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Ganoderic Acid

What does Ganoderic Acid do for the body

It is a class of closely related Triterpenoids found in Ganoderma Lucidum ( Reishi Mushroom )

The nutrient is known to have Hepatoprotective and Anti-tumor actions. Also possess strong antioxidant properties.

Also, Ganoderic Acid is known to have tremendous Anti-Cancer property and is very efficient in combating Breast Cancer.

Functions of Ganoderic Acid
Fights against allergies and other autoimmune diseases.
Ganoderic Acid improves the Liver function.
It improves the utilization of oxygen by the cells.

Benefits of Ganoderic Acid in the Body

Offers protection against Heart diseases. Ensures the health of Cardiovascular System.
Fights down High Blood Pressure and reduces LDL level, the excess of cholesterol from blood is removed by Ganoderic Acids.
Prevents the aggregation of platelets, thus reduces dangers of Blood clots.
Ganoderic Acid prevents the re occurrence of an allergy and removes the signs of allergy.

Herbs Containing Ganoderic Acid

Most Effective

Highly Effective


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