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L Dopa Aka Levodopa

What does L Dopa Aka Levodopa do for the body

L Dopa is a kind of Amino Acid extracted from the Legumes. It is found in the Seeds of Velvet Bean ( Mucuna Pruriens ) in high amount. Dopamine is a compound required for the proper functioning of the Brain and prevents Parkinson's Disease. Synthetic Dopamine cannot cross the blood brain barrier whereas L Dopa can. When L dopa enters the brain it gets converted to Dopamine. Therefore, L Dopa is the nutrient required to be ingested. The Aphrodisiac property of L Dopa helps to increase the Libido in Men and Women. It helps to modulate Brain activity to control the coordination of the body. L Dopa enhances the transmission of the signals between the Neurons and uplifts the mood.

Requirement of L Dopa per day

250 mg to 500 mg

Benefits of L Dopa

L Dopa helps to increase the dopamine levels in the Brain. L Dopa helps to improve the Sperm Count and Mobility. This helps to treat Infertility in Men. L Dopa is essential for the Muscle Strength and Bone Density. It helps to make Joints flexible and relieves Pain. It treats the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease such as Tremors, Rigidity, and Brain Fog. L Dopa stimulates the Blood circulation and prevents Cardiovascular Diseases.

Functions of L Dopa

L Dopa increases the Testosterone level. It stimulates the production hormones in the Pituitary Glands. It reduces the effects of aging on the Body and the Brain. This helps to treat Fatigue and Stress. L Dopa helps to reduce weight and improves memory. It improves memory and Nerve Conduction.

Effects of L Dopa deficiency in the body

Weak Muscles
Loss of Concentration
Unstable Blood Pressure
Abnormal Eye Movement
Parkinson's Disease

Effects of excess L Dopa in the body


Herbs Containing L Dopa Aka Levodopa

Most Effective


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