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What does Nimbidin do for the body

Nimbidin is a crude bitter element present in Azadirachta Indica. It possesses strong Anti fungal and Anti inflammatory properties. These properties fight harmful bacterias and reduce the inflammation. It is useful for treating Leprosy and other Skin Disorders. Nimbidin clears the vision and cures Eye Diseases.

Benefits of Nimbidin

Nimbidin reduces excess Sebum secretion from the Skin and cure Acne. It is an ideal nutrient to keep Diabetes in control. It soothes skin and reduces the symptoms of Eczema. Nimbidin treats Fungal Infections like – Athlete's Foot, Fungal Nails and Ring Worms. It is an effective skin conditioner and treats cracks. It makes the skin fairer by reducing pigmentation. Nimbidin treats Dandruff and soothes the itchy Scalp.

Functions of Nimbidin

Nimbidin improves the metabolism and aids in breakdown of body fat. This helps to reduce weight. It lowers the blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin receptor sensitivity. Nimbidin relieves redness and swelling. It helps to heal dry and damaged skin. It quickly penetrates the outer layer of the skin and restores the protective barrier to prevents moisture loss. Nimbidin slows down the production of melanin in the skin and treats Hyperpigmentation.

Effects of excess Nimbidin in the body


Herbs Containing Nimbidin

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