctor he tell some test urine blood and ultra sound scan I make all urine and blood test come normal but ultrasound is showing mild varicocele in left scrotum and tiny cyst in testes left side and my doctor give only pain killer and antibiotic medicine for 10 days and he tell no need for surgery its mild I take 10 days tablets but my left side pain is not at cure my left side is still paining iam worry about it
Please help me you have any herbal treatment
Thanking you

30 Aug 2016
Dear Ahmed
I suggest you to try Witch Hazel. It has good effects in treating Varicocele. You may buy its tincture " Hamemelis Virginiana " from a Homeopathy Shop and take 10 drops 2 times in a day.
03 Sep 2016
Thank you Mr. zakir
how to use it hamemelis tincture 10 drop taking by mouth or putting affected area
this tincture can apply affected area .....? please answer me
05 Sep 2016
Dear Ahmed
Add 10 drops in half glass of water. Now drink this water.
25 Jan 2017
How long needs to be taken?
06 Mar 2017
Sir I have grade 1 left varicoocele and spermatocele on my right testicle. Can grocare products cure this. Can I use them
08 Mar 2017
Dear Ramesh
Your query needs an expert advise. Please wait a day or 2, as our expert will answer you back as soon as possible.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
09 Mar 2017
Thx for ur reply nd I will wait for ur advice sir
Herbpathy Admin
10 Mar 2017
Dear Ramesh
Sorry to say, but we can not help you on this matter as physical diagnosis is must and it is not possible from so far. We advise you to please the doctor and go for an effective treatment.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Deep ( India Gujarat )
19 Jun 2017
I have varicocele both side 3mm grade 1
What can I do to get rid of it plz suggest
22 Jun 2017
Dear Deep try the following.
1. Have a cup of Ginger tea every day for 1 month.
2. Buy Maha Yograj Guggul and have 2 tablets every day. Have it for 1 month.
3. Take 2 to 3 Garlic pods and mash them and leave it for 15 min. Have it with a glass of water after 15 min. take it for 2 weeks.
Apart from Herbs also go for exercise. Do pachtimotan Asan daily. Do it under the guidance of a trainer. Also massage your legs with some warm Sesame oil.
Eat a healthy diet.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
27 Jun 2017
Hamemelis tincture can I use thi
15 Nov 2017
Good day, I suggest you not to do the below exercise if you have varecocele,
* Long Run, Long Walk and Heavy Lifting The above can make it worst.
Just do light lifting (Maximum of 5KG) or what we called Toning
Anwar ali ( Pakistan )
20 Aug 2017
I am suffering From bilateral varicocele grade 1 since 2014 i am unmarried age 27.
29 Aug 2017
Dear Anwar Ali
You may take Medorrhinum 10M one dose. Take one dose only do not repeat the dose and remember, discharge HAS TO BE RE ESTABLISHED. We suggest you to please consult a some experienced Homeopathic doctor for this.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Aman ( India )
03 Nov 2017
Dear Sir
I m suffering from grade 2or3 varicocele in my left scrotom and my sperm count comes down

Kindly provide me the treatment, i m not interested in surgery...plz
04 Dec 2017
Dear Aman
Buy 1 dose of Hamemelis Virginiana. Get one dose from a Homeopathy shop and have one single dose only. Do not repeat the dose and let us know the remaining symptoms.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Kumar ( India )
06 Dec 2017
Hi Sir,

I have grade 2 vericocele and my spermcount is 5 mil.
Could you please suggest to reduce vericocele.
Mu age 33. Trying for childrens .I am from India.
27 Dec 2017
Dear Kumar
Buy Arnica tincture from a Homeopathy shop and have 5 drops in a glass of water once in a day. have it for 15 days and see the results. You may share your feedback here on this portal.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Abdul Kareem Ibraheem ( Nigeria )
26 Dec 2017
I married over 11 years ago without having a child. During the course of medical tests, I was told that I have bilateral varicocele which was operated about 9 years ago yet I couldn't see any changes because the semen analysis shows azospermia despite all efforts through orthodox,traditional and sunnatic. Is there any other way to treat this and get over this problem ?.
29 Dec 2017
Dear Abdul
Buy Shivlingi seed powder and have 1 teaspoon with a glass of on empty stomach every day. Take it for 15 days and study the results then if you find good results then continue it for more 1 month.
Hakeem ( Ghana )
25 Feb 2018
Dear sir I'm suffering from vericocele bilateral one. I have been to a herbal hospital in Ghana the doctor give me some drugs including Ceylon Cinnamon to help solve the problem. Sir how do see it can it help me from this problem. If they are medicine in Ghana here tell me. Please!!! aged is 22
27 Mar 2018
Try Hypericum mother tincture for 15 days. have 5 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day.
Joy ( Bangladesh )
27 Mar 2018
Dear ssir,
I am 25 years old, from the last 2 months my left part of srotum become swollen,blood vessels become enlarged during standing position.
Ultrasonic report: left sided mild vericocele
Homeopathic doctor prescribed "Berbeis"
Can it successfully effective? or if you have any better please suggest...
Thank you
12 Apr 2018
Dear Joy
We have not come across any results regarding this. We may recommend you if answer the following.
Do you feel constipation?
Do you feel any strain?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Kiska moha ( Kenya )
19 Apr 2018
Dear sir
my right testicle is longer than the left. i have no pain no lumps and no swelling. but what worries me is my sperm count to 30 m/ml

so do i have vericocele bcz some pple told me the difference in size of testicles is due to vericocele and am yet to do any test.

if not what are the other cause of this decrease of my count. thanks doc
James ( UAE )
22 Apr 2018
Good Day sir,

I am 33 years old, and in 2009 I was told that I am suffering from left varicocele after the doppler test was done and since then I have not done much for that and I continued with mild to heavy burning sensation and heavy ness in my left testicle.
Now recently in 2018 when I decided to get marry, I have done ultra sound and in that it shows,
Few prominent veins noted at the base of both testes (L>R)
Minimal bilateral hydrocele
No varicocele noted bilaterally.

I don't know what exactly this means, I just want to know is it a positive sign or my case has become worse.
And I also want to know which herbs I need to take?
Whether I should proceed with my marriage or shall I prolong?

Thanks and Regards
Abrham ( Ethiopia/addisababa )
27 Apr 2018
hey sir. I'm a 22years old boy,,,I got grade 2 varicocele with signs of discomfort & i'm not interested for surgery,can u help
Adekunle ismaila ( Nigeria/ogun state )
06 Jul 2018
My scrotom is just paining me and i dont know why? And the causes
LIONEL DEBUIRE ( United Kingdom )
12 Jul 2018
Dear Herbathy,
I have had varicose surgery but still suffer some discomfort from time to time.
Would you advise any herbs suitable post ?
Many thanks,
Ahammad Ali Siddique ( Dhaka )
03 Dec 2018
I have Grade 2 Bilateral Varicocele. Doctor asked me for surgery. Kindly advice what should I do now
Arsal ( Pakistan )
30 Dec 2018
I have left side varicocele after i have done ultrasound...
I always feel heavyness n when i touch it feels me pain...
Plzz suggest me some med and aslo excercise to relief pain...
Jay ( Karnataka )
22 Feb 2019
Dear sir,
I was feeling a kind of burning sensation, so urologist has advice me for test, which show varicocele of 3 mm and 4mm .
Request to you kindly suggest.
Louis Peterson ( MO )
28 May 2019
I'm 33 years old and I have enlarged veins in my left scrotum. Sometimes it feels really heavy. I also suffer from sibo c which is an digestion problem that causes constipation. Could it have came from this and what treatments do you suggest I try?
Pranav ( Maharashtra )
13 Sep 2019
I am suffering from grade 2 varicocele on left side scotrom from last few years...... Please suggest proper medicine.
17 Sep 2019
Dear Pranav,

Buy Shivlingi seed powder and have 1 teaspoon with a glass of on empty stomach every day.
Take it for 15 days and study the results then if you find good results then continue it for more 1 month.
If you don't get any good results, then you might have to go for surgery.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Mehedi (Bangladesh) ( Bangladesh )
05 Oct 2019
Honourable Sir,
I am 22 years old. I have been suffering from bilateral varicocele for 7 years. If I am sexually aroused, it causes very pain after some times. Keep in mind that mainly pain causes because of sexual arousal. I have used gotu kola capsule 2000mg per day in divided dosage for 1 month. I have used this according to suggestion of a herbalist. Now my condition is better than before. Now pain does not cause because of sexual arousal. If I use gotu kola for several months or years, will my varicocele go away?
09 Oct 2019
Hey friend
I think you shouldn't take too much of the herb. Is it showing you nay benefits? Much use of the herb is not recommended because of the side effects of the herb. It can create upheaval in the body. Consult with your herbalist regarding the dosage of Gotu kola.
Well, my friend was suggested to take 1 dose of Hamamelis Virginiana 6C from a homeopath. It was 1 drop once a week. It has to be 1 drop in half water glass. He took it for 4 weeks. Check with your doctor first.
27 Feb 2020
Are horse chestnut and butcher's broom is effective for treating varicocele?
12 Mar 2020
There are certain researches that quote the herbs to be effective for Varicocele. However, consumption of herbs should not be done on own. Homeopathic tinctures of these herbs are available and known to be more effective.
Masood ( Pakistan )
23 Jan 2020
Sir ,

My Name is Masood from Pakistan.
1 years Back my Right Testicle was removed through Surgery ( Orchiectomy),
Now i am feeling itching & pain on my Scrotal & Through Ultrasound It is diagnosed that I have VARICOCELE of 2.5 MM on my left side.
Kindly suggest me proper herbal medicine for permanent treatment of Varicocele.


28 Feb 2020
You can use horse chestnut and butcher's broom supplement.
Umar ( Pakistan )
15 Apr 2020
I have grade 3 varicocele on my left testicle and i would like u to suggest some medicine that u would permanently cured and my age is 20
16 Apr 2020
Hello Umar, visit a homeopath, Homeopathy helps in treatment of Varicocele. Multiple medicines are there for treat, check with the doctor for an appropriate medicine as per your symptoms.
Meanwhile, you can take herbs
* Have a cup of Ginger tea everyday for 1 month.
* Take 2-3 Garlic pods. Mash them and leave it for 10 minutes. Have it with a glass of water. Take it for a month.
Salam Abu ( Ghana )
01 May 2020
Dear Sir,
I am 44 now and was diagnosed of varicocele 4 years ago. This affected my sperm count and it keep on deteriorating after I went through surgery in 2016. What do I do?
ILOKA ARINZE ( Nigeria/Anambra )
02 May 2020
Am Arinze from Nigeria, I was diagnosed of azoospermia, with sperm motility and morphology all reading Nil, the doctor recommended operation, please which medication can I get to correct this since I don't want surgery
Muhammed Umar
27 Jul 2020
Dear Iloka Arinze,
srry 4 what u are passing through, even me i dnt suggest u go 4 surgery because history abounds that majority of those people that opt 4 surgery later regretted in their life as the surgery still never remedied such anomaly. As for the treatment, u will need tribulus terrestris, costus root, mucuna prurien seed and others. those ingredients would kickstart ur body production of gonadotrophin releasing hormones thereby givin rise 2 a surge in ur follicle stimulating hormones n luteinizing hormone, the equilibrum in these 2 hormones stimulate d sertoli cells in ur testes 2 produce enough sperm cells.
Paul ( Nigeria )
15 Jun 2020
Good day admin, my name is Paul from Nigeria. I have grade 2 varicocele and high prolactin. What do I do? I also suggestions on where to get the drugs in Nigeria or their contact details
Muhammed Umar
27 Sep 2020
Dear Paul,
sorry for your travail, as for the varicocele, find turmeric, small black pepper, garlic and ginger. soak all in castor oil. be massaging your scrotum with the combo. you will get healed.
Muhammed Umar
27 Jul 2020
Dear Paul.
since varicocele and hyperprolactinemia is a disorder of the endocrine, i would suggest u a hormonal balancer lyk maca root. it balances ur testosterone level.
Oluwatosin ( Nigeria/Lagos )
15 Jun 2020
I was diagnosed for Bilateral Varicocele. The report this: Bilaterally normal sized tested with the right measuring 21mm and left 22mm. Both have smooth outlines with normal glandular architecture and homogenous echo pattern. Both epidydimal veins are severly dilated. No obvious intratesticular deposit was sighted. No hydrocele.

What do I do please help me.

Thank you
Muhammed Umar
27 Jul 2020
Dear Oluwatosin, ur problem is minimal, u need 2 be taking tribulus terrestris 4 boost in testosterone output hence varicocele hampers d efficient production of testosterone. next u need a paste of mimosa pudica root / bark. be applyin d paste on ur testicle.
Alex ( Bangladesh )
20 Jun 2020
Dear Sir,
I am diagnosed with bilateral vericocele grade 3 on right and grade 2 on left having epidydimal cyst on both sides as well. It causes moderate pain and discomfort. I am 28 years old and unmarried. Would you please suggest me any medicine for cure.
Thanks in Advance
Mubammed Umar
27 Jul 2020
Dear Alex,
follow d prescription above. i.e. d reply 4 Oluwatosin above.
21 Jul 2020
I have varicocele in my left testicle. I never feel any pain or any discomfort.but may be it is affecting my sperm and testosterone levels.how should i overcome this.
Muhammed Umar
27 Jul 2020
Dear Maqsood,
follow d above prescription or reply 4 Alex n Oluwatosin above.
05 Aug 2020
Thanks Can i take horse chestnut extract and butcher's broom for this ?
06 Aug 2020
Sir I have varicocele in my left testicle and I never feel any pain or discomfort. Sir when I lay down on bed the varicocele veins disappear and seems to be normal.and when i am swesting it becomes dilated veins. How should I overcome this?.
Muhammed Umar
27 Sep 2020
Dear Arjit,
sorry for your travail, u can overcome it by making a paste of cinnamon, turmeric, garlic and tribulus terrestris. u can soak all these in castor oil and be massaging your testicle with it.
Dovok ( Nigeria )
10 Aug 2020
Please I have been diagnosed of varicocele since 2013 on my right testicles. I do have this severe shape pains and stains there, please which medication do you suggest for me and where can I get it Nigeria. Thanks alot
Raghu ( Telangana )
15 Aug 2020
I have varicocele of grade 2 and 3.on both sides.my sperm count become almost nil . I'm trying for child for 5 years.pls suggest any medicine .
Muhammed Umar
27 Sep 2020
Dear Raghu,
I share with you in your predicament, As for the varicocele, make a paste of ginger, garlic, cinnamon and kigelia bark. dissolve it in castor oil, that will correct the anomaly. as for the azoospermia, u need maca root; tribulus terrestris, musli and mucuna beans. these combo will boost your sperm count.
Ishola ( Nigeria )
19 Aug 2020
I was diagnosed with varicocele on my left testicle since 2018, the varicocele is very painful, my left testicle is shrink & it's affecting my sperm count, please what can I use
Muhammed Umar
27 Sep 2020
Dear Ishola,
sorry for what you are going through, find tribulus terrestris and stinging nettle, your problem would be solved by God's grace.
Ajit kumar ( India Karnataka )
25 Aug 2020
I have grade v varicocele n pain in scrotum n penis please help
John ( Nigeria )
10 Sep 2020
Hello Sir/Ma,
I'm having a varicocele on the left side and makes my left testicle a bit smaller to the other,swells at times if I stand for a long period of time. What can I use to cure this Sir/Ma
Muhammed Umar
27 Sep 2020
Dear John,
sorry for your condition, find tribulus , purslane, turmeric and stinging nettle, powdered them all. you will be healed.
Oyeyiga David Abayomi ( Nigeria )
12 Sep 2020
Am Diagonised with verricocile stage 3 and pls I need your help...am really scared
Muhammed Umar
27 Sep 2020
Dear Oyeyiga David Abayomi,
I sympathize with you over your predicament, you need tribulus terrestris, stinging nettle and cinnamon to remedy your problem.
Ibrahim ( Nigeria )
05 Oct 2020
Hello sir/ma
My right testicle got swollen last year and i took some herbal medicine the testicle went back to normal. Three months ago the testicle was paining me again and start to shrink. Now the testicle is very small and also have like worms in my left testicle having pains when working. Pls what the solution to my problem don't want to have surgery.
Saidenayat ( Afghanistan )
10 Oct 2020
I am 26 and have done semen exam which the result is azoospermia then I have done Testosterone 13.44 , prolactin 6.77 , FSH 0.336 , LH 0.100 and then testicular ultrasound which the result was bilateral normal testicals but dilated spermatic cord vessels (varicoscele) .
I need your help and advice me some best way and medications for treatment as I am from a poor country and don't have any money to treat myself out of country .
Christopher ( Ghana )
31 Oct 2020
Doc i have done varricocelectomy and minimally surgery in the left testicle but stilled the enlarged veins are there.any help to treat tl the enlarged vein to go away.....
Junior ( Jamaica )
31 Oct 2020
Hi what herbal treatment can be used for the below after being diagnosed:
1. Mild bilateral microlithiasis
2.small bilateral hysroceles
3.simple cyst of the right epidymal head
4.small bilateral varicoceles
10 Nov 2020
I have a varicocele..how can i cure naturally
Mahama Ayuba ( Libya ???? )
08 Jan 2021
Sir,my name Ayuba staying in Libya,,,, please i was having pains and swelling of my left testis and i want to hospital and doctor told me to do blood test and urine, ultrasound tests and semen tests after that they told me that am having varicocele disease grade 3 and they said i should do surgery but i don't want to do it because am a stranger here my country is Ghana but staying in Libya now, please please i beg is there any herbal remedies to buy in Libya and save my life from that disease ??????????
Muhammed Umar
16 Jan 2021
Dear Mahama Ayuba,
sorry for your travail, find horse chestnut, butchers broom and mix it with boswellia serrata oil, you will be healed,
28 Jan 2021
Hi there all,I haven't varicoceles but i feel an enlarged vein in left testicle which is painless,i never feel any discomfort and it doesn't look like bag of worms...left testicle didn't shrink but it is affecting my sperm count...my sperm color is green and very low sperm count...what should I do?any herbal remedies for enlarged vein (that works good)..or any antibiotic for this treatment...and what should i do for better sperm count....I'm worried...please answer my query asap!pls
Thank you and good day to all.....
03 Feb 2021
Dear all please answer my query
Muhammed Umar
08 Feb 2021
Dear Mohsin,
from your complain so far, i ruled infection, first detoxify your system with cassia alata, next you take nelumbo nucifera( lotus root), this two combo will correct your sperm texture, as for the low sperm count or no sperm count, mix black muli with white musli, mucuna beans, fenugreek n tribulus terrestris, you will be amazed at how voluminous your sperm count is.
Omar ( Qatar )
02 Feb 2021
i am told tht ihave grade 2 vericoclele and infertility so i hadnot know this before wht you advice me no need sergury
Shan ( Pakistan )
05 Feb 2021
Sir, i felt pain in my left testicle last in 2019 and recently in 2020 i made an ultrasound and i was diagnosed with grade 1 Vericocele in left testicle. I feel iching and pain in some part of day. Kindly bless me with a suggestion
Muhammed Umar
08 Feb 2021
Dear Shan,
sorry 4 your travail, rub your testicle with frankincense and clove, pain will vanish, as for the varicocele, mix albizia lebbeck with black musli, cissus quadriangularis, u will be healed.
Hamza ( Pakistan )
06 Feb 2021
I am diagnosed with mild varicocele on left side and chronic epididymo orchitis on right side. Kindly suggest some treatment
Muhammed Umar
08 Feb 2021
Dear Hamza,
sorry for your predicament, as for the epididymo-orchitis, massage d inflamed testicle with a combo of frankincense and clove, pain will go away. for varivocele, mix black musli with cissus quad. and albizzia lebbeck. remember 2 frst detoxify with cassia alata before this second step.
Kofi ( Ghana )
19 Feb 2021
Sir please I am a young boy of 20years and I feel this pain in my left testis with some wormlike image on it. What can I do about it please.
Stephen ( Kenya )
24 Feb 2021
Hello, am Stephen 35 years and diagnosed with a testicular lump in my left testicle. The left epididymis also swells in daytime and in night the get back to normal. The testes has begun to shrink. Have tried several antibiotic without any positive results. Kindly help Thank you.
John Sanka ( Tanzania )
27 Feb 2021
Sir sorry I'm suffuring bilateral varicocele dkt can help me about the problem
Hamid ( India )
29 Apr 2021
Is the house chestnut extract pills good for varicocele , does it help in recovering valves of the veins damaged due to varicocele.
Vincent /Nigeria ( Nigerian )
02 May 2021
Pls admin I'm in Nigerian, I has varicocele at left side 3 weeks ago,so I wonder how I will get ride of it pain and swollen, pls help me sir is there herbs I can find here in Nigeria to help me fix
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