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What does Boron do for the body

Boron is a vital Mineral required for the normal growth and health of the body. It enhances the memory and supports the proper functioning of the Brain. Boron is essential for the development of the Fetus and balances the hormones. It reduces the symptoms of Menopause and keeps the reproductive system healthy.

Requirement of Boron per day

0.5 mg to 2 mg

Benefits of Boron

Boron helps to reduces the pain of the Joints and cure Arthritis. It enhances the level of Testosterone in Men. It helps in building strong muscles. It is an ideal nutrient form Athletes to make their body strong. Boron makes the Bones healthy and maintains the flexibility of the Joints. It enhances the production of estrogen in women. This increases the sexual desire and cures low libido in female.

Functions of Boron

Boron maintains the function of cellular and organ membrane. It reduces the accumulation of the Lipids and prevent Blood Clots. It protects the body from Strokes and Heart Diseases. Boron helps the body to fight harmful parasites causing infection.

Effects of Boron deficiency in the body


Effect of excess Boron in the body


Herbs Containing Boron

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Highly Effective

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