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What does Honokiol do for the body

Honokiol is a liganen. It is derived from the bark, seed cones and leaves of Magnolia tree. A Liganen is a chemical compound found in plants. It has Antioxidant, Estrogenic, Antiangiogenic, Antiinflammatory, Antitumor and Anticancer effects.
It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine in China, Korea and Japan.

What are the functions of Honokiol in the Body
Honokiol is an active Polyphenol compound. It is used to treat critical health conditions of the Body. It can be used in the treatment of diseases related to Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular System and Gastrointestinal System.
Pure Honokiol is used in the treatment of Cancer, Chronic Inflammation and Anxiety. It is a natural agent for Cancer prevention and therapy. It regulates the cellular level to halt Cancer cell growth and disable the metastatic process.

What are the Benefits of Honokiol
It has apoptotic effects in various types of cancers as Melanoma, Sarcoma, Myeloma, Leukemia, Bladder, Lung, Prostate Cancer.
It improves the effects of conventional Cancer treatment as Chemotherapy and Radiation. it increases the benefits if natural Anticancer therapies.
It promotes Antiangiogenisis. It stops the formation of new blood vessels that form a tumor.
It has neuroprotective effects. It promotes Neurological and Cognitive health.
It protects Lipid peroxidation.
It inhibits Hepatitis C virus infection.
It controls the microbial growth.
It acts as an Antioxidant and treats inflammation and infection.
It promotes relaxation and allows restful sleep.

Excess of Honokiol in the Body may cause

Caution : Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation.

Herbs Containing Honokiol

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