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Gear Up to Take Charge of your Health

It is assumed that you are a conscious person who has been taking care of your health.  But the picture of health is hazy. You think you are healthy.  But you could be better.  The paradigm is, that normal aging is inevitable.  That we have to get sick during climatic changes.  That mental and physical vigor waxes and wanes.  We want you to think differently.  Aging can be delayed.  Health can be Vibrant all the time.  That your immunity need not be compromised during climatic changes.  We need to be aware of two aspects of our health.  What is normal and what can be achieved.


Normal Health as we know it
If you have a specific disease, you have symptoms that make you uncomfortable, then you are sick.  But you maybe just chugging along.  You think you are Healthy.  We think otherwise.  Here are some facts that you can identify to grade the state of your health.  If you respond Yes to any one of the following conditions, you are in a state of Pseudo Health.

Elasticity of Skin.   Time taken by the skin to regain its original shape , when pinched.
Lay one hand flat on a table, palm down.  With the other thumb and forefinger, pinch the skin of the back of your flat hand for 5 seconds.  It should return to its original shape within a few seconds, depending on your age.  If you are 25 years or less:.... immediately,  25-50:... 5 seconds,  50 and above:.... about 10 to 15 seconds. This is good, therefore you are really healthy.  If it takes longer, you are not in the prime of health.  You need to do something.  If it takes inordinately longer, you are in bad shape.  You need to take some serious action.  Do not worry.  We will tell you what to do.


Some more Indications of Pseudo Health
If your girth is more than half your height.

If your belly measures more than you hips.
If you are a woman and your hips have become abnormally heavy( high estrogen levels is the reason, usually).  Do not ignore this, it means you are getting inclined towards sickness. The sickness might be mild. 
Similarly, a potbelly in men is a harbinger of serious illness.
If you are apple shaped ( extra weight around girth and belly ).
If you are Pear shaped( extra weight around butts and thighs)
If you always feel tired
If you are getting shorter
If you snore
If  you can't sleep properly
If there is a thin whitish coating on your tongue
If you are clearing your throat most of the time
If you are always anxious
If you catch cold and fever often
If you are constipated
If you belch often

Most of us suffer from one or more of the above. If the answer is yes, we are really not Healthy.  Defining Vibrant Health is very difficult.  It is an experience.  We hope the curiosity will motivate you.

To achieve Vibrant Health you will need to consume some herbs and monitor the effect of each of these herbs.  Why?  Because, each herb affects different people differently.  It affects the same person differently at different times of the year.  It affects differently depending on your sex.  Effects may differ depending on the state of your Health. You need to know whether it is benefiting you or not.  Whether it is suitable.  Whether you should continue or stop.   Suitable means that the consumption of the remedy must not create adverse or negative (side) effects.  Most of us who feel healthy, actually have toxic livers and our kidneys are really not an epitome of efficiency.  Most of our organs are functioning below par, but we feel healthy because we are not aware of anything better; we have not yet experienced Vibrant Health. 

However, when something new is introduced into your body, it is bound to create an upheaval.  Sometimes the reaction is violent.  In its endeavor to rid the body of toxins the herb may react by establishing a discharge.  You may experience loose stools, diarrhea, expectoration from the lungs, discharge of phlegm from the nose and throat, excessive sweating or discharges from the reproductive organs.  This may last for a day or two.  This is normal.  If it persists, please discontinue the remedy.  Then it is NOT suitable.  The acid test of suitability is when the person as a whole feels better, mentally.  The individual symptoms may become worse, temporarily.  Eventually the whole person must feel euphoric, should be exuding energy and must display a radiant body.  You will need to monitor some pathological parameters of your body to establish the suitability of a herb.


Equipments required
Blood Pressure measuring equipment
Apparatus to measure Sugar level
A Stopwatch.


  • Measure your BP and Pulse, thrice a day.
  • Blood Sugar, once after every 7 days.
  • Uric Acid and  Creatanine, every 15 days.
  • Note down the date, and these parameters.
  • Make a chart.
  • Start with the first Herb as given in Vibrant Health.

 Readings and their Meaning : 

It is assumed that you know the normal readings.  If not, please get them from a pathology lab.  It is immaterial what your initial readings are.  The aim is to get them to normal after 6 months.  Just note them.  Each herb may or may not affect the readings.
However, it must not affect  them adversely.  If they are normal, they must remain normal.  If they are abnormal they must remain as such or become better, not worse.  If they do become worse, discontinue the remedy, go to the next one.
Blood Pressure readings as per the age :  ( When you are at rest and not exercising )

Up to age 30    -   110/70 +-10  (40 pulse pressure)
30 to 60           -   120/80  +-10 (40 pulse pressure)
After 60           -    130/80  +-10 (50 pulse pressure)
The difference between the upper and lower pressure is called Pulse Pressure.   The acceptable reading of pulse pressure is 40.   As you advance in age, this pulse pressure keeps on increasing.  This is what is happening to you now a days. Our aim is to keep that pulse pressure at a constant value, i.e 40.  No matter what age you reach, pulse pressure should be  40.

Pulse Rate and Breathing.  Most BP meters give you a third reading; viz the Pulse Rate.  This is the number of times your heart beats in one minute.  The medical world has accepted this to be 72.  What you must understand is that there is a correlation between the number of breaths, the Pulse rate and the BP readings.  In is one minute a normal human being, under normal activity conditions, is supposed to breathe 18 times.  The heart should beat 72 times. The BP reading are given above.  Of course there will be variations.  If the variations are in step there is less danger.  But, if the are not in sync then the trouble is big.  For example, when you exercise, the number of breaths, the Pulse Rate and the BP will all increase.  But, But, if the breaths increase and the Pulse Rate decreases, then all is not well.  The aim of this entire exercise is to ensure that this does not happen. 

The normalcy of the digital parameters alone does not constitute Vibrant Health.  The aim of this exercise is the overall well being of a person.  There must be exuberance in all aspects; Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Now that you have geared up to proceed to Vibrant Health, we urge you to Cheer up.  Its not difficult, once you take the first step.  If you have not read Vibrant Health, please read it now.

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Reviews on Gear Up Cheer Up
Marie claire avice
12 Sep 2016
Very interesting. Want to be in good health. Please help. I am diabetic
14 Oct 2016
Dear Marie
We apologize for the delayed reply. It is generally misunderstood that that Diabetes is not curable.So, let us correct this point of view. It is curable.
We assume that you are intensely ardent about your health. Try the following---
--Say no to Sugar, White rice, Wheat, Red Meat,Milk, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fruits containing Sugar.
-- Consume only vegetables and fruits for 2 weeks. Make sure that you do not take fruits like Banana,Apple, Water Melon. Once you take this diet for 2 weeks. Do not take any medicine for next 2 days.
Monitor your sugar level and let us know the reading.
Then we will suggest you the herb.
25 Apr 2017
Iam 31 yr male my hba1c level is 6.8 doctor said your almost diabetic suggest me weight loss and no medicine kindly suggest ro reduce my sugar levels.
05 Apr 2018
Try Green Leaf juice for 15 days. For weight loss, you may try Green coffee. Drink a cup every day for one month. Add, avocado in your daily diet. Siva, also decrease the intake of sugars. Go for 20 minutes, brisk walking every day.
Machel blerd
20 Aug 2019
I like this portal of this application, best of luck herbpathy team.
Herbpathy Team
21 Aug 2019
Thank you for acknowledgment Machel!
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