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What does Quinine do for the body

Quinine is a crystalline compound present in cinchona tree bark. It is used as a tonic and has Antimalarial property. Quinine helps to bring down the Fever and reduces symptoms of Malaria. It reduces the pain of the Muscles and Legs.

Requirement of Quinine

Malaria : 500 mg twice a day for 3 to 7 days

Benefits of Quinine

Quinine reduces the inflammation of the joints and bones. This helps to cure Arthritis and pain in the Limbs. It stimulates the blood flow and treats Varicose Veins and prevents Heart Diseases. Quinine is useful to treat Internal Hemorrhoids and Diabetes.

Functions of Quinine

Quinine attacks the harmful Parasites present in the Red Blood Cells. It kills them and inhibit the further growth of the infection. Quinine reduces the sensitivity of the Muscle cells to the stimuli. This helps to prevent the stiffness and cramps of the Muscles.

Effects of excess Quinine in the body

Low Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Diseases
Gastrointestinal Disorder

Herbs Containing Quinine

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Anthocleista Djalonensis
Burasaia Madagascariensis
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