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Phagocytic Herbs


Phagocytes are the cells ( White Blood Cells ) which act as soldiers or army of the Immune System. The cells are at the helm of :

Engulfing and absorbing waste materials.
Killing and digesting harmful microbes.
Killing and digesting other foreign bodies in the Bloodstream and the Tissues.

This entire process of swallowing or eating up of microbes by the cells is known as Phagocytosis , and the action is termed as Phagocytic.
The microbe is ingested first, and is then killed by the Phagocytes.

Phagocytic Herbs are the Herbs which enhance the capability of the White Blood Cells to perform the process of Phagocytosis.Thus, these Herbs improve the functioning of the Immune system and helps the body to fight against the diseases effectively.

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