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What does Lime do for the body

Lime is a natural mineral that has strong therapeutic property. It has strong Antioxidant property. These properties help to protect the Eyes from Macular degeneration and Aging. It is an ideal nutrient for weight loss and for maintaining good health. It helps to lower the Cholesterol level and keep the Heart healthy.

Benefits of Lime

Lime is Acidic in nature and clears up the excretory system of the Body. This helps to cure Constipation. Lime regulates the absorption of Sugar into the bloodstream. This reduces the chances of Blood Spikes which prevents Diabetes. It detoxifies the body and the blood. This helps to treat Peptic and Oral Ulcers. It is useful to soothes the respiratory tract and cure Congestion.

Functions of Lime

Lime balances the blood sugar level and reduces Low Lipid Protein. It reduces the inflammation of the blood vessels and prevents Heart Diseases. Lime lowers the level of Uric acid. This helps to cure Arthritis. Lime helps of to treat Fever and fight infection. Lime disinfects the body and cures Urinary Disorders and Piles.

Effects of excess Lime in the body

Acid Reflux

Herbs Containing Lime

Most Effective

Highly Effective


Colophospermum Mopane
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