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What does Gelatin do for the body

Gelatin is a kind of Protein which is present in the Bones, Tissues and Skin of the Mammals. It supports the proper digestion and treat digestive disorders. Gelatin improves the texture of the Hair and stimulates the hair growth. It restores the Skin elasticity and reduces Wrinkles.

Requirement of Gelatin per day

6gm to 7 gm

Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin improves the Nail Health and cure Brittle Nails. It is beneficial for strong Joints and Bones. Gelatin reduces the pain and swelling due to Arthritis. Gelatin reduces Stretch Marks and keeps the Skin firm. Glycine present in Gelatin helps to detoxify the Body and Liver. Gelatin induces Sleep and treat Insomnia.

Functions of Gelatin

Gelatin boosts the Immune System of the Body and nourishes the Renal Organs. It helps to reduce Stress and enhances the Mental Concentration. Gelatin improves the integrity of the Gut. It stimulates the secretion of the Gastric Acid and aids proper digestion. It absorbs the water and helps to keep the fluid in the digestive tract. This promotes healthy bowel movement and prevent Constipation.

Effects of Gelatin deficiency in the body

Brittle Nails
Weak Bones
Joint Pain

Effects of excess Gelatin in the body

Digestive Disorder

Herbs Containing Gelatin

Most Effective

Highly Effective


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