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Vitamin D 2

What does Vitamin D 2 do for the body

Vitamin D 2 or Ergocalciferol is a fat soluble Vitamin. It is derived from the plant source. It supports the proper functioning of Parathyroid Gland. Vitamin D 2 helps to balance the body's Calcium level. Vitamin D 2. It is essential for the development and strengthening of the Bones. Vitamin D 2 balances the electrolyte Hypophosphatemia.

Requirement of Vitamin D 2

50 mcg to 125 mcg

Benefits of Vitamin D 2

Vitamin D 2 helps to maintain the muscle strength and normal glucose level. It boosts the Immune System and protects the body from Allergies. Vitamin D 2 increases the level of Phosphate in the blood and reduces electrolyte disturbance. It keeps the Joints flexible and helps in loosing weight.

Functions of Vitamin D 2

Vitamin D 2 effectively treats itching and flaking of the Skin. It protects from dryness and diseases such as Psoriasis. Vitamin D 2 treats Hypoparathyroidism. It prevents the deformation of the Bones and treats Rickets. The Antioxidant property of Vitamin D 2 reduces the aging effects on the Skin and prevents Wrinkle and Age Spots.

Effects of Vitamin D 2 deficiency in the body

Autoimmune diseases

Effects of excess Vitamin D 2 in the body


Herbs Containing Vitamin D 2

Most Effective

Highly Effective


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