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What does Citrulline do for the body

Citrulline is an amino acid. It is a non essential amino acid. After supplementation, it is interconverted to Nitric Acid in the Body. It helps to improve the Blood flow. Citrulline supplement is widely used to improve Athletic health and cardiovascular health.

What are the functions of Citrulline in the Body
After supplementation of Citrulline, it is converted to L Arginine in the Kidneys. These compounds are important for healthy Heart and Blood vessels. They boost the Immune System. Citrulline boosts the production of Nitric oxide in the Body. It aids in the treatment of many diseases. It treats Prehypertension that may lead to High Blood pressure and Heart disease.
It also aids in slow wound healing in Diabetic patients. It also improves the muscle protein level in the Body. It prevents malnourishment in the old.
L Citrulline supplements stimulate healthy Liver and helps in treatment of Liver diseases and genetic disorders.
It is widely used as a health supplement and to improve Athletic performance. It reduces fatigue and improves endurance for Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises.

Benefits of Citrulline
Lowers Blood pressure in people with Prehypertension
Erectile Dysfunction
Wound healing
Short Bowel Syndrome
Celiac Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Liver Diseases
Improve Athletic performance

Side Effects of Citrulline in the Body
Do not use if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.
Consult your Doctor or Physician before use if you are having any medication for Heart disease and Erectile Dysfunction.

Dosage : 9 gm daily, divided throughout the day

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