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What does Gypenosides do for the body

Gypenosides are Saponins extracts. Gypenosides possess a protective action against Stress, Hepatitis, fatty Liver diseases and Cancer. They hinder the beginning of any Liver disorder and help in the recovery of Liver disorders. Also, known to increase the supply of Blood to the internal organs, thus, giving them a better nourishment and making them more active.

Possess following Actions :


What are the benefits of Gypenosides :

Gypenosides cure Insomnia.
The nutrient prevents and cure Artherosclerosis.
They improve cognitive function of the Brain.
Act as a stabilizer for the membranes of Neurons.
Provide aid in delaying the Aging process.
Enhance the learning and memory ability in the aging people.
Quite effective nutrient in treating Tumors, Ulcers and Hypertension.
Antiplatelet effect of Gypenosides help to prevent formation of excessive Blood clots ( Thrombosis ).
Tonify the Cardiovasular system and also improve the pumping action of the Heart.
Gypenosides lower the level of Cholesterol, LDL and Triglycerides.
Antioxidant property of Gypenosides increases the count of White Blood Cells and thus, boosts up the Immune System.

Daily requirement of Gypenosides: Daily requirement for the body ranges between 100 to 300 mg.

Herbs Containing Gypenosides

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