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Pectic Acid

What does Pectic Acid do for the body

Pectic Acid is a water soluble substance made up of Polysaccharides. It is present in the cell walls of the non woody parts of the plants. Pectic Acid helps to lower the increased level of Cholesterol in the body. It protects the digestive tract from Infections and treats Diarrhea.

Requirement of Pectic Acid per day

10 gm to 15 gm

Benefits of Pectic Acid

Pectic Acid maintains the Cardiovascular health and prevents Heart Diseases. It balances the Blood Pressure and Bile Acid. Pectic Acid is essential for the growth of Gut bacteria that helps in the digestion. It maintains the pH level and keeps the body hydrated. Pectic Acid keeps the Bones strong and reduces the stiffness of the Joints. Pectic Acid absorbs water during the process of digestion and helps in Weight loss.

Functions of Pectic Acid

Pectic Acid helps to prevent the formation of plaque in the Arteries and regulates the blood circulation. The Demulcent effect of Pectic Acid gives relief from the Sore Throat. It soothes the itchiness and irritation in the Throat. Pectic Acid helps to dissolve the Stone formed in gall Bladder. The Antioxidant property of the Pectic Acid helps to protect the body cells from the free radicals. It prevents Prostate Cancer and Colon Cancer.

Effects of excess Pectic Acid in the body

Abdominal Pain

Herbs Containing Pectic Acid

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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