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What does Fluorine do for the body

Fluorine is an active element. It is not found in nature. Fluorine is present in Bones , Teeth , Thyroid gland and the Skin. It protects teeth from decay. Intake of Fluorine is necessary to prevent Dental problems. It is required for normal mineralization of the Bones. It prevents diseases from decaying the Body. Fluorine is a germicide. It acts as an antidote to poison, sickness, and disease. There is an affinity between the Calcium and the Fluorine. These two elements work in the outer parts of bones. Fluorine is found in the Enamel of the Teeth and the Shiny, highly polished Bone surface.

Daily Requirement of Fluorine in the Body
3.0 to 4.0 milligram per day ( mg/day )

Functions of Fluorine in the Body
Fluoride is integrated into the Bone and the Tooth Enamel. Fluoride helps to reduce Tooth decay. It helps to maintain the Bone structure.

Benefits of Fluorine
Strengthen Bones
Prevent Heart Diseases
Prevent or treat Osteoporosis
Stimulate new Bone formation
Protect from decay root surfaces that become exposed from receding gums

Effects of Deficiency of Fluorine
Brittle or Weak Bones
Increase in Tooth Cavities
Bones Fracture easily

Effects of Excess of Fluorine in the Body
Watery eyes
Stomach Pain
Bloody vomiting
Shallow Breathing

Herbs Containing Fluorine

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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